Best Skateboard Helmets For Adults Reviews

Picking one skateboard helmets that meets all of the necessities can be tough. Thus, here is the article about 10 best skateboard helmets for adults.

Skateboarding is fun until you don’t get hurt, once you fall badly from the board then it seems no fun at all. The game can make you rest in bed for a good time and keep you away from skating and as well as the whole world. Who on the earth would like to go through such time, likely no one? In the world of skating, there are gears for keeping you on the safe side. Like shoes for feet, wrist guards for hands, Elbow pads for elbows, and helmet for the head. Of all of these important gears, what gear is the must-have gear? We know the two words roaming around in your mind right now are “head” and “Skateboard helmet”.

The head is a paramount part of the human body and also the most sensitive one. A small hit to your head can get you in big trouble and it is even risky when you are showing some stunts on a skateboard. You’ll see skateboarders wearing no helmets, which means either they are pros or they are steel bodies. If you are also a professional skateboarder, it is your matter of choice to wear or not to wear a helmet. But you know that it is always better to be a cautious man than the injured man.

If you are convinced enough by our words for buying a skateboard helmet, we have something worth reading down below. There down is the long list of 10 best skateboard helmets for adults. It’s not that we listed them randomly, that happened only after going through thousands of user reviews. Each and every skateboard helmets for adults that are on our list are worth buying. The throat to throat competition has made them superior from one another.

After finishing the read, you will surely know the perfect skateboard helmet for your skating adventure. And yes, do not leave the page without reading the buying guide and our best pick.

10 Awesome Skateboard Helmets for Adults – Top 10 Review

Name of the ProductProduct ImageCheck Price
JBM Multiple Sports Skating HelmetJBM Multiple Sports Skating Helmet
Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard HelmetTriple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet
Outdoor Master Skateboard Cycling HelmetOutdoor Master Skateboard Cycling Helmet
Retrospec CM-1 Classic CommuterRetrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter
SC Skateboard & BMX Bike HelmetSC Skateboard & BMX Bike Helmet
Flybar Skateboard HelmetFlybar Skateboard Helmet
MONATA Skateboard HelmetMONATA Skateboard Helmet
TurboSke Skateboard HelmetTurboSke Skateboard Helmet
Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport HelmetRazor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet
Pro-Tec Classic Skate HelmetPro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

1. JBM Multiple Sports Skating Helmet

JBM Multiple Sports Skating Helmet


The JBM Multiple Sports Skating Helmet, just as the name suggests, is indeed a versatile helmet that can be used in several adventures. You can wear this helmet and can head out for cycling, skateboarding, Bmx biking, and roller skating. People have liked this helmet so much no matter which outdoor activities they are performing.

This quality helmet from JBM has got an awesome impact resistance system to keep your head away from heavy impacts. It uses durable and tough PVC & PC from outside and EPS foam inside to keep heads safe from crashes. Its impact resistance is what people like so much about this product. The strong shell of this helmet is capable enough to absorb hard blows of skateboarding.

The helmet head size is 54-58cm and can be easily adjusted with its adjustable straps according to wearer need. This flexibility makes this product a fit for unisex youth, kids, and teens. It’s CPSC ASTM certified helmet which means it has passed the safety-issues check and there is nothing to worry about its protection quality.

Moreover, the ventilation is also good which uses multiple vents and breathable foams. With such an air-flowing design, your head will become sweat-less and cool while skating around the streets. In sum, this is eligible enough for buying and you will not regret buying it. This product is value for your money as you are getting quality protection along with various features.


  • A CPSC- ASTM certified product
  • Works for unisex kids, teens, and youth
  • Adjustable straps for an awesome fit
  • High Impact resistance interior and exterior design
  • Breathable and sweat-free ventilation
  • A product useable for versatile sports
  • Tough and durable
  • Available in six different colors
  • 1-year warranty


  • Customers have complained about its sizes
  • Adjusting the strap is not durable and has to be careful with it

2. Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet

Triple Eight Dual Certified Bike and Skateboard Helmet


This headshell from Triple Eight is an unmissable name on the list of best skateboard helmets for adults. It’s not only for adults, but it’s also for every age-group. You can pick from three sizes i.e. Small-XS (48-54cm), Medium-M(55-58cm), and Large-XL(59-61m). With three sizes available you can pick a helmet as per your need. Plus, you can adjust the fit of the helmet with its two sets of sweat saver fit pads and a chin strap. Overall, it stays perfectly on the head.

Triple Eight’s skateboard helmet is certified from CPSC and ASTM standards. And adventurers like to use this helmet for their Biking, BMX, Scooter, Commuting, Roller derby, and some more outings. This helmet is not only known for its versatility and unparalleled fit but only for its high profile impact protection. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS) made outer shell makes this the most durable and firm skating & biking helmet. Checking its inner part, you will find EPS foam which absorbs high impacts quite easily. This firm helmet will make your head intact even after high falls.

There is a warranty of 180 days for the case of wear & tear of the helmet. If this helmet gets broken while providing a shield to your head before six months you will get a new helmet. However, that rarely happens because this helmet is so strong that it provides awesome protection for a long time.


  • CPSC and ASTM standards certified helmet
  • Strong ABS shell and impact-protecting EPS foam
  • Workable in biking, BMX riding, Scooters as well
  • Breathable two sets of sweat saver fit pads
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Awesome fit with adjustable chin strap
  • 6 months warranty
  • Multiple nice-looking colors


  • Users face problem in sizes
  • Thin plastic outer

3. Outdoor Master Skateboard Cycling Helmet

Outdoor Master Skateboard Cycling Helmet


Outdoor Master as the name implies is a master in producing the unbeatable skating helmets. Accredited by ASTM & CPSC, this skateboarding helmet ensures the optimum safety to skaters. The helmet is made of strong ABS shell and thick impact-absorbing EPS foam. And there is no doubt about its impact resistance performance. Skaters can head out with this helmet for trying their luck in other sports as well. Outdoor Master skateboard helmets are workable in the course of skating, cycling, BMX, MTB, Biking, etc.

It has got two removable linings that are there for the necessary size adjustments. If you skate during hot days and the helmet is all wet, you can easily remove those linings to wash the sweat away. It comes in three sizes; Small(46-51cm), Medium(51-58cm) and large(54-60cm). Each of these sizes is available in multiple colors for your best pick. The strap adjustment is also easy as you will find the adjustment dial and chin strap there on the helmet. Playing with those straps you can get the best fit of the helmet on your head.

Moreover, it has an awesome ventilation system that has 12 air vents for your head cooling. This system avoids the biggest problem of other helmets i.e sweating.

This helmet from Outdoor master is lighter than you think that is around 400g only. With such lightweight, it will stick there on the head to provide safety and comfort. The most exciting thing about this helmet is it has better after-sales services like lifetime warranty and helpful customer service.


  • Accredited by ASTM & CPSC
  • Awesome ventilation system with 12 vents
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Fits well with dual adjustments straps
  • High-shock absorbing Thick EPS core
  • Removable and washable linings


  • No cons at all

4. Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter

Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter


It is a classic yet well-built skateboard helmet from Retrospec, especially for adult skateboarders. Retrospec CM-1 Classic helmet’s size starts from Small(51-55cm), Medium(55-59cm), Large(59-63cm). The outer part of this helmet is fully ABS made and inside is the super-quality EPS foam. It works against all kinds of heavy impacts that you may receive while skating.

This helmet has passed both of the safety standards i.e. CPSC and ASTM quite easily and is allowed to be used in bike riding, roller skates, scooters, etc. Therefore, don’t worry much about your head when you are under the shades of Retrospec CM-1. Rather enjoy skateboarding on any kind of warm day because it has an impressive ventilation system of 10 vents. The cooling of the helmet is improved with the availability of 2-sets of interchangeable pads. These pads also determine your comfortability while wearing this helmet.

Lightweight is another perk of this helmet. Using this helmet will make you show some awesome skateboarding tricks without making your head tired. You will get to buy this helmet with choices of 9 catchy colors. By maintaining safety, this helmet has also tried its luck in amazing looks with sharp colors.


  • 10 vents for cooling your head
  • 2 sets of interchangeable pads for better fit and comfort
  • Strong ABS body with top-quality EPS foam inside
  • Can be used in other related sports
  • Available in catchy colors
  • Ultralight and comfortable to wear
  • Interior padding is sweat, bacteria and stench resistance


  • Users have found it too large so be watchful while size picking.

5. SC Skateboard & BMX Bike Helmet

SC Skateboard & BMX Bike Helmet


If you admire the coolest helmets, here is the find i.e. Skull Cap Skateboard Helmet.

This extremely sharp-looking helmet is exceptionally safe as well. Unlike other helmets, the SC skateboard helmet has a durable outer shell made of polycarbonate along with soft EPS foam in the inner part. It may look heavy but it is not, the weight of this helmet is just 430g. And, this attractive can be used whenever you are skateboarding or cycling.

Skullcap(SC) skateboarding helmet feels just the way its name is like a cap. You’ll get awesome breathability of the helmet with its 8 air channels even in the sweating hours. This helmet sticks at your head something like skin. You can adjust the helmet fit with its adjustment strap just the way you want. Plus, it has got a three-point belt, easily removable and washable pads, and awesome fit.

This helmet is not like standard helmets, design makes it very unique. As mentioned earlier, it is not too heavy just like the rest of the helmets there are. SC Skate

-boarding helmet is an in-mold design that has a hard and durable shell. It also has passed a safety test from the Germany Quality Standards. If this helmet meets your basic requirements then it’s not a bad buy at all.


  • In-mold technology with the hardest polycarbonate outer shell
  • Comfortable inner shell with removable pads and EPS foam
  • 8 vents air ventilation system
  • Fits just like the skin
  • Lightweight
  • Easy fit adjustment system
  • Works for the age group of 6-99 years
  • Meets Germany Quality Standards


  • Outer Shell gets wrinkled

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6. Flybar Skateboard Helmet

Flybar Skateboard Helmet


Just like other dual-certified helmets, the Flybar skateboard helmet is easy to include in the list of best skateboard helmets for adults. Being validated from CPSC and ASTM it can be worn for roller skating, cycling, BMX biking, and some more sports. The safety that this helmet provides is unquestionable. It has a strong ABS Outer shell & high-density EPS foam lining to absorb any hard blows. The weight of the Flybar skateboard helmet is light and it’s too comfortable to wear on.

The 12-vents make this helmet breathable and also provide sharp looks. With 12 vents on, there will be no worry for any kind of sweat and smell. Moreover, you get to choose one from multiple colors i.e. 7 colors. However, its size may trick you a bit so here are the three sizes and their measurements; Small(53-55M/20.8-21.6inch), Medium(55-58m/21.6-22.8inch), Large(58-61m/22.8-24inch). These available sizes will fit every kind of head size and if not you can adjust fit from its adjustable spin dial and chin strap.

This helmet will provide comfort to your chin as it has a soft padded chin strap that does not irritate your chin much. Not only that but the entire helmet is quite comfortable to put on the head. The thick EPS foam makes this headshell cozier to wear. Youth and adults of any head size can buy this for their next skating adventure.


  • Well made and lightweight skateboarding helmet
  • CPSC and ASTM certified helmet
  • Sturdy ABS outer shell to absorb hard falls
  • Awesome fit with adjustment dial and strap
  • 12 airways cooling ventilation system
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Multi-sport helmet
  • Available in stylish colors
  • Both for adult and kids


  • No specific drawbacks

7. MONATA Skateboard Helmet

MONATA Skateboard Helmet


Monata is a very familiar word that has been uttering in the world of skateboard helmets for adults since its start-up. Why not be after producing one of the cool yet best skateboard helmets for adults. Monata skateboard helmet is a multisport helmet for both unisex-youth and unisex-adults. They can indulge themselves wearing this helmet in roller skating, cycling, scooter, longboarding etc. This unisex head protector comes in Medium(54-58cm/21.25-22.83inch) and Large (58-61cm/22.83-24inch) and the weight of these two sizes is 360g and 420g respectively.

You’ll love flipping your board wearing this light helmet from Monata. The helmet is high-impact absorbing with its EPS foam lining and high-density ABS shell. To inform you that the durability and safety of this helmet are accredited by the CPSC/EN 1078 safety flag. Along with protection, you get to enjoy the cooling that this helmet provides. There are 11 ventilation holes to allow the air to enter inside the helmet so that it can soak sweat to provide the coolest skate experience. Plus, it has microfiber lining whose function is to suck the sweat out of your skin besides providing comfort.

This helmet will not get out of your head easily because of its extreme fit. The head circumference adjustment system at the back of your head and adjustable strap at your chin will make sure your helmet’s fitting. Playing with that strap and dial, you get the best fit and comfort from the helmet. The Monata Skateboard helmet has everything that any skateboarder would want. Don’t miss its two cool color options with awesome graphics on it.


  • Lightweight helmet for unisex adults and youth
  • CPSC/CE certified head protector
  • Hard ABS shell protection
  • Easy-to-use Adjustment system for fit and comfort
  • Awesome breathability with 11 ventilation holes
  • Thick lining which is removable and washable
  • Multi-sport helmet that has sharp design


  • Not highly durable

8. TurboSke Skateboard Helmet

TurboSke Skateboard Helmet


Turboske skateboard helmet is another that meets every expectation of every gender and every age group’s skaters. This unisex helmet is equally fit for kids, youth and they can wear this helmet in BMX, Roller skating, inline skate etc. If you ask for its safety standards, it has met CPSC and CE EN 1078 thoroughly. Just like most skateboard helmets, it also has decorated its outer shell with a sturdy x durable ABS shell and inner one with cosy EPS foam. So, there will be no problem with its shock-absorbing capacity.

Besides, the Turboske multi-sport helmet is totally comfortable to wear with its cosy inner removable lining. You can remove those lining whenever you feel like washing it. If your head receives so much sweat then this helmet has got 11 vents for head cooling. Furthermore, there is worry that it may not fit well into your head. It comes in S/M(20.5-22.8inch or 52-58cm), L/XL(22.8-24inch or 58-61cm), so know your head length and pick one that fits well. You’ll adjust helmets fit with its adjustable straps and circumference adjustable dail.

Probably, this is one of the best ever skateboard helmets for adults. You get everything in one deal; comfortability, cooling, durability, protection. This light helmet with a weight of 14 oz(397gm) is good to go for your next skate outing. Also, don’t think this helmet does not have a color option, it does, you can choose from 7 shades.


  • Sturdy and Durable ABS made outer shell
  • Thick layer of EPS foam liner
  • Accredited by CPSC and ASTM standards
  • Anti-sweat ventilation system of 11 vents
  • Detachable Adjustment and dial system for better comfort
  • Removable inner lining
  • Multi-sport helmet available in multi-shades
  • Comfortable wear for unisex adult and youths


  • Some user find it not fit on a bigger head

9. Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet

Razor V-17 Youth Multi-Sport Helmet


Razor V-17 is a multi-sport that is more popularized and also popular as the youth’s skating helmet. It works well for youth but that does not mean it’s not for the child and adult age group. This helmet comes in three different sizes for Child i.e. age 5-8(55-57cm/21.5-22.5inch), for Youth i.e. age 8-14(56-59.5cm/22-23.5inch), and for Adult i.e. age 14+ (58.5-63.5cm/23-25inch). See, it’s the helmet for every age and multiple sports like cycling, rollerblading, etc.

The other good parts of this helmet are it meets CPSC standards for its protection strength and quality. Razor V-17’s cooling system is facilitated by its all total 17 vents at top and sides. Using this helmet, your kid can avoid heavy sweat on a warm skating day. The outer shell is sturdy enough for any heavy impacts and so do the inner pads. The interior padding of this helmet is very comfortable for your head. There are additional pads too for helping you to get a perfect fit and more cozy.

Plus, its adjustable straps are so good and easy to play with just one buckle. Fasten and tighten this chin strap to make your helmet stay stuck on the head even during extreme skating hours. The cutting-edge design of this helmet makes it so different from other helmets on the market. It is sturdy and light enough for your kid’s safe and amazing skateboarding experience. If it meets your requirement make sure you check various available colors of this helmet.


  • Ideal for youth
  • Light and sturdy enough for protection
  • Cutting-edge design for multiple sports
  • Fits well on the head of youth
  • Comfortable inner padding
  • Easy-to-use secure buckle adjustment
  • 17 vents anti-humid ventilation system


  • Minor problems with adjustments and fit

10. Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet


Pro-Tec classic skate helmet is a product of 45 years old protective gear producing firm Pro-Tec. This helmet has carried the legacy of its firm without any misfortune. To make you aware, this classic skate helmet is one of the most competitive helmets that are in this list of 10 best skateboard helmets for adults. The high-impact absorbing combo of ABS shell and 2-layered foam liner makes this helmet the best head injury protecting helmet. The double-layered foam liner is the nicest thing about this helmet as it facilitates safety and comfort. It absorbs any kind of blows while you are performing the most extreme skating.

The ventilation system of Pro-tec is also of supreme quality, 11 nicely placed vents allow skaters to have sweat-free skating. You can wear this helmet and skate at any time of the day and any longer, your head will still be cool and dry. There is a Dri-lex on its foam liner that manages moisture of the helmet and head effectively. If you hate the bad smell that occurs in your head after a long day of skating, this helmet is for you to keep that bad smell and bacteria away from your head.

This helmet has gained so much popularity because it is also worn by pro-skaters around the world. Namely, Bucky Lasek, Omar Hassan, Christian Hosoi, and many others use this classic helmet. If your skating ideal is one of them you probably should buy this one. With various sizes available from Extra small to Extra large in 7 different colors, you will surely find your perfect match and fit.


  • High impact absorbing ABS shell and 2-layered foam liner
  • Dri-lex featuring liner for better comfort and breathability
  • Moisture absorbing inner-liner
  • 11 well placed vent on for cool airflow
  • Secure and easy adjustable chin strap system
  • Lightweight helmet and comfortable as well
  • Available in multiple sizes for each kinds of head
  • Stylish and sharp looks with its cool shades on the outer shell


  • Not accredited by CPSC, ASTM, or any other certifications

Buying guide for the best skateboard helmets for adults

You can’t just decide one skateboard helmet out of a long list, it’s a really tough decision. Or, it is irrational to judge a skateboarding helmet on the basis of looks. Like, That helmet looks so cool, “l should get this one”. Buying the best skateboard helmets for adults has to be a wise decision and it should produce a good selection.

After all, it’s a matter of your head’s safety which has to be flawless. A good skating helmet avoids fatal injury that can happen while performing simple to extreme tricks and flips. Along with safety, there are some more features that the best skateboard helmets for adults should possess.

So, here is the buying guide which makes you aware of things that you need to think of while selecting the best skateboarding helmet:

Outer-shell Material

The outer-shell of your next helmet should be made from the sturdy and tough materials. Impact absorption of any helmet is highly dependable on what is in the outer part. There are helmets out in the market which have different material made outer shells like ABS, Fiberglass, Carbon Fiber etc. Therefore, pick one helmet that has a better outer shell which is also accredited by several safety standards.

Inner Foam Lining

This part of the helmet is for absorbing the high-impact and adding comfort to your wear. That is why you need to pick a helmet that has better inner foam lining. In most cases, the helmets have EPS foam liner which saves your head to get hurt. Therefore, while considering a helmet buy check either that helmet has soft, better, comfortable, and high-quality lining/padding. A sweat saver or sweat soaking lining would be a better pick if it meets your budget.

Ventilation System

As you play hard all day to land ollie, backside 180, frontside 180, 360 hardflip, and many other tricks, it is obvious you will get a lot of sweat. This is why and where a good ventilation system is needed if you wear a helmet while performing skate. The right helmet has an air-flowing system with a minimum of 8 vents. More vents on the helmet, cooler will be your skateboarding adventure. Hence, do check the number of vents on your next helmet.

Adjustment System

Helmets cannot just go up and fit like the way you want it to, you have to make adjustments for a better fit. And, helmets have to be fit on the head like a gum while skateboarding. The flappy can fall off whenever and you cannot rely on such helmets. Therefore, it is vital to have an easy-to-use adjustment system in a helmet. Adjustment straps like dial adjustment on the back of the head and adjustable strap on the chin have to be in your helmet. Plus, some helmets also have extra removable lining for better fit and comfort. So, check such features while investing on a skateboard helmet. Also, make sure those straps are durable or not.

Extra check’s to select the best skateboard helmet

  • Make sure your next buy meets safety standards like CPSC, ASTM
  • Is your skateboard helmet a multi-sport helmet or not
  • Go for durable, light and comfortable helmet
  • Also, check for any kind of warranties
  • Be clear while picking the right size for your head as most of the users have problems with size and fit

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Our Best Pick from Top-10 Skateboard Helmets for Adults

If we have to pick one from the list of skateboard helmets for adults, we would not think of any other helmet other than Retrospec CM-1 Classic Commuter. The reason is this classic skateboarding helmet ticks all of the requirements of a skateboarder. Above all other good things about this product, Retrospec CM-1 has met standards of CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203, EN 1077, EN 1078, STM F2040-11/ ASTM F1446. This means you can wear it while bike riding, roller skates, scooters, skateboards, etc.

The impact-resistance level of this helmet is outstanding with its sturdy ABS outer shell and inner EPS foam. Hence, there is no question about its impact-absorbing capacity. Moreover, it has got 2 sets of interchangeable pads for a necessary fit. The ventilation system is also sound with 10 vents on for cool and sweat-free skateboarding. Plus, there is DEWcollector in interior padding which soaks away sweat and bacteria. You get to wear this multi-features helmet by paying an economic price. So, yes, Retrospec CM-1 classic would be our pick and maybe yours too.