Off Road Skateboard Wheel

For centuries, skaters have pinned their faith on skateboard wheels for a safe and easy ride. Out of all the elements in the board, they cling on to the wheel, knowing that it’s the only tool to reinforce the performance.

Wheels are the least thing in the skateboard that riders care about looking chic and funky. Instead, they prefer it to be more hard-wearing so that the board can roll over bumps without losing grip.

Pro skaters usually lookout for stability and traction while hunting skateboard wheels but there’s more to it. In everyday travel, skaters have to go through a mix of terrains from well-paved streets to grass, and rough track.

Hence, to navigate the way, they need a stout skateboard wheel that can sustain any broken surface. The sturdier the wheel is, the more it can resist bumpy roads and cracks. The best off road skateboard wheels provide optimal cruising speed and enable the rider to glide at least 100 miles per hour.

They are more controllable with less resistance that gives more grip when required and releases it while skating sideways. In order to maintain a smooth ride without losing traction, off-road wheels lean on unique design. Riders can even install riser pads on their wheels to protect the outlay but in most cases that won’t be necessary.

With tens and hundreds of skateboard wheels in the market, it’s always difficult to come with one that excels strength and speed. So we’ve prepared our list of the best off road skateboard wheel which will hopefully make your ride more fun and easier.

5 Best off road skateboard wheel – Top 10 Review For 2021

Name of the ProductProduct ImageCheck Price
MBS All Terrain Longboard WheelsMBS All Terrain Longboard Wheels
Orangatang Kegal 80mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising wheels Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels (Set of 4)
Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels 70mm, 78aShark Wheel 70 mm 78a Longboard Wheels | Sidewinder | 4-Pack
Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels 60 mm 78a
Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard

1. MBS All Terrain Longboard Wheels

MBS All Terrain Longboard Wheels


It’s a sweet triumph for MBS in the mainstream business of off-road skateboard wheels. The brand cracked its own formulae to success with a fresh design and incredible features. Just as well, it has achieved strong traction with the wheel that provides a solid grip while sliding off-road.

The traction performs slightly better on a rough track rather than the standard flat top. Weighing up the qualities of previous MBS wheels, this one’s finely upgraded with additional features. They fit for cruising, doing prop stunts, and skating on a gravel road, which doubles the fun.

MBS has been designed to fit every uneven track with stiffer and high-rebound polyurethane of 78a rubber. It’s powered to respond smoothly on a rough patch with a perfect diameter of 100mm x 65mm


  • Repels rough crappy roads
  • Tiny patch on the wheel refuses to make contact with the ground
  • Outlast months and years even if ride every day
  • Lives all the high drops and falls through deck


  • Warped wheels affect the ride
  • The tread pattern is thin and causes to lose grip
  • Strenuous in transporting due to heavyweight
  • Slips on a moist and slick surface
  • Wheel bearings are passed over

Why choose MBS all Terrain Longboard Wheels?

MBS All Terrain Longboard wheels never have their clientele feel remorse about the purchasing decision. It addresses the needs of every customer by casting high-speed smooth rides.

MBS wheels rework on the performance based on the surface skaters are riding. Regular wheels don’t even come close to MBS with regard to traction and riding on the sidewalk.

2. Orangatang Kegal 80mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising wheels

Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels (Set of 4)


Perfect addition for any off-road quiver, Orangatang Kegal is a premium off-road skateboard wheel. For years, it put up a tough competition with high-end brands and finally seasoned in making ace skateboard wheels.

The wheel looks great but performs even better by retrieving the speed and traction. It’s built to resist all sorts of surfaces from concrete to cobblestone sidewalks and short grass. Kegal’s outer layer is made from urethane that withstood the hardness to retain its flexibility.

The wheel comes with inner race Jehu V2 bearings, precipitating the board to move freely. With a diameter of 80mm, the wheel rolls at hotfoot and makes commuting super comfy and fast.


  • Slides smoothly on every bump and crack
  • Traction is made to last
  • High quality for value
  • Super smooth and fast


  • The wheel came off within a month condemns user
  • Noticeable cracks on the outer skirt of wheel
  • Incompatible for boost skateboard
  • Doubtful as regards to durability

Why choose Orangatang Kegal?

Given its overwhelming speed and action, it won’t be a hard call for skaters to decide which one’s best. Kegal is made to retain an optimum speed and traction that last a long time. For faster and better skating experience, it has attached Jehu V2 bearings with venom eliminator bushings installed in it.

The 46mm supportive core increases the acceleration rate that translates into speed and provides a faster ride. With the sharp edge of the wheel touching the ground, skaters get a better grip with Kegal.

3. Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels 70mm, 78a

Shark Wheel 70 mm 78a Longboard Wheels | Sidewinder | 4-Pack


If any off-road wheel that’s adept of messing around the skateboard like a boss, it’s Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard. It’s the one subjected to driving the performance and action of the board by getting it into overdrive.

Wheels from Shark are cent percent cubical in shape with a flat on six sides and round central. But skaters can find varied shapes within one including squares and spheres as a result of unique inventions.

Patterns on the wheel are in a sine wave which causes the energy to travel in and out. The design around the wheel of Sidewinder also forbids it from making frequent contact with the road.

With the scientific backing to it, shark wheels offer a faster and smoother ride, producing less friction. The loop on the wheels takes turns to remove pressure and have stability while riding on surfaces with sand and gravel.


  • Rolls over crack and mud puddles with ease
  • Cool graphics with square wheel loop
  • Multifunctional and features polybutadiene
  • Flexible and wear-resistant
  • Lessens the shock


  • Fails to put an excellent performance on sand and cobbles
  • Nondurable with wheels
  • Slow ball bearings

Why choose Shark Wheel Sidewinder Longboard Wheels?

Inspired by nature, shark wheels are made to offer a balanced ride on all terrains. They roll smoothly by channeling current on each tread and causing the board to move fast and forward.

The wheel has immense control on the board and compassionate impact which allows the rider to traverse at great speed. They take the absorption away and provide a nice grip which makes riding tremendously easy and relaxing.

4. Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels

Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels 60 mm 78a


With the name suggesting itself, Shark Wheel California slips on the surface just like actual sharks glide into the water. It’s the smoothest and most dynamic off-road wheels that can beat out of crappy tracks and its cleft.

Being in the cards for one of the trusted brands, it delivers outstanding performance with great speed. These wheels can ride non-stop up to far distance on a single kick. They are as fast in the grass as in sidewalks with square lips that are razor-sharp.

Twisting and turning become kid’s play with this remodeled Shark Wheel disc. Skaters can easily transition their position, perform free fall, and slash tiny hard rock to make their way.


  • Ideal for cruising
  • Builds momentum throughout the drive
  • Rolls easily over uneven patch and cracks of bitumen
  • Speed bearings handle stress for trouble-free push
  • A lot more grip and slide control
  • 30% lesser friction and higher speed


  • Bearings come off in no time
  • Fails to bear the pressure
  • Instability in ride

Why Choose Shark Wheel California Roll Skateboard Wheels?

With fast action, incredibly high speed, and 60mm size, Shark Wheel California excels in the performance test of skateboard wheels. It provides a solid and comfortable hold that enables it to come against all odds including debris and mud.

With a 78a durometer, skateboard wheels from Shark get rid of the vibration and allow a smooth ride. The Bronson bearings and independent trucks aid the tubular-designed wheel to slit through rocks and wet grounds.

5. Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard

Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard


It may have missed the top slot for best off-road skateboard wheel but Ricta’s still better than any stereotype. It’s simply brilliant when it comes to operating as each standardized part in the wheel is tested for smooth performance.

They are inlaid with urethane and brushed white just like that of an unsoiled cloud. Despite having no pattern, the wheel does a great job in gliding via ragged roads, aluminum ramps, and even debris.

The brand has played with the eye-popping design of Clouds to its best interest by enticing skaters. For 92a chrome, they are rightly smooth and resilient to survive any surface and also function great.


  • Strong grip on every terrain
  • Reasonable price
  • Sleek coating to protect the inner layer
  • Best-suited for mildly rough concrete
  • Extra grip on uneven road


  • Plastic bearings hub can wear easily
  • Unwanted jiggles when spinning
  • Fugitive as wheel snaps off any minute

Why choose Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard?

Ricta’s wheel is purely made for off-road skating as it can surmount any rough roads. It’s scientifically proven to be the fastest wheels for the non-smooth ground being set up using NRG hi-energy urethane formula.

Skating becomes a lot easier and better on ditches and poles with Ricta as it reduces frictional force. The grips and speed controls are appreciable given that it accompanies novice skaters.

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Best Electric Skateboard Wheels – Top 5 Review For 2021

Name of the ProductProduct ImageCheck Price
Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising, Off road Electric Skateboard WheelOrangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising, Off road Electric Skateboard Wheel
MOTION Electric Skateboard Wheels - Off road skateboard wheelMOTION Electric Skateboard Wheels 78A Translucent Urethane Urban All Terrain Off Road 120mm Patented Foam Core Wheels
IWONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery 120mm Electric Skateboard WheelsIWONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery 120mm Electric Skateboard Wheels Patented Damping Foam Core All Terrain Off Road 78A Translucent Urethane Longboard Wheels
Slick Revolution 120mm Foamies Electric Skateboard Wheels - Off road skateboard wheelSlick Revolution 120mm Foamies Electric Skateboard Wheels
STORMESK8 Electric Skateboard Wheels - Off road skateboard wheelSTORMESK8 Electric Skateboard Wheels

1. Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising, Off road Electric Skateboard Wheel

Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising, Off road Electric Skateboard Wheel


Fabricated for easy commuting, Orangatang Caguama makes some of the top-end wheels for off-roading. It musters everything from subtle design to maximal speed and strong grip to help skate evenly.

The wheel is formed using a Happy Thane formula that guarantees high speed while rolling. It makes good coordination with the truck to offer a comfortable and safe ride over inconsistent surfaces.

They feature Jehu V2 bearings, assimilated with speed washers and spacers which limits the weight shared in each bearing. Its 46mm centerset core with a deep valley provides toughened cushioning.

Orangatang’s wheel is so adaptable that you can use it for tons of skateboarding skills including keyboarding, carving, and even long-distance pushing.


  • High-speed rolls on off-road
  • Abrasion-resistant urethane gives a smooth ride
  • Speed rings build nice performance
  • Super grippy
  • More stability in wobbly road
  • Gives a strong grip on the ground with the width of 58.5mm


  • Outer shell shrugs off
  • Extra bearings are good for nothing
  • Non-durable
  • Poor customer service
  • Mislead with dim color and quality

Why choose Orangatang Caguama Longboard wheels?

It may come a little pricey but Orangatang Caguama meets the value for money in every way. It gives a great velocity and driving power that makes the ride as comfortable as sliding in a fluffy cloud.

Another element that makes the wheel an ultimate choice is its 85mm dimension that maintains the speed. Orangatang wheels are available in three different colors and durometers including 77a which comes in blue and orange in 88a.

2. MOTION Electric Skateboard Wheels – Off road skateboard wheel

MOTION Electric Skateboard Wheels 78A Translucent Urethane Urban All Terrain Off Road 120mm Patented Foam Core Wheels


Looking for a safer and smoother skateboard wheel to defy off-road barriers then Motion Electric is the one to pull in. It’s a pass to high-speed steamroller action, unbeatable performance, and better grip for all tracks.

Just like many other wheels, Motion’s off-road tires are also coated with urethane to boost longevity and outlast chemical exposure. The implications of a patented damping core technology have the wheel avoid chafing and ripping off.

With 78A durometer, wheels from Motion easily soak up the sidewalk shakes and bring uniformity in the ride. Even at its top speed, the wheel doesn’t lose its grip and enables it to overcome some of the worst lanes.


  • Delivers smooth power ride with flywheel
  • Lightweight with each wheel weighing just 1.1 lbs
  • Durable and smooth
  • No extra effort for installation
  • Restrains the scratches and puncture to be caused by nasty ground
  • Core layer is padded with soft foam for framing


  • Urethane peels off from plastic spokes
  • Too stiff to drive on the sideways
  • Foam core is of plastic

Why Choose Motion Electric Skateboard Wheels

At less than $100 bill and everlasting life, Motion Electric Skateboard Wheel is pennyworth. It’s certainly the finest creation from the brand with non-abrasion layers and high rebound foam.

Back and forth, it introduces the wheel to the new dumping core technology that avoids the displeasing sound without any disruptions in mileage. They have got a large diameter for improved maneuver and high-speed performance.

3. IWONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery 120mm Electric Skateboard Wheels

IWONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery 120mm Electric Skateboard Wheels Patented Damping Foam Core All Terrain Off Road 78A Translucent Urethane Longboard Wheels


Not just it acts as a true champ but the off-road skateboard wheel from IWONDER also performs similarly. They feed on craggy roads and masonite like nothing, before walking off with all smiles. Like every other skateboard wheel, IWONDER is also built with polyurethane, making it strong and abrasion-proof.

It has been designed exceptionally well with a soft cushy patch that connects with the road surface. They’re so smooth and fast that you won’t hear a sound unless you keep an ear to the ground.

Be the surface smooth or rock hard, IWONDER Cloud Wheel skim lightning fast on any given condition. They bounce back after every bump and bang with ABEC 7 bearings from which it regains the speed.

To add, it has 8mm*10mm bearing spacers fitted between the bearings to minimize weight and prevent needless damage to the board. They measure a 78A high rebound durometer that makes wheel stiff to prevail over any


  • Enough hardness to tackle bumpy road
  • High quality and strength
  • Safe and comfortable


  • ABEC cores are fragile and can smash while replacing
  • Drains battery relatively faster
  • Lacks tooth for enough torque
  • Switching the original wheels with new may reduce mileage

Why Choose IWONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery Electric Skateboard Wheels?

IWONDER Cloud Wheel Discovery is modeled with off-road skaters in mind. It is more receptive and on guard while rolling on jagged roads or sidewalks with pebbles. Riders won’t feel a single crack with the wheel as it smoothes out the surface.

Wheels have a 120mm large diameter which makes it easy for riders to steer through rough terrains. Small bubbles are visible but they barely impact the performance of the wheel.

4. Slick Revolution 120mm Foamies Electric Skateboard Wheels – Off-road skateboard wheel

Slick Revolution 120mm Foamies Electric Skateboard Wheels


It wasn’t too long ago when Slick Revolution entered the market with its cool designed off road skateboard wheel. And today it’s become an overriding choice of every skater who finds the standard wheel inept for longboard commuting or pushing.

Each component that contributed to assembling the wheel is valued by users including tread. Slick’s modern crafted wheel is made out of polyurethane so that it can freely ride on the cracks.

It too brings forth a high precision ABEC 7 bearings with pre-installed spacer for a more stable and quick turn. The brand has applied a proprietary foam core technology for damage control and efficient weight.

This new line up from the brand is easy handling even while riding on an intolerant ground. Weight on the wheel has been reduced by 25%, bringing it to 500gm each, and yet it supports a lot of pressure.


  • Sturdy wheels for a reasonable price
  • One year warranty against manufacturing defect
  • Incredible customer value
  • Prevents loss of torque and fear of puncture
  • Premier design with tweening colors


  • Traction is a big miss
  • Discomforting ride
  • Unbalanced speed
  • Brakes are seemingly bad

Why choose Slick Revolution Foamies Electric Skateboard Wheels?

If you want your skateboard to run years or get a good speed ratio even after riding miles, then go with Slick Revolution Foamies wheels. They are weightless, function properly, and pretty much in budget, unlike most electric wheels.

The wheels are sticky and give a nice grip to avoid crash on bumpy streets. Unlike small wheels, Slick doesn’t hurt the feet when exposed to a compact surface. The 40mm wide contact patch under compression gives more traction and solidified carving.

5. STORMESK8 Electric Skateboard Wheels – Off road skateboard wheel

STORMESK8 Electric Skateboard Wheels


STORMESK8 Electric is a dream off-road skateboard wheel with a stylish all-black design. It comprises everything that a skater can think and ask for. The wheel has such good compatibility that it can bond with any skateboard label.

It has gained flexibility with a convex design that works depending on the ground. When gliding on a smooth surface, it ships out low rolling resistance while provides more current flow on a hard surface

STORMESK8 also has a high tensile strength to bear stress and maintain stability in the ride.

As far as rolling over bumps and cracks are concerned, they are way more awesome. Because the tires are made of polyurethane, there is no risk of wear in any near future.

They have an exclusive U-shaped groove tread design of 35 degrees which improves the battery power and doesn’t let it drain sooner.


  • A tremendous amount of grip and resistance
  • Overpower broken surface and bumps
  • Impressively smooth and heavy-duty
  • Excellent lateral grip and control
  • No fear of puncture
  • More durable and supportive


  • Hub is marginally large and hardly fits the bearing
  • Discomforting as the wheel makes continuous noise

Why Choose STORMESK8 Electric Skateboard Wheels Wheels?

Stormesk8 Electric Skateboard Wheel is a go-to gear for every skater who’s having a hard time dealing with rough surfaces. They are really genius in escaping cracks and bouncy roads and letting out a smooth ride.

The 60A hardness of the wheel supports all kinds of ground from jagged to muddy and wet. The convex pattern gives less rolling resistance to the wheel and switches it to speed, letting the board glide farther and faster in just one kick.

How to choose an off-road skateboard wheel?

Wheels for skateboards come in every size and graphics so picking one becomes really tough. There are several things that need to be put into consideration as every component is worth value.

Choosing the off-road skateboard wheel largely depends on the style and what kind of surface you’re skating at. Speed and power of the wheel are determined by the durometer so paying attention to it gives better results.

1. Size

Not to coach you on purpose but the size counts most when reaching out for an off-road skateboard wheel. Everything else falls apart, the skateboard’s speed and strength unless it doesn’t have a wheel of the right dimension.

In the case of street skateboarding, skaters have an easy choice to make. They can instantly go with the average size wheel that measures from 49 to 52mm. But for off-road, you need to be more conscious in order to make the right decision.

Generally, the most prevailing size of off-road skateboards is 70mm. But any size somewhere from 64-80mm would have you no regrets for off-roading. They will provide a smooth ride by modulating the speed and preventing the wheel to strike against the board.

2. Weight

Next, it’s the weight that needs to be reviewed before making a choice for the skateboard wheel. The wheel’s weight is what builds the speed and action on the board while skating. It tips off how fast the skateboard can accelerate and how swiftly it can turn the direction.

If the wheel is too light, it might be easily weighted down with the load of the skater. The average weight of a standard skateboard wheel can measure from 7-10 pounds with bearings and trucks. However, this can vary depending on the parts used in constructing the wheel.

Hard wheels are fast-moving and provide a more secure grip than the soft wheels. So, to sail on an uneven road or pavement made with gravel or rocks.

3. Durometer

Durometer computes hardness in skateboard wheels to notify users whether the wheel is flexible enough or not. It proclaims the abrasion resistance of the wheel, which in turn encourages the skaters to find the alternative.

Manufacturers of most skateboard wheels use the durometer A scale to improve durability and responsiveness. It measures the hardness of a wheel on a scale of 1 to 100 points. But for unsurfaced tracks, you might need more than 99a+ durometer wheels as they roll faster and smoother.

Some brands reputed for making skateboard wheels also use B scale durometer which assesses 20 points less in comparison to A. Henceforth the wheel allows to acquire the hardness in one scale by increasing it with 20 points. Wheels of B scale possess a soft spring-like that of A gauge to avoid sudden puncture of needle gauge.

4. Ball Bearings and Wheel Nut

Wheel bearings and nuts are irreplaceable components on a skateboard wheel. They assure smooth operation of the wheel by allowing frictionless maneuver and spinning of a hub in about an axis.

If you stick with bad ball bearings, don’t expect stability and secure grip. In absence of right size bearing, the wheel will defunct and the skateboard starts to bounce. So, take extra effort and go through the ball bearings and nuts that ensure the proper functioning of the wheel. Don’t make the mistake of overlooking the bearing as every penny counts

5. Speed

Speed is another determinant that influences the choice of skater while getting off-road skateboard wheels. It gives a little hint to riders on how fast the board can glide on craggy terrain.

In-case of standard off-road wheels, skaters have full control over speed and agility. They can navigate the board whenever and wherever they like to. But for off-road electric skateboard wheels, there is no need to keep track of speed and time.

It voluntarily offers a great drag power to the board, allowing skaters to ride an average of 10 to 15 miles per hour. Some high-powered wheels have long-lasting batteries that last hours and give great mileage. Not counting but the speed of off-road electric skateboard wheels can differ based on the weight and transducer.

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