Best Skateboard For Beginners

Wondering what is a good skateboard for beginners. Well you have our back now as we provide the list of best beginner skateboard for adults and kids.

Skateboarding may be a crafty business but with little concentration and the right apparatus, anyone can pull it off. It definitely needs the practice to perform hot-headed stunts but for cruising, all you need is a stable board with a strong deck.

For a beginner, it’s always a challenge to find a skateboard that’s firm and a perfect size to place the feet. Getting a random board doesn’t help much in learning the skate as most of them don’t even last weeks.

Therefore, it’s important for a starter to have the best skateboard for beginners in the journey to success. Unlike ordinary skateboards, they are far more rigid with thick layers of plywood, anti-corrosion trucks, and bearings.

Skaters who want the board to perform tricks mostly incline towards a standard skateboard. They are designed to look like a popsicle stick with a nearly proportional nose and tail. A typical standard skateboard has hard wheels to slide on the street, at skate parks, and driveway.

Those skaters who look forward to improving their skills often take skateboard lessons for beginners. They are tough and are mostly taken by people who want to go professional with the sport.

Similarly, cruisers and longboards are used as a means for traveling distant places. The former is ridden within city areas and is short for more responsiveness. As the name goes, longboards are made with a long deck and travel far-off with faster rolling speeds.

Different from cruisers, they have reverse kingpin trucks for more balance and durability. Longboards come in every shape and size so everyone can have their favorite design board.

Best beginner skateboard for Kids – Top 10 Review For 2021

Name of the Product Product ImageCheck Price
Maketec Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini cruiser Retro Skateboard Maketec Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini cruiser Retro Skateboard
Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard. 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic Board Comes Complete
Powell Golden Dragon Knight Dragon 2 Complete SkateboardPowell Golden Dragon Knight Dragon 2 Complete Skateboard
Magneto Kids Skateboard |Maple Deck with ComponentsMagneto-Kids-Skateboard-Maple-Deck-with-Components
Phoeros Skateboards -Standard Skateboards for Kids Boys Girls Youths Beginners StartersPhoeros-Skateboards-Standard-Skateboards-for-Kids-Boys-Girls-Youths-Beginners-Starters
Easy_way Complete SkateboardsEasy_way Complete Skateboards
RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches SkateboardRIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard
Rude Boyz 17 Inch Mini Wooden Cruiser Graphic Beginner Kids SkateboardRude Boyz 17 Inch Mini Wooden Cruiser Graphic Beginner Kids Skateboard
PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man 21" Wood Cruiser SkateboardPlayWheels-Ultimate-Spider-Man-21inch-Wood-Cruiser-Skateboard
PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 28" Skateboard, Turtle TimePlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 28" Skateboard, Turtle Time

1. Maketec Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini cruiser Retro Skateboard

 Maketec Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini cruiser Retro Skateboard


22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard falls on the top of the Best beginner skateboard for Kids list. It needs no athleticism to ride the Maketec Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard. Kids of all ages can easily find their feet as a skater on this board and just at the cost of a few bucks. Most parents put their money on Maketec as it provides their mini skateboarders a safe and sound riding experience.

It has a solid board designed using advanced technology and stout trucks of 3.25 inches. The performance of Maketec is never to doubt as it features fast-speed abec 7 bearings and urethane wheels of 60mm making it into the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.

The deck is wide enough for the foot to find the right place for every beginner’s trick. It’s super flexible, made from Polypropylene and 4 smooth casters Length of maketec is measured at 22.5 inches, and the width 6 inches. It can hold up to 200 lb weight although maketec itself weighs 3.8lbs.


  • Well-built with high-quality material
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Gains maximum speed with ABEC 7 bearings
  • Suitable for entry-level riders


  • Easily breakable
  • Inconsistency in deck size
  • Misrepresented color
  • Value does not meet the price

2. Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard 

Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard. 22x6inch Retro Style Plastic Board Comes Complete


Second, on the list of Best beginner skateboard for Kids, Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard is the best bang for the buck. It’s smooth, affordable and has a great finish than any other board from a leading or non-leading brand. Despite its unbeatable value, skaters get to have the board in pennies.

The nicest thing about Skatro is that it’s always ready to roll without having to push hard. It’s well-crafted and has the right amount of plastic used for the deck to retain its stiffness. For what it was possible, Skatro has done a great job in optimizing flex using its own technology.

Because it has got 7 bearings from ABEC to turn up the speed, performing tricks is quite easy on this mini cruiser. Pro skaters even use it as a shuttle and skim across the street far and near.

Looking at the board, you can tell that the brand has done a superb job getting it right near to perfection. Some of the features that Skatro boasts are 59mm Urethane Skatro wheels and light aluminum trucks of 3 inches making it into the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.


  • Increase speed in a greater pace
  • Hard bearing steel metal to reduce friction
  • Good flex to ride in the sidewalk
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Some users found it bouncy
  • Poor graphic criticize skaters
  • Snaps in no time

3. Powell Golden Dragon Knight Dragon 2 Complete Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Knight Dragon 2 Complete Skateboard


Third, on the list of Best beginner skateboards for Kids, we have Powell Golden Dragon Knight Dragon 2 Complete Skateboard. Why go through stacks of the board for your kid when there is already Powell Golden Dragon Knight Dragon 2. It’s a board that kids would enjoy riding on any day while the trained would give try for simple tricks.

Quite popular amidst young skaters, Powell has a stout deck of perfect size. The length of the board is 28.65 inches which come along with an anti-slip grip tape on top, causing it to stay around for years.

It also allows kids to keep their feet firmly on the board and have a safe ride. To complement the stylish presentation and enhance durability, Powell has inserted metal trucks. It’s modeled to have a concave design so that kids can easily put the brake which gets it included on the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.


  • Well-constructed with quality materials
  • Truck and wheel rolls smoothly
  • Eye-catching graphic design
  • Fair price for incredible value
  • Comes with warranty


  • Substandard packaging
  • Damaged board
  • Lousy graphic on the deck

4. Magneto Kids Skateboard | Maple Deck with Components



Fourth on the list of Best beginner skateboard for Kids, Magneto offers an effortless ride for any skateboard tricks. It’s new in the line and yet popular amidst kids, owing to the comfortable ride. There is nothing much to complain about the board as it’s soft but also rigid to sustain the drop from anything quarter pipes or funbox.

Magneto has used 7 stacks of hard maples with double kick tail on the front and back to construct the board. It’s slightly compact than the traditional skateboard designed for kids. However, the size has been tested to provide sufficient room for kids to place their feet just on the deck.

It’s in the shape of a popsicle with size 27.5″ x 7.75″. The trucks are made of 5’’ aluminum and solid steel axle to secure durability and high-strength. It’s a high plus to have a skateboard from Magneto as it provides a strong grip with 52mm 95A  wheels that makes the ride super smooth which gets it included on the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.


  • Great quality skateboard
  • Highly flexible with good stability
  • Easy to balance
  • Eye-striking graphic on the deck to allure kids
  • Metal trucks and multi-layered deck to withstand abrasion


  • Poor bearings and imperfect design
  • Trucks of some boards are pulled out of shape
  • Rolling the board gets out of control at times

5. Phoeros Skateboards -Standard Skateboards for Kids Boys Girls Youths Beginners Starters



A glance at Phoeros Skateboard will have you forget what is the best skateboard for a beginner. Tens and hundreds of parents trust their kids with Phoeros as it provides both a safe and fun ride which gets it included on the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.

There’s no way anyone can refuse the board, after all, it’s crammed with tons of incredible features. Irrespective of what the rider’s age is, Phoeros sees that every kid is bestowed with a smooth ride. The cold-pressed maple wood deck glued with 7 ply can put up with at least 220 lbs weight.

It features anti-slip traction tape with waterproof emery and everlasting heat transfer printing Designed especially for kids, it’s easy to learn basic stunts on the board rather than daredevils.


  • High elastic PU wheel with a strong grip
  • Printed pattern transmits heat
  • A comfortable ride with aluminum alloy truck
  • Nice setup and design
  • Affordable price


  • Size of board is comparatively smaller for adults than I. Tot
  • Trucks are plastic and can be
  • Irrelevant for intensive tricks
  • Backs get scratched easily

6. Easy_way Complete Skateboards

Easy_way Complete Skateboards


This one doesn’t even need an explanation since the name itself gives a million reasons to like. A great standard skateboard for kids, Easy_way has got everything to fancy, from visionary graphics to sparkling wheels and wooden deck.

It’s made of hard-wearing maple wood which supports almost 224 lbs weight. As for anti-slip, the 8-inch broad deck is neatly polished, making it safe and steady for kids to ride. Riders feel secure around the board during nights as its high-rebound wheels span light to the far-flung corners.

The PU flash wheels of Easy_way provide good traction and comforts beginners while rolling on shady areas. Meanwhile, the alloy truck gives stability to the board allowing skaters to keep balance and perform tricks that get it included on the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.


  • Features ABEC-7 bearings to spin the board smoothly
  • 95A High Resilience PU wheels for elasticity and toughness
  • Soft carry bag with 2 piece back-up bearings for stand by application
  • Waterproof emery non-slip grip tape for shoes to glide the board


  • Color of the board is drearily dull
  • Poor quality with defective light wheels
  • Non-durable and mediocre

7. RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard

RIMABLE Complete 22 Inches Skateboard


Seventh on the list of Best skateboard For Beginners, Novice skaters lean on RIMABLE to finesse action-pack skateboard styles that deal twist and drops. Whether it’s performing kickflips or ollie, the board always puts beginners on their top-shelf. But that’s not the only reason to like this little carrier.

An epitome of subtlety, Rimable Complete 22 is fabricated with high-quality materials and stout bearing. It has got amazing patterns on the deck and aluminum truck as thick as 3-inch. With PU wheels, the board prevents bounce and crash to endure while gliding on an uneven surface.

RIMABLE’s maximum weight capacity of 198 lbs makes it an ideal choice for kids. As they come in different luminous colors so everyone gets a fair chance to have their favorite color board.


  • Lightweight but everlasting
  • Smooth wheels to avoid bumps
  • Easily portable
  • Worth the cost


  • High possibilities for the board to get scratched
  • Quick drop in speed cause instability

8. Rude Boyz 17 Inch Mini Wooden Cruiser Graphic Beginner Kids Skateboard

Rude Boyz 17 Inch Mini Wooden Cruiser Graphic Beginner Kids Skateboard


Further, into our list of Best beginner skateboard for Kids, we present you Mini Wooden Cruiser Graphic Beginner Kids Skateboard. Given how many ways a skateboard can be used, Rude Boyz 17 Inch mini wooden cruiser is really slick in every way. Use it in commuting or performing a series of tricks and the board will be your rightful companion.

Constructed with safety in mind, Rude is just apt for preambular kids. It’s framed to look like a banana with 17 inches length and weight of 7.5 lbs. The deck of Boyz is made of hardwood with a visual image of a robot measuring 17 x 5 x 3.5 inches.

It has ABEC 7 bearings which offer high friction to the board and help increase speed. With the truck axle of 6 inches and 54mm wheels, skaters can get a long way on the board. Unlike most skateboards, you don’t need to propel Rude over and over again as it has the largest tolerance making it into the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.


  • Dynamic performance with rounded kicktail and nose
  • 3-inch wide truck hanger to support axle
  • Great stability with irremovable design
  • Incredible value for price


  • Poor customer service
  • Differing sizes during delivery
  • Decks are easily cracked

9. PlayWheels Ultimate Spider-Man 21″ Wood Cruiser Skateboard



Any die-hard fan of Spider-man who also happens to be interested in skating would admire the beginner skateboard from Playwheels. It’s a great appliance for a starter to learn how to balance and coordinate the board which gets it included on the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.

The 21-inch long maple board with thick 9 layers best suits the young skater, having provided enough space. Furthermore, the grip tape is added to help the learner gain foothold on the board and improve stability.

Maneuvering is convenient on a Playwheels skateboard with a single kicktail. The tool is used to minimize the speed and slow down the board, ensuring kids’ safety. It’s furnished with nylon bearings and PVC injected wheels of 50mm x 27mm for a swift ride at sidewalk or skateboard areas.


  • Multipurpose for a moderate price
  • Sturdy deck of with 21-inch length
  • Wheels roll with the right amount of resistance
  • Value for money


  • Overreached graphic patterns
  • Awful packaging
  • Unreliable as the wheels don’t spin freely
  • Poor quality and design condemns skater

10. PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 28″ Skateboard, Turtle Time

PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 28" Skateboard, Turtle Time


Last but not the least, on the list of Best beginner skateboard for Kids, we have PlayWheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 28″ Skateboard. Want to perform daring stunts like a warrior then go for Playwheels Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Skateboard. It’s a complete skateboard with a powerful deck, super fast wheels, and 608ZB bearings for long last use.

The deck of Playwheels is prepared with a rigid maple wood of 9 ply to support the load of 110 lbs. It’s of standard size so the kids can easily find the room to put the feet and get a good grip while learning kickflips, popping or grinding which gets it included on the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.

The front and back of the board is designed with a kicktail to modulate and put brakes while doing tricks. Anyone who skates the board is prone to have a good time as the PVC injected wheel provides a smooth ride.


  • Great for beginners
  • Nice and sturdy
  • Impressive design of Ninja Turtle
  • Rolls smoothly with PVC injected wheel
  • Clear sand spray on the deck for excellent traction


  • Lacks quality control
  • Board is stiff and hard to turn around
  • Size of the deck is small

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Best skateboard for beginner adults – Top 10 Review for 2020

Name of the ProductProduct ImageCheck Price
M Merkapa 31" Pro Complete Skateboard 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Deck Concave SkateboardsM Merkapa 31inches Pro Complete Skateboard 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Deck Concave Skateboards with Tool
WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners, Complete SkateboardWhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners, Complete Skateboard
POSITIV Team Complete SkateboardsPOSITIV-Team-Complete-Skateboards
WHOME Pro Skateboard Complete for Adult Youth Kid and BeginnerWHOME Pro Skateboard Complete for Adult Youth Kid and Beginner
ToyerBee SkateboardsToyerBee Skateboards
Amrgot Skateboards Pro 31 inches Complete SkateboardsAmrgot-Skateboards-Pro-31-inches-Complete-Skateboards
DINBIN Skateboard - 31" x 8" Complete Pro SkateboardDINBIN Skateboard - 31" x 8" Complete Pro Skateboard
Hikole Skateboard - 31" x 8" Complete PRO SkateboardHikole-Skateboard-31-x-8-Complete-PRO-Skateboard
Flybar 22” Skateboard for Kids, Beginners - Plastic CruiserFlybar 22” Skateboard for Kids, Beginners - Plastic Cruiser Non-Slip Deck Multiple Colors for Boys and Girls
Minority 32 inch Maple SkateboardMinority 32 inch Maple Skateboard

If you’re in a dilemma of which skateboard is best for beginners then here’s a little help. Below is a complete list of the skateboard for beginners adults.

1. M Merkapa 31″ Pro Complete Skateboard 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Deck Concave Skateboards

M Merkapa 31inches Pro Complete Skateboard 7 Layer Canadian Maple Double Kick Deck Concave Skateboards with Tool


As far as premium models and reasonable price is concerned, M Merkapa 31-inch Pro Skateboard sits right at the top on the list of Best skateboard For Beginner Adults. Adults who are just into learning the board will appreciate Merkapa’s high-end features.

It’s made with heavy-duty Canadian maple decks of up to 7 layers to hold a maximum 198 pounds weight. The 95A PU caster wheel of Merkapa allows the board to accelerate while the aluminum alloy trucks provide a smooth ride even at rugged floors.

Applications of SHR 95A bushings and ABEC 7 bearings are also done to modulate speed and balance the board. It’s smart from the manufacturer to layer the board with an intact non-skid black tape as it lets the shoes slide at the board getting it into the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.


  • The supreme quality for a modest price
  • Impressive after-sales service
  • Perfect speed and movements
  • Durability and sturdiness


  • Cracked way to easy and fast
  • Noticeable scratches on trucks
  • Functionless grip tape
  • Board is super thick to glide
  • Broken wheels with inept bearings

2. WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners, Complete Skateboard

WhiteFang Skateboards for Beginners, Complete Skateboard


Those who struggle to find the right speed and balance on a traditional skateboard, choose no other than WhiteFang. Second, on the list of Best skateboard for beginner adults, it’s a beautifully crafted board with 7 sheets of Canadian maple deck to stand the load of 330 lbs.

The skateboard is decked out with ABEC 9 bearings and magnesium alloy trucks to commute or play tricks in skate parks. With the WhiteFang, skaters get high rebound PU wheels which ensure excellent performance and speed making it into the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.

A good investment made on the 5-inch magnesium alloy trucks and 95A bushings for a light base and responsive turn. Learning tricks with WhiteFang is super easy since it blends double kick dissymmetric concave and emery grip tape.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Chic graphic design with durable black and white print
  • Pre-assembled with complete 31.75’’ * 7.88’’ board
  • Tough and sturdy


  • Board warped and twisted at the first go-off
  • Limits speed to even small pebbles in the way
  • Trucks become loose after using few times
  • Unsuitable for bowl or street skating

3. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards



Thirds on the list of Best skateboard for beginner adults is POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards that has had a history of making top-notch skateboards since the time it came to know. Surprisingly, with every new series introduced, the brand has customized its performance and speed.

This couldn’t be agreed more as the Positiv Team Complete Skateboard has too got outstanding features and quality. It has a high-strength personalized deck made on-demand with either maple or birch that resists sudden breakage.

Piles of wood are carved and put together using waterproof glue to construct the board. For extra toughness, Positiv has added double kick nose with the deep concave deck to get stability making it into the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.

The board has a mini logo bearing which other than offering a fast skating lets the skater have better cruising experience. It’s molded to skate one specification with chromium steel balls for a quick turn even at hard landings. They are available in different sizes and styles so you have plenty of options to choose from.


  • Full-size board for beginner adults
  • Invincible performance
  • Spectacular graphics of bright color
  • Wheel rolls smoothly


  • Visible scratch on the board
  • Wheels are totally off the flat surface
  • Truck swapped from the original
  • Cheap package and delivery

4. WHOME Pro Skateboard Complete for Adult Youth Kid and Beginner

WHOME Pro Skateboard Complete for Adult Youth Kid and Beginner


Fourth on the list of Best beginner skateboard for adults, there are strings of upscale boards in the market that excels both in value and price. But despite that, Whome Pro has stood out among the rest with its unique features and quality making it into the list of Best skateboard For Adult Beginners.

It’s one sturdy skateboard layered with 8 alpine hard rock maple wood and top-end grip tape that doesn’t slip easily. The board wears Whome’s exclusive chrome steel ABEC-9 bearings for great speed.

It’s the best choice for those who want better tensile strength and durability featuring a 5-inch aluminum-alloy truck and carbon steel shaft. The ride on Whome is smooth with upgraded PU wheels that suit both pro skaters and beginners.


  • Good quality for an economical price
  • Tasteful design with electro-coated shaft inside
  • High speed with upgraded PU wheels
  • Sand papery layer for better control


  • Deck snaps easily
  • Paint chips shortly after use
  • Board is too bouncy to maintain balance

5. ToyerBee Skateboards

ToyerBee Skateboards


One of the best ways to do complex tricks is to get right on the top of ToyerBee Skateboard. That’s simply because it provides skaters with an 8-inch wide deck and tough grinding surface making it into the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.

It has got cool modern looks with incredible features from ABEC 7 stainless alloy bearings to non-abrasive PU wheels. This full-length board supports the maximum weight of 440 lbs and has high friction anti-slip for riders’ safety.

Being designed from high-density maple woods for up to 9 layers, ToyerBee is extremely durable. The black and white pattern printed on the board transmits heat to resist moisture and provide a strong grip.

It also features a double kick deck, making it great to work with for both pro and starters. To improve performance and knot speed, you can use a complete repair kit that comes with the product. The package is filled with bits like 2 screws of the wheel, truck, and a multifunctional wrench making it into the list of Best beginner skateboard for Adults.


  • Sophisticated design with cool graphics Stainless alloy PU bushings for quick speed
  • Durability
  • Full-size board with great value deck
  • Maximum supported weight of 220 lbs
  • 3 layer paint to avoid cracks


  • Low quality with poor value
  • Wheels may lock up on skaters
  • Truck snaps in half

6. Amrgot Skateboards Pro 31 inches Complete Skateboards



For one of the best selling boards in the market, it’s no surprise Amrgot has made it in our list of best skateboards for beginner adults. It’s so versatile and of great quality that anyone can get used to with the board in a short span of time.

It’s perfect for all level skaters but Amrgot is solely designed for beginner adults. The board is furnished with 8 layers of top-tier maple wood to withstand high fall and wallop off the wall. For additional support and durability, it has aluminum alloy stents that also whisk the speed making it into the list of Best skateboard For Beginners adults.

It’s relatively fancier than most skateboards, having colorful prints of flowers and different other patterns. To speed it up and resist wear, the board has got ABEC 9 bearings along with a non-slip grip. After hearing all the features, it’s obvious that skaters won’t have to rethink what kind of skateboard should I get for beginners.


  • High-speed PU wheels
  • Cold-pressed maple deck to hold offload
  • Wear resistance ABEC 9 bearings
  • Durable construction and paint


  • Bearings come off easily
  • Poor craftsmanship
  • Layers of wood fall apart
  • Flaws in lamination and glue

7. DINBIN Skateboard – 31″ x 8″ Complete Pro Skateboard

DINBIN Skateboard - 31" x 8" Complete Pro Skateboard


Whether you’re casually skating streets or performing tricks on skate parks, DINBIN is really your most trusted companion and one of the Best skateboard For Beginners.. It’s ideally the best and all-around choice, having top quality and performance.

Manufactured with 7-ply Canadian maple wood, the board is quite strong to hold up to 220 lbs weight. It’s a lot easier to regulate the action of DINBIN as it’s anchored with ABEC 7 bearings.

PU wheels of the board serve the skater on any surface, bumpy or flat. They offer a smooth ride to put on basic tricks like ollie and 360. Of all brands, it has top-grade features including aluminum spray paint trucks and for faster speed making it into the list of Best beginner skateboard for Adults.


  • Guarantee up to 60 days
  • Superior value for an affordable price
  • Maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds
  • Sturdiness


  • Misaligned hardware
  • Defunct bearings
  • Trucks are unstable

8. Hikole Skateboard – 31″ x 8″ Complete PRO Skateboard



For the past 20 years, Hikole has been making the finest quality board that transcends both in performance and action. Coming from the same brand, Complete Pro too meets the standard with its excellence and unique features.

Every item on the board is of top quality and built to last long. The deck itself is stacked with hard rock 7 Canadian maple wood. It possesses the capacity to hold 100kg weight which means any kids above 5 years can man-handle the board.

Each component of Hikole is fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box. It has an old classic design with modern touch having a double concave kick and PU wheels for everlasting speed.

Paired with high-performance trucks and PU bushings, the least time is needed to increase the speed of the board. It’s engineered with high precision ABEC 7 bearings to balance the ride. Moreover, the deck is coated with high-quality grip tape to secure grip and ease the ride making it into the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.


  • Smooth and sturdy
  • Adjustable trucks
  • Wheels slip fast
  • Ultra-modern design with striking wheel color


  • Unsecured screws
  • Non-durable
  • Decks are fragile
  • Wood snaps too early

9. Flybar 22” Skateboard for Kids, Beginners – Plastic Cruiser

Flybar 22” Skateboard for Kids, Beginners - Plastic Cruiser Non-Slip Deck Multiple Colors for Boys and Girls


Curious which skateboard is better for beginners then look for none other than Flybar 22” Skateboard. Employ it on regular travel or skate park riding and the skateboard will just give you a precise performance. It’s a product of high-quality material and innovation featuring aluminum trucks and medium-size bearings.

The 22-inch long skateboard is molded from strong plastic to improve durability and strength. Compared to any other skateboard, the wheels of Flybar are bigger, making it easy to handle in clefts and curbs.

With Flybar, you won’t have to set up all the parts by yourself as it comes in off the shelf package. The ABEC 7 precision bearings on the board deliver fast speed and allow for more friction making it into the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.


  • Lightweight aluminum trucks for a smooth ride
  • Absolute control following PU wheels
  • Full-length board for easy movement
  • High sensitivity through the hard bushing


  • Bearings don’t rotate and produce noise
  • Trucks are not smooth enough
  • Wheels are sticky and may come off at high speed

10. Minority 32 inch Maple Skateboard

Minority 32 inch Maple Skateboard


Minority 32 inch Maple is a top-of-the-line skateboard that comes at a great price. Any skater, new or upskilled would prize the value of this board which includes 78A PU bushing. The mediate concave kicktail with Polyurethane wheels makes it easy to control the board.

The deck is crafted from 7-ply maple wood that is cold-pressed to outlast years and maximize the weight capacity to 220 lbs. Like most skateboards designed for stunts, it too features aluminium alloy trucks and carbon steel kingpin making it into the list of Best skateboard For Beginners.

Moreover, the board is equipped with chrome steel ABEC-9 precision bearings to improve speed. It has a cool graphic layout that ranges from modern to vintage, making it a good choice to use or gift others.


  • Spacious nose and kicktail
  • Strong aluminum trucks for grinding
  • More receptive and maneuverable
  • Stick with methanol free epoxy glue to shun negative impact on the environment
  • Elegant crafts inspired from different culture and taste


  • Grip tapes peels slowly
  • Trucks and Wears out quickly
  • Lamination on the board splits shortly after
  • Hardware are seldom fasten to different torques
  • Parts of the board are missing

10 easy skateboard tricks for beginners

Skateboarders bring off daring maneuvers to high-streets and skateparks oftentimes. For no reason, they make it look simple every time and stun the onlookers. This leaves avid skateboarders especially beginners thinking hard if the tricks are really that easy.

While even a simple trick can do great magic, not all techniques are that easy. Unsurprisingly, some of them take months and years to master while others can be learned with close attention. For your convenience, here are some of the simple skateboard beginner tricks.

1. Nollie

Nollie is every beginner’s go-to skateboard tricks. It’s by a mile the coolest and easiest trick to hack as the only secret lies in balancing the board. Unlike ollie, the feet are popped off the nose and slide backward in nollie. Skateboarders put the front foot into action by shoving the nose while the back foot lifts the board. Go with the steps and you’ll do just fine.


  1. Cocked the front foot up till the nose of the board
  2. Place the back foot in the center of the board for a secured grip
  3. Slide to the nose and push it forward
  4. Slightly bend the knees for propulsion
  5. Lift the board in mid-air with you over it
  6. The land above the bolts to create balance and skid smoothly

2. Pop Shuvit

Pop Shuvit is a fantastic trick to learn for beginners. It’s adaptable and fairly easy to perform than any skateboard techniques. The secret to crack the pop shuvit is learning to shuvit first with no pop. It’s smart to try doing it another way around without popping and then excel the original.

To start pop shuvit, keep back foot on the edge of the board until it’s practically leaning over. Make sure to have the uniformity on the front foot so keep it flat on the board. Don’t rush it and go step by step so that you can pop shuvit without flipping the board and landing primo.


  1. Place the feet in position with backfoot hanging on the edge and front foot resting at 45-degree angle on the deck
  2. Bend the knees to some degree so that you comfortably pop the board
  3. Raise the front foot a little higher but keep it stable
  4. Scoot down the back foot and just leap off on the foot frontward
  5. Propel the tail clockwise and anti-clockwise to get the board spinning in the air
  6. Grab it later using the only front foot

3. Kickflip

Do the skateboard trick in style with Kickflip. It’s a most sought-after technique and also modern of its kind that makes a beginner look pro. Perform the trick by flipping the board in 360 degrees along the axis. Glide the front foot diagonally forward just below the nose and swing the board. Jump off the board and get right on the top of it in place.


  1. Put down the front foot at 40 degrees right over the bolt
  2. Perched the back foot on the tail and arch the knee
  3. Lift the board’s frontier by putting the pressure on the tail
  4. Skid the front foot crossways on the front of the board
  5. Flick the board and flip it entirely over
  6. Finally, scoop it with back foot and land on the right place

4. Backside 180

Learn the basics first and upgrade the technique. That’s the only way you can outshine even the most difficult tricks in skateboarding. This is how it works in Backside 180 as well since most beginners revise ollie before doing the trick

The key rule for Backside 180 is to bring the position and angle to perfection, the rest of the technique you’ll finesse automatically. To make the trick work, keep the front foot just like in ollie but let the heel droop a little bit. Most important is that your shoulder finds the right angle while dragging the board. Be equally careful with the head to have the correct landing time.


  1. Place the front foot right on the center of the deck and backfoot hanging somewhat over the edge of the tail
  2. Look for the edge to let the front foot lean just slightly and backside at 180 degree
  3. Find the right angle to turn the shoulder in the opposite direction
  4. Ensure that the shoulders are parallel to the skateboard as you twist it
  5. Spin your head and shoulder freely while rolling the board
  6. Hop at the 90-degree angle and do the other half on your way down
  7. Takedown the sidewalk with front trucks before it’s catch up by back trucks and skate gleefully

5. Power Sliding

No skateboard trick for a novice is as incredible as powerslides. They look funky from distant and act even funkiest picking up the rhythm. To outshine the technique, skaters have to fast-track the slide and modify it to a position where it’s comfortable preceding.

Look after the speed and foot placement since no one likes to fall on their knee. It’s quite important to have control over the board while turning the board as most of the weight shifts on the front foot. Do the steps well and you’ll never again probe how to ride a skateboard for beginners.


  1. Put the front foot on the front of the board
  2. Hard-press the skate and turn it into 90-degree position
  3. Ensure to keep the back foot on the tail and front foot close to the front trucks
  4. Bring the motion into play and move the board gently on right and left
  5. Get speed but up to the comfort level to slide the board

6. Manual Bonus Trick

As the name suggests, Manual Bonus Trick really comes as a bonus for beginners. It is just a modern way of tackling the skateboard after learning groundwork. The trick has been truly made acknowledging beginners being effortless. The only thing you have to take care of during the technique is fluidity, variations, and innovation. You must be really good at pushing the skateboard and maintaining balance.


  1. Set the position of your foot with the front just behind the bolt and back on the edge of the tail
  2. Put the pressure on the back of the board to lift the front
  3. Slightly bend the knee but keep the back leg erect
  4. Maintain the balance to get on the ledge
  5. Land on the board with only backfoot and front wheels up

7. Fakie Casper Flop

If how to skateboard for beginners is your concern then resolve it with Fakie Casper Flop. It’s the ally of every skater who has just learned a trick or two. It takes no time to learn the technique as all steps are easy to follow. All you have to do in Fakie Casper Flop is flip the board right over on its back and hold the tail with your back foot.

It sounds and looks a lot easier but definitely needs practice and tons of them to champion. The best way to learn the trick is to make the board turnover by propelling its back with force. Build momentum and roll the fakie like a pro.


  1. Set your front foot on a kickflip position and near the bolts
  2. Let backfoot roost on the edge of the tail so that you can strike the board
  3. Secure the half kickflip rotation with the front foot and hit the back of the board with backfoot
  4. Now roll over the board upside down and there you have your Fakie Casper Flop

8. 180 No comply

Okay this is the trick every beginner has and must attempt at least once. Thanks to the popularity and ease to pick up the steps, 180 No Comply has now become a staple to beginners’ skateboard tricks. It’s a guaranteed hit technique as there is less chance of getting failed. Somewhere, you even get to relax your front foot by placing it on the floor for seconds.


  1. Place the front foot on the front kicktail close to the bolts
  2. Perched the foot in-between kickflip and ollie position
  3. Pop the tail after preparing your shoulder to get 180-degree angle
  4. Press the back of the board with backfoot and lift off the front foot
  5. Place the front foot on the ground for smidge time and let backfoot steer board in frontside 180 motion
  6. Allow the board to flip but without taking off the backfoot
  7. Make it quick and smooth and land justly on the top of bolts

9. Tic Tac

Impress the bystander with tic-tac as it makes even the simplest trick look awesome. Tic tac is for all standard skaters as they’re able to take control over the board. The trick entails nose to swing left and right, getting the board to move forward before turnabout. It’s all about getting the perfect speed and timing while having the right body movements. Tic-tac involves the following steps.


  1. Rest the back foot on the edge of the tail and front foot way below the nose
  2. Place the weight on center of the skateboard to stabilize
  3. Work on timing and roll the body on the direction where the nose is turning
  4. Push the tail with backfoot to lift the nose and maintain speed
  5. Stick your foot on the board the whole time and there you’re doing Tic-Tac

10. Wall Ride

Next up on the list of easy skateboard tricks for beginners is Wall Ride. The stunt does look cool and even fun to do but it’s relatively tough. To nail the trick, you’ll need lots and lots of training, especially for beginners. In the wallride, riders place their feet firmly on the board to have a balance before putting wheels on the sidewall. It involves positioning the board parallel to the wall, sliding gently.


  1. Keep the feet on both ends of the deck
  2. Press had on the kicktail to uplift the node after getting near the wall
  3. Make sure you have your back face the wall the whole time
  4. Maneuver the board bobbing in an arc motion
  5. Raise up the nose and skate slowly

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Skateboard Sponsors for beginners

Any skateboarder would be delighted to get sponsored by leading skateboard brands. Depending on the skills and flair, they’re bestowed with great merchandise, freebies, and also paid all-time big.

Therefore, the only way to qualify for sponsorship is to emerge as an extraordinary skater. Promoting oneself and getting attention from the local and national skate shops and companies can also help end up getting funds for skateboarding. The amount can be as little as $1,500 to $2,500 or even more, soaring up to $5,000 per month based on your skill and brand.

There are many popular brands that acknowledge the talent of young skateboarders and provide them with sponsors. Few of the companies to come forth as best skateboard sponsors for beginners are Kingsk8 bearings and DNA skateboards. You’d be surprised to know that they also happen to be the best skateboard brands for beginners.

Is a cruiser skateboard good for beginners?

Skateboarding is definitely fun when done at the state parks or sideways with an audience to look at. But that’s gradually becoming old now as people have started to use one as a transport.

Schoolers, especially adults, are more into skateboarding and use it as a conveyance to travel back and forth. This is not unusual though as skateboards are twice faster than walking and they are refreshing as well.

The boards are easy to handle and need not be fueled which helps reduce negative effects on the environment. As for commuting, it’s better to use a cruiser or longboard rather than a standard skateboard, reputed for doing tricks.

Mini-cruiser meets the goal of every skater who wants to slide through the street and cover a short distance in no time. Those who are new to skateboarding might be probing Is a cruiser skateboard good for beginners?

To your delight, cruisers are absolutely great for beginners as they are more gentle on rough, stony ground. Most of them are lightweight and easily portable so you can carry it anywhere. The decks are roomy and provide a good grip to skaters, allowing them to control the movement.

They surely fit for basic travel, allowing the skaters to have a relaxed ride. Wheels of most cruiser skateboards are firm to avoid bumps on grout gap and rift. As for quality, the Flybar Skate Cruiser board is the best cruiser skateboard for beginners. Being the best skateboard brand for beginners, their deck is stiff with modern design and strong wheels to travel quite far.

Meanwhile, if you’re trying to get the board for long-distance travel and greater balance then Longboard is the way to go. They are almost like a cruiser but with long and stable boards. Trucks in longboards are inverted in shape and sit lower to survive the drops from hills and provide more control.

Hence, they are perfect for every action sport, from mellow cruising to skating downhills and distant traveling. The best longboard skateboard for beginners is Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser. They are rugged and super strong to survive up to 250 lbs weight.

Unlike most skateboards, Retrospec is formed joining 8-ply Canadian maple with an artistic design that captures the attention of every skater. For an alternative, one can also use Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser.

It’s somewhat more stylish than the Retrospec and comes with a multi-function skate kit. The wheels on the board are big and soft, enabling the skater to glide farther and smoother.

What kind of Skateboard is best for beginners?

Competent skaters who have been practicing board for many years can prevail over any skateboard. Unfortunately, this doesn’t go around the same with beginners. It’s quite tough for starters to fine-tune the pace and technique prerequisite for skateboarding and find the best skateboard for beginners.

Even though many skateboards look identical, there is a vast difference in how you approach them. Keep in mind that the pro skateboarders have their own new technique to deal with the board which is hard to emulate most of the time.

Henceforth, put in the most flexible and best skateboard for beginners on application to train yourself. For a rookie, there’s no skateboard as accommodating as the standard. They feature everything needed for an apprentice to get going, are lightweight, and affordable.

Parts of a skateboard are tested and installed to provide beginners’ outstanding quality and comfort. Decks of standard skateboards are strong enough to handle the weight while the wheels are good to perform even on the rough surface.

There are tons of standard skateboards in the market with different sizes and designs. Therefore, it’s important for you to know which one’s fit your style. Look for the board that provides enough space so that you can train properly.

For starters, it really comes down on how to balance over the board and get the right footwork. The size of the board equally matters so start with the board whose width is roughly the size of your shoes.

For the shoe size of 6.5 to 9 inches, have the deck as wide as 7.5 or somewhere in-between 8 inches. Similarly, if it’s larger or equal to 9.5 inches then the deck width of 8 to 8.5 inches is the precise skateboard size for beginners.

Simple Skateboard beginner tricks

There are many skateboard tricks that need no great effort and intense training to learn. They are far easy to work at and improve just in time. Two of these simple skateboard beginner tricks that can be done without any strenuous physical exertion are:

1. Manual

Manual is an awesome trick for starters to learn just after they get comfortable riding the board. The trick is fun to do, and at the same time helps build confidence for the tough one. It’s all concerned with maintaining the balance on back two wheels while spinning. Do just opposite and balance on the front wheels to master the nose manual.


  1. Just like kick turn, place the back foot on the tail and slowly lean backward until the front wheels get off
  2. Try getting the center of gravity above the wheels in the back while the front wheel still in the air but without tail touching the ground
  3. Keep the back leg straight and front footloose to create balance
  4. Do concentrate on the board to stay still in the position as long as possible

2. Drop-In

Unlike manual, you need to go on details to execute drop in. This is a bit intricate for skaters but it also earns bonus points for them. The first thing they must be able to do is to ride the board effortlessly at state parks. Next, train yourself to drop into the ramps which seemingly need a lot of practice. Don’t forget that none of this is possible without the best skateboard for beginners.


  1. Start the trick by putting the tail of the board on the ramp with the wheel hanging over the edge.
  2. Place the back foot on the tail and front foot just close to the front bolt.
  3. Lean gently forward into the ramp to work on the angle of the slope but make sure to have the weight on the back foot.
  4. Now push the front wheel down onto the ramp.
  5. Don’t hold the knees too tightly as it will be hard to form transitions while rolling onto the ground.
  6. Keep leaning forward until and unless you don’t reach the bottom of the ramp and roll away.