Skateboard For 6 Years Old

Skateboard For 6 Years Old : Are you a parent to a 6-year-old and wondering what to give them this birthday? Or are you trying to make them know more about the outdoor games? Then buying them Skateboard is a great choice. It is a very fun, exciting, and marvelous sport.

Wondering which skateboard is suitable for a 6-year-old? Then our article on Skateboard for 6-year-olds will be quite helpful for you. We hope our list of skateboards helps you come to a decision.

Skateboarding is one of the popular outdoor action sports that involve showing tricks while riding a skateboard. This sport is suitable for the age group from 5 years old. So, if you are debating whether to purchase for your 6 years old or not. Well, you got your answer.

Generally, the age of six is the recommended age for children when they can start Skateboarding. Likewise, while choosing a Skateboard it is necessary to be of right foot size and durable.

In particular, there are various skateboards in markets and online shops which can be confusing to choose from. So we have made a list of Skateboards that are suitable for 6 years old. We hope this skateboard for 6 years old list makes it easy for you to decide on a proper skateboard.

Skateboard for 6 years old – Top 10 Review for 2020

Name of the ProductProduct ImageCheck Price
Complete Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard - BeleevComplete Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard - Beleev
Kids Skateboard- MagnetoKids Skateboard- Magneto
Complete Skateboards - ANDRIMAXComplete Skateboards - ANDRIMAX
Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard - GeelifeComplete Mini Cruiser Skateboard - Geelife
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Skateboard- Play wheelsTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Skateboard- Play wheels
Complete Skateboard - WhiteFangComplete Skateboard - WhiteFang
Easy Way Standard Complete Skateboards - SangdeEasy Way Standard Complete Skateboards - Sangde
Complete Skateboard - PlayshionComplete Skateboard - Playshion
Complete Standard Skateboard- IMITORComplete Standard Skateboard- IMITOR
Complete Skateboards - MeketecComplete Skateboards - Meketec

Given below are a number of Skateboard for 6 years old that are durable, great in quality and design. We have selected a few skateboards and listed them below:

1. Complete Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard – Beleev

Complete Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard - Beleev


On the top of the list of Skateboard For 6 Years Old, we have this complete Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard by Beleev. In short, it is easy to go board. This board is fully assembled beforehand. You just need to board it and go on a joyride.

The design is simple and straightforward with 22” length and 6” width. The length and width give plenty of space for one’s feet making the ride a blast. As for the weight, it is about 3.8 pounds which makes it easier to carry around. This board also fits in backpacks.

The major attraction of this board is its light-up wheels. Furthermore, the bright colorful lights lit up on wheels when rolling around. Also, you should have no worries about changing the battery or recharging them.

The materials used on the board are polypropylene which makes it strong and durable. Besides, it supports the rider’s weight up to 220 lbs. As for the 3.23” thick aluminum trucks provide maximum speed and control over the board. And the kicktail adds extra control when riding.

Additionally, for the board features, it has soft Pu wheels, high-speed ABEC- 7 bearings, and shock absorbent. Furthermore, it soaks up all the shocks from bumps and cracks of streets and sidewalks. And gives you a smooth ride experience.

Nonetheless, another plus point is the All in One Skate T-tool. Likewise, it comes with all the necessary stuff needed for repairing and tightening your skateboard. Also, this is a non-slip board that gives safety to its rider.


  • Easy to carry around
  • Smooth and fast ride
  • Durable and stable
  • Light-up wheels
  • Great for beginners


  • Can’t change the batteries of the lights
  • A bit narrow and not too long

Why do We Recommend this Product?

This is a great mini cruiser board that is made with thick and semi-flexible plastic. It is sturdy and durable and put up with good components. The clear light-up wheels are the main highlights of this product. This is a great choice for kids and beginners as it is stable and non-slip.

This board is easy to carry around making it travel friendly. It gives out smooth performance even in fast rides.

2. Kids Skateboard- Magneto

Kids Skateboard- Magneto


Second, on the list of skateboard for 6 years old is Kids Skateboard. This is a Compact skateboard made especially for kids between the ages group of 5 to 15 years old. This board is suitable for both kids and teens. It is ready to ride when pulled out of the box.

The length of the board is about 27.5” long and 7.75” width which is a bit shorter than the traditional board. This size is perfect for beginners as it makes it easier to learn.

The decks are made from 7 piles of hard maple and 5” aluminum trucks with steel axles that make it more sturdy and long-lasting. It also has double kicktails on the front and back of the board.

As for the wheels, they are made from super-soft polyurethane and high traction 52 mm. This makes the ride extra smooth and stable. And the high-quality grip tape used on top of the board gives extra traction to the rider’s feet.


  • Designed for kids
  • Great graphic design
  • A wise choice for beginners
  • Stable and flexible


  • Poor bearing

Why do we Recommend this Product?

Skateboards are usually made with keeping teens and adults in mind. But the skateboard offered by Magneto is specifically designed for kids. This skateboard is short and light in weight so that the kids can carry it around. This skateboard is a perfect gift for your little ones.

It is also available in three different graphic options. The designs are quite eye-catching and are popular among children. The components applied to build these boards are high in quality. And they also give out a great performance. It is durable and flexible.

3. Complete Skateboards – ANDRIMAX

Complete Skateboards - ANDRIMAX


This complete skateboard made by ANDRIMAX is a perfect gift for beginner kids. The decks are sturdy and durable. The manufacturers have utilized 7 lays Canadian maple for the deck. Making it more stable and safe for skaters. It has a length of 31’, a width of 8’, and a height of 4’.

This board can handle the weight of about 220 lbs. It is a standard skateboard that supports advanced technology with double warped design. And it supports the new modern style tricks as well.

The deck is non-slip and waterproof making the ride safer for the riders. As for wheels, they have used 95A 53 mm high rebound PU wheels. Ths wheels give a strong grip to the riders and are fitted in any kind of road.

For bearing, high-speed silence ABEC – 11 is being used. They provide smooth and fast glides making it safer. Therefore, they use thicken aluminum alloy trucks to strengthen the balance and stability of the boards.

Plus point would be you don’t need to assemble them as they come assembled from the box. Thus, the graphic design is quite cool and suitable for any gender.

Due to these features, it is listed as one of the best skateboard for 6 years old.


  • No need to assemble
  • Wider and softer wheels
  • Smooth ride
  • Great for beginners


  • A bit shorter
  • Bad packaging

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

We recommend this product because the riding is stable and comfortable. Each wheel has two high-speed silence bearings giving a smooth performance. This board is suitable for all kinds of roads and new style tricks as well.

It is strong and shock-resistant so you can ride on bumpy streets without any worries. A great choice to get your little one to enjoy their ride around the streets. The graphic design is also nice giving it a great look.

4. Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard – Geelife

 Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard - Geelife


Geelife has upgraded its complete mini cruiser skateboard with a new configuration. They have equipped grip tape and ABEC- 11 bearing for a smooth and fast ride. And replaced the wheels with 72 mm soft frosted PU to reduce vibration and increase the grip.

It is very durable, strong, and easy to carry around. The deck uses the non-slip polypropylene material which is 22” long and 6” wide. It is also painted with 3.25” pro aluminum trucks making it sturdy. It is light in weight making it easier for movement.

The wheels have led lights that don’t require any batteries or charging. They generate electricity from rotary power. Therefore, it is pre-assembled so you don’t have to worry about how to put it up together.

You get a skate bag, skateboard lamp, t-tools, extra anti-skid grip tape, 4 extra bearings as a gift in this purchase. Hence, this is suitable for any level riders belonging to any age-group.


  • Smooth and fast ride
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comes along with a skate bag
  • Flexible and portable


  • Weak metal bends
  • Not much wide in centers

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

Geelife have upgraded their skateboard with new components along with a free skating bag. The decks have high-quality PP while the grip tape has waterproof emery of high density. Chromium steel for bearing and PU frosted for wheels.

The board is flexible and very durable with big wheels necessary while riding on roads. It gives a great amount of speed and is comfortable to carry in hand. You also get a bag so you can carry it around in the bag.

A great learning board for kids that helps them develop balancing and experience skating. The light on the wheels looks quite amazing giving the skateboard points on beauty.

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Skateboard- Play wheels

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Skateboard- Play wheels


Another on the list of best skateboard for 6 years old is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Skateboard. Play wheels have made this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle skateboard which is a great choice for kids. This is a trick skateboard that is thick and durable. The deck is made of 9-ply maple wood and is about 28 inches.

It has a double kicktail that helps in providing great control while doing the tricks. It also helps in easy braking. They have used PVC injected 50 mm x 27 mm for wheels and 608ZB for bearings. This helps in making your ride quite smooth.

Play Wheels uses composite trucks and carbon steel axles to reduce weight and increase speed. Usually, this product is quite suitable for children from 5 years old and above. Also, it can handle the weight of about 110 lbs.


  • Durable and strong
  • Great design
  • Good performance
  • Great for beginners and younger kids


  • Small board
  • A bit narrow

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This is a tubular skateboard for starters to enhance their skating experience. Play wheels use the graphic of Teenage mutant ninja turtles for design. This is a great choice for the fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle.

This skateboard helps to maintain balance and coordination while learning new tricks. The board is 28” long which is the standard size for younger kids and still has room for growing kids.

To keep the grip of the feet with the deck clear sand spray is used on the top. This helps the rider maintain traction while practicing tricks. This board is flexible, sturdiness, and superiorly durable.

The ride is smooth and can be done in parks, sidewalks, and driveway. Good quality components are put together to make these boards. Therefore, it is quite catchy to the eyes as well.

Hence, this is a good choice if you are looking for boards that are reasonable in price. And is easy to use for beginners or younger one’s.

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6. Complete Skateboard – WhiteFang

Complete Skateboard - WhiteFang (Skateboard For 6 Years Old )


Another on the list of Skateboard For 6 Years Old is Complete Skateboard. This complete Skateboard by WhiteFang is very solid and durable. They use 7 layer Canadian maple for the deck. It has length and width about 31.75” x 7.88” giving it a proper balance between weight and strength.

The deck can hold up to the maximum weight of around 330 pounds. For trucks, 5-inch magnesium alloy is being equipped making it dependable for both skilled and beginners.

For the wheels, super smooth 52mm 95A Pu wheels that give high rebound are being used. And for bearing ABEC- 9 precision with 95A high rebound Pu bushing is being used.

Generally, the wheels used give quick response and are suitable on different levels of ground. In particular, such as skate parks, ramps, commuting, smooth and rough grounds, etc.

It has a double kick dissymmetric concave design combined with customized emery sandpaper. In conclusion, this gives you a feeling of a strong grip on the foot while learning new tricks.

It offers various graphic designs such as black and white or printed using a thermal transfer printing process. It allows the print to stay longer and makes it durable. You also don’t have to worry about assembling them. As it comes, ride ready from the pack. So put your helmets on and enjoy the ride.


  • Durable and solid
  • Smooth performance
  • Fast ride
  • Stable


  • Bearing blows out pretty quick

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

We recommend this product for being a great quality product found at a reasonable price. The board gives it rider the feeling like they are flying while riding it.

The wheels are super smooth and give great spin speed. As for the decks they are quite strong and durable. It is a fair choice for beginners to learn to improve their skills.

This skateboard is found in various exciting graphic designs that will blow your mind. The designs are suitable for any age group. Your child will love the design and its performance.

7. Easy Way Standard Complete Skateboards – Sangde

Easy Way Standard Complete Skateboards - Sangde (Skateboard For 6 Years Old )


This Easy Way Standard Complete Skateboards by Sangde is quite easy to ride.

The decks are about 31 inches long and 8 inches wide made of non-slip dull polish Maple woods. They are durable and strong.

These decks are not only stable and safe for its user but also holds both feet. They hold maximum weights up to 224 lbs and are suitable for kids, teens, and adults.

The high bound Pu 4 LED flashing Wheels is quite reliable and durable. They light up when used and are great and safe when riding in dark places. The PU wheels make the ride super smooth and cut off damping.

The alloy trucks used to provide a more steady structure and balance. For Bearing, ABEC- 7 is being used which makes the wheels turn more smoothly. And for the patterned heat transferred is being used for making it more durable and last longer.

This skateboard comes with 1 piece carry bag, T-tools, 2 piece backup bearing, 1 piece DIY, and 1 piece stickers.

Due to its specifications and features, it is listed as one of the best Skateboard For 6 Years Old.


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to ride
  • Bright lights


  • Non-replaceable lights

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

We recommend this product as this is a perfect choice for beginners. It is easy to ride and can withstand riding on any type of ground. The board is very durable and solid.

The lights used on the wheels are also very bright making it safe to ride during the night. As for the bearing it speeds up and smooths the glide. The design is printed on the board, not a sticker.

A perfect gift to give to your six year old. It also comes with other extra accessories saving up your money.

8. Complete Skateboard – Playshion

 Complete Skateboard - Playshion (Skateboard For 6 Years Old )


Further on the list of Best Skateboard For 6 Years Old is Complete Skateboard – Playshion. This complete Skateboard from Playshion is a great choice for cruising from one point to another. This is a great cruiser skateboard. The deck is about 22” long and 6” wide which is a bit smaller than other boards. But it gives a faster and quieter performance.

They use 59 x 45 mm large but soft Polyurethane wheels which have a smooth roll to it. The anti wheel bite design makes turning left and right easier. This board can hold a weight up to 220 lbs. The decks are made from fiberglass compound which makes it sturdy.

The Polyurethane wheels are combined with ABEC- 9 bearing that makes the ride smooth. Along with 3.25 inch solid Aluminum trucks with soft bushing to make your cruising comfortable.


  • Easy to turn around
  • Sturdy
  • Smooth ride
  • Reasonable price
  • Light in weight


  • Small board size

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

We recommend this product due to its smooth and fast performance. However, this board is smaller compared to other traditional or longboards. Due to which carrying it around is quite easy.

This board is light in weight. The components used for making this board are high-quality materials. Similarly, this is a great board found at a reasonable price. It gives a fast ride and is quieter.

In short, the designs are eye-catching and come in bright colors.

9. Complete Standard Skateboard- IMITOR

Complete Standard Skateboard- IMITOR (Skateboard For 6 Years Old )


As the list of Best Skateboard for 6 years old continues, we have Complete Standard Skateboard- IMITOR. In addition, this Complete Skateboard by IMITOR is non-slippable and strong. The board is 31 inches long and 8 inches wide made of dull polish wood. Thus, this is the standard size for aboard.

It provides great stability and safety to its user. Moreover, you can also put both your feet on the decks which is a plus point. Likewise, this is fit for all ages and can hold weight up to 220 lbs.

The quality is durable and made from 8-ply maple woods and single press construction. Also, it is light in weight and guaranteed optimal shape. It is equipped with 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks, carbon steel axles, and kingpin. This skateboard is great for long term use.

Similarly, this is a double-deck board with a very mild concave shape having medium-size wheels. Hence, the wheels are super smooth 53 mm 95A with ABEC- 7 bearing and PU bushing.


  • Durable and light in weight
  • Stable and safe
  • Long term


  • Sharp edges

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

Generally, this skateboard is easy to ride and non-slip. In particular, they have used high-quality material to finish this product. Consequently, this is a light in weight and durable. It is great for long term use.

This board gives great control when riding and performing tricks. Besides, it is an ideal board for both beginners and professionals. Likewise, it is easy to learn and bring joy to the riders.

This is suitable to ride in streets, parks, ramps, pools, and other places. Furthermore, it is quite easy to stop as well. To slow down the speed you can also lean your body in the reverse direction.

10. Complete Skateboards – Meketec

Complete Skateboards - Meketec (Skateboard For 6 Years Old )


Last but not the least, we have Complete Skateboards – Meketec on the list of best skateboard for 6 years old. This skateboard by Meketec is made of unique technology. They use 3.25 inch strong trucks made of different colors in their board. It gives a more distinctive slide to the rider.

Its features are High-speed ABEC- 7 Meketec bearing combined with 60 mm urethane wheels. As for the deck, it is 22.5 inches long and 6 inches wide that can hold up to 200 lbs.


  • Safety Guarantee
  • Best for Kids and Adults
  • High speed


  • Small ins size

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

We recommend this product for its unique technology. The manufacturers have used high-end material to finish these products. This board is durable and stable to use.

It is user friendly and easy to use. It ensures safety to its rider and is suitable for any age group. An ideal gift to give your loved ones.

Buying Guide – Best Skateboard for 6 years old

Before purchasing a Skateboard there are many things you have to consider when selecting one. Mainly, our buying guide has jotted down things to evaluate while buying the skateboard of your choice.

Purchasing the wrong quality product can give a bad experience to your children. Thus, we have explained below the things you should focus on when purchasing a skateboard. Furthermore, you can read below for more information:


When buying a skateboard the first thing we look for is its price. People try to buy good quality products at a cheap price. Thus We have listed out quality products that are found at a reasonable price.

Regularly, the products given above are rated 4 stars and above. Moreover, they give high performance and are suitable for 6 years olds. As we know, you don’t have to worry about it being expensive. We have combined all different price products that enhance the journey for your kid.


You might feel like buying cheaper boards and saving money is a good idea. Well, it is not a wise choice as you have to pay more later for maintaining and repairing it.

So, it is better to buy quality boards that are quite durable. Nowadays, you can find various high-quality skateboards at an affordable price as well. You do not need to spend much as many companies are producing strong and durable boards for any level of people.


Further, choosing the right size might be a tricky one as these boards are found in various sizes. Also, while selecting the size you have to know about one’s height, shoe size, skating style, and preference.

Width plays an important part while selecting the boards. Moreover, the width ranges from 6.5 inches to larger than 7.5 inches. Similarly, if the width is too large then you might need extra power while skating. It can be a bit harsh to ride the skateboard. But, if the width is too small you might find trouble while balancing.

So, while selecting the size it always depends on one’s build and shoe size. Therefore, we have some general guidelines given below:

Micro size: The width ranges from 6.5 inches to 6.75 inches. These sizes are suitable for kids from 5 years or younger. It is made for kids with a height of 3’4” or under and shoe size of 3 and smaller.

Mini Size: The width is about 7 inches and is suitable for kids within the age group of 6 to 8 years old. This size is great for children with a height of 3’4” to 4’4” with a shoe size of 4 to 6.

Mid Size: The width is about 7.3 inches and is suitable for kids within the age group of 9 to 12 years old. This size is a wise choice for children with a height of 4’5” to 5’2” and a shoe size of 7 to 8.

Full Size: The width ranges from 7.5 inches to more than this. These sizes are suitable for the age group from 13 years old and over. It is made for skaters with a height of 5’3” and taller. And have a shoe size of 9 and above.

Accordingly, while choosing the size you should consider the transition, and skate that helps to enhance your skill.


You can see various designs while searching for skateboards. Normally, there are 4 basic shapes and each of them is designed for a certain kind of skateboarding. So, choosing the design depends on what type of skating style you are doing.


These are short style boards that are designed for performing air tricks. Mainly, they are suitable for skating in the parks and streets.


These boards often have kicktails and are designed for cruising around. Similarly, they have mid-length decks suitable for drifting around the street. These boards are maneuverable and versatile.

Old School

These boards often have flat nose and kicktails that are designed for skating ramps, pools, and streets. Likewise, the designs are usually uneven and have a wider nose.


Longboards are feasible for going around and transportation. If you are not looking forward to performing tricks then this is the board for you. They are also good for downhill racing. They are symmetrical in shape with lower sit to the ground and cut out wheels.


Wheels depend on which board design you will be selecting. Normally, street skateboards have smaller wheels than park boards. In addition, they are light in weight and more responsive due to which flips are easier to do.

Wheel size depends on which style of skating you are performing. For street skating any size from 49 to 52 mm works. Here, as for vert skating the size around 54 to 60 mm is suitable. Likewise, as they are larger and cover more areas giving you more speed to make the grabs.


The concave shape is a major factor in giving better board performance. Besides, the manufacturers keep experimenting with new shapes to create a new type of skateboard. Moreover, Concave shape board gives more foothold than a flat shape board. We have mentioned a few types of the deck below:

Radial concave

This shape is the most common shape of a deck. Likewise, this U-shaped curve is usual in most of the boards. However, some boards might have a deeper curve compared to others. It allows your feet to have a better grip on the decks making it useful while trying other styles.


The shape of progressive is similar to radial but it is more dramatic. The steep rails combining with a wide base allows a more secure grip. It gives you a more locked-in feel.


Usually, this shape deck doesn’t extend the entire length but just the area in the tails. Also, the excessive curve allows skaters to shift energy from one’s heel to toes. Similarly, this creates quick turns that are highly precise.


Mainly, this is also known as a flat cave that is similar to radial. However, the only difference is the gentle curve and a sharp angle that extends from the deck. Moreover, this shape helps in keeping your feet flatter. Due to which your ride feels mellower.


In brief, in this shape, the rails in the skateboard rise at different angles providing more power in the heels during turns.


Skateboards having no concave are seen less. In particular, this shape is usual in a cutout or drop-down longboards. It provides more space for your feet giving room for board walking and various tricks.

Our Best Pick

For us, the best pick among the above would be the Complete Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard by BELEEV. This is an easy to go user-friendly skateboard. It comes fully assembled and makes your ride enjoyable.

The board is simple and straightforward in design. It is durable and sturdy and lasts long. The main attraction of the board is its LED light that lit up when used. The colorful lights look awesome when riding the board. You don’t have to worry about changing or charging the lights. Overall it is a great choice to give this skateboard to the kids and beginners.

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