All Terrain Skateboard

You came to the right place where 8 best non-electric all terrain skateboards and 3 best electric all terrain skateboard are listed.

Basically, skateboarding is the coolest sport that anyone could play, there is no taking back of words in saying it. People of different ages have been doing this. With so much appraisal of this sport, it has evolved just like the time. This action sports legacy started back from the 1940s and reaching up to now it has taken many faces.

Early folks had started skateboarding by hitting the streets and roads. But as you know humans always want more so they have taken their skating interest to the off-road. And as a result of that, a new kind of skateboard or longboard evolved which can drive you to all kinds of terrains, the All-Terrain Skateboard. Yes, All Terrain skateboard is the latest evolution in the world of skaters. Their skating adventure was limited inside the busy streets but no more now they can run for their adventure into the land of woods and hills.

All-terrain longboard/skateboard are those wheel boards that can make you run through all kinds of ground. You can make bumps with all-terrain longboards on rough tracks as well. These skateboards are made for such roads and tracks. You’ll enjoy every second on all-terrain skateboards.

If you are wondering to buy one all-terrain skateboard, you’ll find two options; Non-Electric and Electric. The non-electric ones are classic all terrain longboard and electric have been introduced recently. Most of the skate admirers go for Non-Electronic and then there are some people who like all terrain electric skateboards. And, you can be any one of them so we have made this article for both types of skaters.

We have listed 8 best All Terrain Skateboards and 5 best All Terrain Electric Skateboards. Also, spend some moment reading the All terrain Longboards vs All Terrain Electric Skateboards and a buying guide for all terrain skateboards too.

8 Best All-Terrain Skateboard/Longboard

Name of the ProductProduct ImageCheck Price
Atom All Terrain LongboardAtom All Terrain Longboard
MBS All Terrain LongboardMBS All Terrain Longboard
Atom 95X MountainBoardAtom 95X MountainBoard
Happybuy MountainboardHappybuy Mountainboard
MBS Colt 90X MountainboardMBS Colt 90X Mountainboard
San Diego Speed 32" Mountain Skateboard LongBoardSan Diego Speed 32" Mountain Skateboard LongBoard
Hi-Na Mountain BoardHi-Na Mountain Board
MBS Core 94 MountainboardMBS Core 94 Mountainboard

1. Atom All Terrain Longboard

Atom All Terrain Longboard


Product Details

By: Atom Longboards

Product Measurements: 39 x 9.5 x 7.8inches

Weight: 10 pounds

Ever heard the brand name “Atom”, this is one of the well-established all terrain skateboard producers that are out there in the market. And, this awesome off-road board “Atom all terrain longboard” proves it all. Let’s find what is so good about this all terrain longboard.

Atom All Terrain Longboard rolls like a bowling’s ball with great speed in both on-road and off-road. All thanks to its MBS 100mm X 65mm all-terrain wheels which reside in strong 78A high-quality urethane. The bearings are also of excellent rubber guarded ABEC9 model and there inside remains high-speed lubricant. Talking about its deck which is made of sturdy maple wood and works nicely while boosting the board in all kinds of terrains. Having a woody deck makes this longboard enduring one.

Furthermore, its trucks have 7-inch stainless aluminum hagers, grade 8 reverse kingpins, and heat served crmo axles. These kinds of trucks are very much suitable for any kind rides more specifically off-road. It also has a nice off-road super coarse off-road griptape over the deck. This grip-tape is specifically made for the bumpy and off-roads.


  • Durable and sharp look longboard
  • Good for beginners
  • Super-quality wheels made for all-terrain
  • Maple wood’s strong deck
  • Light and flat to maneuver
  • Grippable off-road grip
  • Allows a smooth ride no matter where


  • Pushing for speed is a bit time-taking

2. MBS All Terrain Longboard

MBS All Terrain Longboard


Product Details

By: Mountainboards(MBS)

Product Measurements: 6.1 x 13.1 x 40.6 inches

Weight: 5.9 pounds

MBS All Terrain Longboard is another all-kinds-of-terrain-runnable yet popular deck for skate lovers. This skateboard takes you to the less-skated off-road trails other than the busy streets of the city. It has got the stiff deck made of the sturdy maple-lam deck just the same as the earlier Atom All Terrain Longboard. The other chunks of this board are totally identical to the Atom’s Longboard.

Let’s start with its wheels which are 100mm all-ground longboard wheels that get rebound by the high-quality 78A urethane. Likewise, the trucks installed on this off-road masterpiece are 190mm Navigator Drone Precision Longboard trucks, which guarantee better turns. Its all-terrain wheels are rubber layered ABEC 9 bearings. And the whole longboard will come completely assembled and ready to go.

This longboard from MBS allows every kind of skaters; pro or starters, to try their game on the all-terrain. Atom All Terrain longboard will make you do what a regular skater needs to do. They will skate, then fall and then again skate until their heart gets satisfied.


  • Durable quality
  • Lightweight longboard
  • Wheels are made to roll in all terrain
  • The lowered deck makes easier to operate
  • Smooth and easy to boost speed
  • Best for rugged trail


  • Little slow on the grass terrain
  • Grip tape can peel up

3. Atom 95X MountainBoard

Atom 95X MountainBoard


Product Details

By: Mountainboards(MBS)

Overall Length: 85 x 16.5 x 43.2 inches

Weight: 17.7 lbs

Are you desperate to hop over the best all terrain skateboard? This can be your perfect purchase for treating yourself with a strong and durable all terrain longboard.

Atom 95X Mountainboard is introduced to take your off-road skating adventure to a new level. This mountain deck has 8-inch wide diamond tread tires, all terrain skate trucks, and compact feet bindings. And you cannot ignore the tri-spoke hubs on the wheels and a handle brake. These specifications make it clear that this longboard is the right fit for all kinds of terrains.

Further, the deck-board is just wow, it is 38.3 x 15.5 inches long maple laminated with a cool PHT graphic on 46 grit aluminum oxide made grip tape. We just forget to talk more about its hand brake which makes it unique in the market. It has a V-brake system to help you slow down the skateboard in needy situations. This brake

-installed mountainboard is the best gift for any starters who are more into the mountain trails.

Buying this board you can save some bucks for other stuff as well, it is a value-based product from MBS. If you’re about to start mountainboarding for the first time, I don’t see you on any other boards. This deck board is what i say just awesome to spend some money on it.


  • Best for young and adult starters
  • Strong All Terrain Skate(ATS) components
  • Light but durable as well
  • Comfortable and smooth ride
  • Has F1 leg bindings and a v-system hand brake
  • Orange bushing suspension that absorbs heavy impacts
  • Wide off-road tires


  • Low-quality inner tubes
  • The brake needs to be adjusted

4. Happybuy Mountainboard

 Happybuy Mountainboard


Product Details

By: Happybuy

Overall Length: 37(L)x 7.9(W) inches

Weight: 19 lbs

Are you a black lover who is obsessed with everything that is black? Here is a mountainboard sure to impress you. An awesome all-terrain skateboard from Happybuy will be a great transporter on and off-road. The skateboard is made with a durable 9-ply maple wood which will remain at your favorite corner for a long time. This deck is 39x 9.5 inches big and it is covered with nice sandpaper grip tape all up to the deck’s top. With such quality, deck attributes no can argue for its durability and safety.

Likewise, this skateboard relies on running in the 8 inches all terrain wheels that run smoothly with ABEC-9 bearings. Those tires have better grip performances to avoid slides on the off-road trails. It does have bindings which makes itself the best expense for starters. Don’t bother yourself thinking about its shock-absorbing system which is flawless. You ride the whole day on rugged trails with high speed and you will not feel any strong impacts.

The one thing that impresses me most about Happybuy Mountainboard is it makes every buyer happy. That is you will get a whole set of useful accessories and an easy to carry bag along with this board. The set includes 2 hand protectors, 2 elbow pads, 2 knee pads, 2 feet bindings and 1 assemble tool. What can be the best gift for someone who has told you that he/she is going to start mountain boarding? I don’t see any better options.


  • Durable deck
  • Sandpaper grip tape for a comfortable and stable experience
  • High impact and slide absorbing aluminum frame
  • Inflatable and anti-slide all terrain tires
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Comes along with other useful and safety skating gear
  • Versatile uses
  • Available in multiple graphic options


  • Need to adjust trucks for better turns

5. MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard

MBS Colt 90 Mountainboard


Product Details


Overall Length: 47.2 x 11.8 x 11.8 inches

Weight: 15.8 lbs

Normally, longboards do not have any brake system but now it has become a trend to install it for boosting the safety of the game. MBS Colt 90X Mountainboard is one such company’s product that has practiced brake trends. It is understanding that having a quality brake system in all terrain skateboards increases the confidence level of gamers.

The deck of this mountainboard is the same as the other MBS skateboards i.e. strong maple-lam deck. On that deck, you’ll get thick grip tape for a better feel of the longboard. This latest model from MBS has upgraded its tire quality, four genuine and high-rebounding MBS T1 tires. These tires are good at providing better speed and run over rough tracks. Similarly, 12x28mm bearings and MBS original five-star hubs will add more fashion to this new MBS Colt 90X. To say it all, this board is launched to overcome all those shortcomings of older boards from MBS.

On top of that, MBS has guaranteed that this product will be awesome for entry-level all terrain skaters. With its installed braking system and F1 foot bindings, the learners will get a better pause and play while skating. However, it is a bit more expensive than the before boards which are as expected with so many upgrades.


  • Upgraded and improved version of classic MBS 90
  • Installed MBS V braking system
  • Durable, strong, light and comfortable than before
  • Great for all terrain skating starters
  • Fast and smooth run
  • Cool-looking graphic


  • Slow to get board going

6. San Diego Speed 32″ Mountain Skateboard LongBoard

San Diego Speed 32" Mountain Skateboard LongBoard


Product Details


Overall Length: 32(L) X 8.5(B) inches

Weight: 9 lbs

San Diego Speed Mountain Skateboard is one of the lightest all terrain skateboards ever made. Yes, it’s true, this multi-terrain skateboard is only 9 lbs i.e. 4 kgs. It has a sturdy wooden deck but still, it manages lightweight. Being light doesn’t mean it will get broke after one or two sessions, it will go long but not as other competitive boards. Checking its length and breadth, its average long longboard with 32 inches in length and 8.5 inches in breadth.

Moreover, it’s wheels are 8-inch pneumatic rubber with a diamond tread pattern on it. The tire quality that you get with this product is more than what you pay for it. Those tires can run fast without sliding in all terrains. Similarly, the truck that this deck has is ATS trucks that allow the board to do well in rough and serpentine tracks. In overall, this longboard is for small height riders because it has a short standing area and a short wheelbase. This can be a gift for your children rather than for you.

However, the padding on this board is not adjustable, you have to put feet into the padding handles and right it right away. Therefore, it won’t suit any serious and extreme skating. But works well for your kids’ longboard learning. If your kids are already good skaters then you should upgrade from this board.


  • Great for kids, beginners and average heightened skaters
  • Sturdy and well-built board
  • Good longboard for what you pay for
  • Light, compact and easy to make jumps


  • Not effective for the taller skaters
  • Included tube tires are not durable

7. Hi-Na Mountain Board

Hi-Na Mountain Board


Product Details

By: Hi-Na

Overall Length: 36.6 x 14.2 x 7.9 inches

Weight: 17.4(Shipping weight)

If you are somebody who favors newcomers to others, then here is the newest all-terrain longboard from Hi-Na. Regardless of being a newcomer, the Hi-Na Mountain Board has gained a good hand in the longboard market. Good things don’t come easy and this board has proved it better than anyone. Let’s see what makes this product so good. It does have a strong structure that includes natural core 9-ply maple, five-star blend hubs, and exceptional inflatable tires. Don’t question its tires grip which is better than others.

On the other side, it has 12-inch baking paint trucks for incredible off-road skating experience. The bearings in the wheels are ABEC-9 bearings to provide a smooth and fast wheel rotations. And, the shock absorption of inflatable wheels of this board is high around 85% and won’t let you feel any shock. Hi-Na mountainboard is one of the toughest longboards because it can endure weight around 500 lbs.

Ultimately, this longboard will make you not to think about any other boards after buying it. The reason is it works flawlessly in various off-road expeditions like all terrain skateboarding, downhill, cruising board, and some other. The best part about this board is you will get most of the protective gear other, one portable tool, and one big enough bag to pack it all. Because of this, it seems like a win-win deal for any skater.


  • Strong structure and design
  • A mountainboard that does most of the all terrain board games
  • Equipped with high-speed bearings and shock absorber
  • Good to accelerate even with a max weight of 500lbs
  • Suitable for both pro and learner riders
  • Adjustable bindings
  • Get 6 protective gears, 1 each portable storage bags and portable tool as a gift


  • No tools for maintenance of trucks

8. MBS Core 94 Mountainboard

MBS Core 94 Mountainboard


Product Details


Overall Length: 39.8 x 17.3 x 17.3 inches

Weight: 12.5 lbs

Last but not the least, the MBS Core 94 Mountainboard joins other boards quite easily in the group of best all terrain skateboards. This is only possible because of its own features and perks. MBS 94 is the youngest sibling of the MBS mountainboard family. Existing as the youngest this board has been assembled with the latest high-quality products.

The deck that this board has is never used one before, its power lam composite deck. That board looks even better with an awesome looking grip-tape graphic. Moreover, it has strong, airy, and easily maintainable MBS ATS.12 trucks which have 12 mm axles. These two trucks on the forth and back will make sure you have a comfortable mountain boarding time. Likewise, The 8 inches T3 tires installed on this board offer a great service by providing strength and unbeatable grip on dirt. However, the most crucial upgrade is its bindings which are now an MBS F5 ratchet bindings to allow you better comfort and adjustments for your feet.

Other than that, it works as well as its other siblings. It will make your all terrain skateboard time an exciting and thrilling one. If you are someone who has been skating for a long time now you will be comfortable with no brakes. Not a pro no worries then also because it has an MBS V Brake compatible system. It’s a board for everyone who has a great fantasy about skating.


  • Durable and sturdy Powerlam composite deck
  • Updated sibling of MBS family
  • Light and strong ATS.12 trucks
  • Upgraded axles
  • Comfortable and adjustable F5 ratchet bindings
  • Unparalleled performing 8 inches T3 tires
  • V Brake system for beginners


  • No tools included

3 Best All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Name of the ProductProduct ImageCheck Price
OUTSTORM 24MPH Off Road Electric SkateboardOUTSTORM 24MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard
MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard Dual MotorMotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard Dual Motor
CCDYLQ 40Km/H Off Road Electric SkateboardCCDYLQ 40Km/H Off Road Electric Skateboard

Time has changed and so do the all terrain longboards. We live in a world of electric objects and are surrounded by them all the time. Just like every other thing changing into electric ones, the all terrain longboard has done the same. Now, you will find various skateboards out there in the market which run by electricity. Skaters also have found electrics one worthy and as a result, customers are increasing day by day.

If you also want to go for electric all terrain longboards, we got help for you. We have listed 3 best All Terrain Electric Skateboards so that you can choose one from that list.

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1. OUTSTORM 24MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard

OUTSTORM 24MPH Off Road Electric Skateboard


Product Details

By: Outstorm

Overall Length: 42 x 17 x 9 inches

Weight: 32 lbs

Outstorm off-road electric skateboard has made it to the 1st spot in our detailed and well-studied reviews of 5 best all terrain electric skateboards. This powerful 24MPH running electric skateboard deserves its place. Having two 1650w robust motors makes the Outstorm all terrain electric longboard one of the best among its rivals. The deck is equally durable as the motor being 11-layered Canadian maple. Also, don’t take its 7.8X2 Pneumatic tires lightly which are pretty good for all kinds of terrains. Either its grass, or rough, or plain, the tires will get going all the time.

Above all, the 11Ah lithium-ion battery installed on this deck gets fully charged in only 4 hours and then runs up to 19 miles. This means, once your electric board is fully charged, you will be out of home for an off-road adventure for a good time. Plus, there will be a remote also for better controllability of the skateboard. Using that remote you can control speed, make a reverse run, and also turn on/off signal indicators. But before using the remote, you need to charge the remote for 1.5hours.

It is easy to maneuver all-terrain electric skateboards which can be a perfect gift for anyone. With attached adjustable bindings and a handful remote, anyone can enjoy this board safely for killing their free time in the woods.


  • Dual powerful 1650w X 2 motors
  • Top-speed 24MPH
  • Durable and sturdy pneumatic tires
  • Remote controllable
  • Quick charging time i.e. 4 hours
  • One full-charge enough for 19 miles
  • Adjustable and soft leg bindings
  • Shock absorbers for heavy impacts
  • Decent for every age
  • One-year full warranty


  • Not suitable for pro skaters

2. MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard Dual Motor

 MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard Dual Motor


Product Details

By: MotoTec

Overall Length: 11 x 47 x 21 inches

Weight: 77 lbs

MotoTec 1600w Dirt Electric Skateboard, the name says it all here what this product can do. But still, we would like to inform you more about this skateboard. As the name suggests it is a dual motor (per motor 1600w) electric skateboard which runs all kinds of the road but more nicely in the off-roads. This board from MotoTec is a ticket for entering the extreme skating trails.

Dual motor installed MotoTec dirt electric skateboard’s top speed is 18 to 22mph. To start this dirt-master you have to charge its 36V 14Ah battery for up to 3 to 5 hours. Once its battery is full you can wander the way you want for around 10 miles. For your help, it has an on-board battery life indicator to check the charge availability.

Similarly, the other specifications about this product are that it has high-quality ATS trucks, sturdy and grippy 10 inches tires, and shock-absorbing springs. It is a total package for your off-road expedition. But for that, you should not weigh more than 260lbs. The wooden deck is a durable one but it can’t guarantee its durability if the rider is more than 115kgs. All you need to start the ride is pushing the button on its portable remote.


  • Easy to use and ride
  • Economic as compared to others
  • Powerful dual-motors
  • Long-life 3 14Ah Batteries
  • Works for people having weight around 115kgs
  • Better brakes for a timely stop
  • Shock-absorbing springs


  • No leg bindings
  • Not so good remote

3. CCDYLQ 40Km/H Off Road Electric Skateboard

CCDYLQ 40Km/H Off Road Electric Skateboard


Product Details


Overall Length: 42.5 x 16.9 x 9 inches

Well if you ask us what can be the best gift for any mountainboard lover, CCDYLQ’s Off-road electric skateboard be the first choice. This powerful all terrain electric skateboard is an easy choice because of its attractive features. It is a dual motor(1650W x 2) electric all terrain skateboard which can hit the road at speed of up to 40 km/h in any track angled lower than 30 degrees. Isn’t that fast, yes sure it is. This rapid speed is fueled by its 11 AH 36v imported L.G battery which gets fully charged in only 4 hours.

That was about its power now let’s discuss its other appealing specifications. The manufacturer has put all of the efforts to make this skateboard a sturdy and secure one. It has got a 7 maple+ 1 Bamboo layered strong deck board that can hold weight up to 260lbs i.e. 117kg. Plus, the non-slippery x waterproof deck’s surface makes sure you stick with the board. However, your safety always remains in your hand as a remote. The portable remote controller of this board allows you to make forwards, backward, speed switching, and braking.

Honestly, you need not worry about what kind of trail you are riding on when you are with CCDYLQ’s all-terrain skateboard. The versatile and sturdy pneumatic tires will look after the roads, you just ride on. If you are breaking the walls to get into mountain boarding and you love electronic ones, this is the deal for you.


  • Sturdy multiple layered maple+bamboo Deck
  • Powerful 1650w dual motors
  • Portable and easy to use Remote controller
  • Can climb up to 30 degree sloped hills
  • Long-life imported batteries
  • Adjustable and removable leg bindings
  • Impact-absorbing system


  • No cons at all

Non-Electric All Terrain Skateboard vs Electric All Terrain Longboard

After reading so much about both non-electronic and electric all terrain skateboards, you may feel bewildered. Therefore, here we provide the short read to make yourself clear which one is the best. The up-coming points will tell you what you actually want? So, read it over.


All terrain non-electric skateboards are easy-to-use as compared with the electric boards. It’s very simple that the electric all terrain skateboard’s maneuverability is a bit difficult as you have to play with a remote controller and other parts. Whereas, non-electric boards are easy-to-go and great for starters to learn longboarding. Going straight to the electric one without boarding in a non-electric one can make you face some problems. So, yes, a non-electric board wins in a maneuverability test quite easily.


Price is a thing that wins most of the customers. Everybody wants a quality product at an economical price. If you compare the price of both non-electric all terrain board and electric, the non-electric wins right away. It is obvious that the more you want comforts and features, the more you have to pay. Electric skateboard is all about comfort and extra features that you cannot get in non-electric ones. Thus, non-electric ones are the economic board in a face-off with supreme electric boards.

Repair & Maintenance

Repair & maintenance is a must thing to do when you buy any product. There is not a single product in the world that doesn’t require repair and maintenance. In the same way, electric & non-electric all terrain longboards both need maintenance. So, the question is not how often but how hard and costly.

The answer will be; electric skateboards are more costly and difficult to r&m than the non-electronic. You can easily maintain non-electronic ones only at home and it won’t take much cash to repair it from the expert. The electronic one has just the opposite circumstances. So, yes, Non-electric again wins here in repair and maintenance.


Performance-wise the electric all terrain skateboard will do better than the non-electric. That is because of powerful motors that are installed in an electric off-road board and those motors easily boost high speed up to 31 mph. This doesn’t mean a non-electronic is not capable of high-speed performance. They also have the quality to perform similarly.

But, electric ones are easy to maintain performance just by pressing the button. Whereas, in non-electric ones, it all depends on your performance. So, the performance of both kinds of products is nearly the same but the non-electronic requires your help to boost performance. Hence, in the performance, electric all terrain skateboard wins.


This is the only aspect where both of the products share an equal margin. Electric and non-electric both have long lives. The durability of an electric longboard resides in its electric and non-electric parts which are of-course quality made. Similarly, the non-electric has a quality deck, trucks, wheels to live a long skating life. So, both of the boards have durability.


Safety can be a primary concern of most of the skaters around the world. And when it’s about safety, the electric ones come front because of their instant braking system. However, the non-electric also has a braking system which is optional and a bit less secure than that of electric ones. In an electric board, you can choose to stop the board by just pressing a button on board, and here your board stops. So, yes, the electric skateboard wins it here by a margin.

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Who wins the race?

The non-electric all terrain skateboard wins the title by being an easy-to-use, durable, economic, easy to repair & maintain the product. On the other side, the electric one has won in performance and safety bases. So, it is clear that non-electric has won slightly easily. The electric skateboard lost because of its high price and difficult maneuverability. Other than that, electric ones are also good and competitive as the non-electric longboards. Therefore, If you are a big spender, you can opt for an electric one. Or, if you have a tight budget, the non-electric one is the buy for you.