Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

Turning favorite longboard into fast and convenient electric skateboard? Here are things you should know about your new electric skateboard conversion kit.

Longboards are a skateboarder favorite for tricks. Convenient and coming in comfortable and stylish designs. However, using a longboard for commuting can be a hassle when you have to keep kicking it for any momentum.

With the new electric skateboards, you can easily increase the speed and control any movement with a remote. The kicks can stop. You don’t have to worry about stopping and kicking it to go forwards in the middle of the road.

Wanting to change your longboard to an electric skateboard but not wanting to give up on your favorite longboard? We have you covered. There is a certain product known as the electric skateboard conversion kit. It is a mechanism that converts your favorite longboard into an electric skateboard.

What a time to be alive, right? With the new electric skateboard conversion kit, you can easily turn your favorite traditional longboard into an electric skateboard. This means no more kicking every few seconds for momentum. You can control your movements easily with your remote.

Worried you won’t be able to perform any tricks anymore? Well, the shock-absorbent kits are great for even tricks and rough terrain. Well, most of it is.

The new electric skateboard conversion kits come with powerful motors turning your longboard into a powerful electric skateboard. Your ability to perform tricks is based on the type of conversion kit you choose. There are a wide variety of conversion kits in the market. Some are only made for the convenience of the use to commute a short distance without having to kick the gouda for velocity every now and then. While some are made for doing tricks and cruising and even racing.

Based on the purpose of the boards, the kits vary in motors and battery along with wheels as well. This causes the prices to vary as well. The battery is the most expensive part. Most of the skateboard conversion kits are self-building where you get the motors or the motor and wheel combo while you have to assemble the battery and the board yourself. It is always a great experience to build yourself an electric skateboard.

So let’s not waste any time and head on to learn about some of the best conversion kits.

Top Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit – Top 8

Product namePower WheelsSpeedProduct ImageCheck Price
L-faster Electric Skateboard Kit1650 Watts8 inch21 miles per hourL-faster Electric Skateboard Kit
Walmeck High Power Double Drive Scooter Hub Motor Kit600 Watts dual motor3.5 inches26 miles per hourWalmeck High Power Double Drive Scooter Hub Motor Kit
PROMOTOR Hub Motors Drive Kit550 Watts dual motor3.5 inches21 miles per hourPROMOTOR Hub Motors Drive Kit
Loaded Boards Unlimited Electric Skateboard Conversion kit840 W max (Solo, Cruiser), 1680 W max (Race)3.35 inches26 miles per hourLoaded Boards Unlimited Electric Skateboard Conversion kit
DIY Electric Skateboard ESC Kit430 Watts eachNo wheels included21 miles per hourDIY Electric Skateboard ESC Kit
CUAN NA Dual Electric skateboard conversion kit 1500 Watts each3.26 inch 21 miles per hourCUAN NA Dual Electric skateboard conversion kit
BD.Y Electric Skateboard Drive Kit550 watts each dual motors3.5 inch 15 miles per hourBD.Y Electric Skateboard Drive Kit
Yoton Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit550 Watts each3.5 inch 15 miles per hourYoton Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

Best Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits

Since researching and finding the best conversion kits can be a hassle. We have brought to you the best electric skateboard conversion kits so you don’t have to waste your precious time searching wide for the best ones.

1. L-faster Electric Skateboard Kit

L-faster Electric Skateboard Kit


If you are searching for a reliable and durable electric skateboard conversion kit, the L- Faster conversion kit is the one for you. Likewise, the Truck off-road skateboard conversion kit from L-faster, you get a DIY kit that you can assemble yourself with the help of a manual.

Here, the powerful motor of 1650 watts makes your longboard a great electric skateboard that can handle the most sharp turns and a long range of distance. The best part about the L-faster Skateboard conversion kit is the fact that paired with the right battery, you can use your new electric skateboard for over 35 miles with a single charge at a speed of 21 miles per hour.

Generally, the speed of the product is fast while providing a stable ride to the riders. Moreover, the truck wheels make the ride a lot more safe and comfortable. Also, the durability and the weight limit is also high due to the strong and durable large wheels. This is a great skateboard conversion kit for those who love to learn new tricks and cruise around.


Company: L- faster

Power of motor: 1650 Watts

Speed: 21 miles per hour

Wheels: 8 inch

Range: 35 miles (best performance)

Recommended battery: 36 v battery paired with the power board


  • Strong and durable
  • Powerful motor
  • High speed and performance


  • You need to get a power board
  • Comparatively expensive

Why choose the L-Faster conversion kit?

If you are pondering on the thought of whether to buy the L-faster conversion kit or not, here’s why you shouldn’t miss this product. With many conversion kits in the market, you don’t get the wheels to support the motor. The L-faster comes with truck wheels for more stability and shock-absorbent from the motor’s performance. The truck wheels of 8 inches make your commute much safer and comfortable with great control. Also, building your own electric skateboard with the L-Faster as a base will get you the best electric skateboard.

2. Walmeck High Power Double Drive Scooter Hub Motor Kit

Walmeck High Power Double Drive Scooter Hub Motor Kit


Here comes a more affordable and complete electric kit for you. With the Walmeck kit, you get the whole deal starting from motors to controllers and the wheels as well as the mount.

In particular, this kit provides you with all the parts and manuals so you can easily set it up on your favorite longboard. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about going out to find the best-fit controller or control board. In addition, With the high power brushless wheels, you can travel at a speed of 26 miles per hour with great control and comfort.

The brushless 90 mm wheels glide on the roads without any discomfort while the powerful dual motors of 600 watts each will take you to new adventures with great controls.


Company: Walmeck

Power of motor: 600 Watts dual motor

Speed: 26 miles per hour

Wheels: 3.5 inches


  • Strong and durable
  • Powerful dual-motor
  • Comes with a controller
  • Brushless wheels of 90 mm
  • Waterproof and dustproof motor


  • No battery

Why choose the Walmeck high power?

With the Walmeck high power electric skateboard conversion kit, you get the whole package of the motors, wheels, remote controller. This is perfect for someone who is learning to convert into the electric skateboard. You won’t have to search high and low for more parts of the electric skateboard. All the things you will need along with the mounting kit will be provided to you. What’s more? You get great quality in all those items with high speed and performance. So why not choose the Walmeck High Power kit.

3. PROMOTOR Hub Motors Drive Kit

PROMOTOR Hub Motors Drive Kit


Another great kit is the Promotor drive kit with dual hub motors. The Promotor kit comes with brushless wheels and a durable dual hub motor.

Usually, the strong motor of 550 watts each makes your ride much more comfortable than a normal longboard while maintaining speed. In addition, the wheels are durable and the truck wheels of 7 inch make your ride stable.

Moreover, with a suitable battery, you can ride the skateboard for a long time ranging 19 miles per single charge. You will have to suit the batteries with the power board and the remote.



Power of motor: 550 Watts dual motor

Speed: 21 miles per hour

Wheels: 3.5 inches

Range: 19 miles (best performance)

Recommended battery: 6S or 10S battery paired with the power board


  • Strong and durable
  • Dual hub motor
  • High speed and performance
  • Affordable


  • You need to get a power board and remote

Why choose the Promotors conversion kit?

You get a dual hub motor with the Promotors conversion kit. The motor has a power capacity of 550 watts each. This lets you have a smooth ride paired with the stable wheels 90 mm. When this is combined with the right battery and the power board, you get one of the best electric skateboards with high speed and stability.

4. Loaded Boards Unlimited Electric Skateboard Kit DIY

Loaded Boards Unlimited Electric Conversion kit


With the new Loaded Boards Unlimited Electric Skateboard Conversion kit, you have many options to choose from. Depending on the purpose of your new electric skateboard, you can choose the conversion kit. In particular, if you are searching for a normal short commute, you can choose the solo kit with a 7-mile range. For something with a higher range, you can choose the cruiser kit with twice the range but the same speed. However, if you are into racing with your new electric skateboard just like your longboard, they have got the race kit with 2 motors and a speed of 26 miles per hour.

Mainly, the options they have provided are very helpful for the conversion as you get to choose based on the purpose of the board. Moreover, they are durable and strong with a high weight limit. The user- friendly interface is what makes it a great catch.


Company: Loaded Boards

Power of motor: 840 W max (Solo, Cruiser), 1680 W max (Race)

Speed: 26 miles per hour

Wheels: 3.35 inch

Range: 13 miles


  • Strong and durable
  • Variable options based on the purpose
  • Dual motors
  • High speed and performance
  • High weight limit


  • Expensive

Why choose the Loaded Boards Unlimited?

Although the starting price is a bit high, the Loaded Boards Unlimited Kit is a great choice for someone who doesn’t like to build a skateboard piece by piece. Moreover, with most conversion kits, you need to assemble the electric skateboard piece by piece by arranging and matching one part with the other. However, the Loaded Boards conversion kit comes with pretty much all the required parts. Besides, all you have to do is assemble it onto your longboard and you are good to go. The wide choice range also makes a pretty good deal.

5. DIY Electric Skateboard ESC Kit

DIY Electric Skateboard ESC Kit


In short, the DIY electric skateboard conversion kit by WonVon is an affordable and easy conversion kit. If you are searching for a conversion kit with a decent remote controller that comes with the motors, the conversion kit from Wonvon is the one for you.

The dual motors of 430 watts each may not be the fastest one out there but it is safe and durable. The dual motors are very stable and the controls are user friendly. You can change the controls of the skateboard with the remote controller that comes with the kit.

Therefore, the maximum speed provided by the motors is 21 miles per hour which is a decent speed. In conclusion, the prices are extremely affordable as well.


Company: WonVon

Power of motor: 430 Watts each

Speed: 21 miles per hour

Recommended battery: 10S 36V


  • Affordable
  • Stable and durable
  • low-voltage alarm function, under-voltage, and power-failure protections


  • Low speed
  • No wheels

Why choose the DIY kit by WonVon?

The affordable DIY conversion kit from VonVon is a great deal for the motors and the remote controller you get. The durability of the product along with stability during the ride is great. The speed is 21 miles per hour which is pretty good. The product does not come with wheels but you can fix the wheels easily and can find them easily on the market.

6. CUAN NA Electric Skateboard Drive kit



Here, the CUAN NA Dual comes with a dual hub motor. This is a perfect and affordable electric skateboard conversion kit for beginners. The dual hub motors are powered up to 1500 watts making the ride smooth and convenient. The speed of the board is also constant and the motor very durable.

The wheels are 83 mm wide making the commute stable. Likewise, convert your favorite longboard with the black CUAN NA. In addition, the wheels are made of highly elastic PU material increasing the durability of the wheels. Therefore, they can handle some tough roads and high weight capacity with their brushless sturdy designs.


Company: CUAN NA

Power of motor: 1500 Watts each

Speed: 21 miles per hour

Wheels: 3.26 inch

Recommended battery: 36 v 6S-10Sbattery paired with the power board


  • Strong and durable
  • Powerful dual hub motors
  • High speed and performance
  • Affordable


  • Batteries should be fixed by yourself

Why choose the CUAN NA Dual?

With the dual hub motors of 1500 watts each along with durable wheels, why not choose the CUAN NA conversion kit. Besides, the CUAN NA kit is not only durable and stylish but also an affordable option for the beginners. The wheels are durable as well. Above all, for a speedy and comfortable ride, you should get yourself a CUAN NA.

7. BD.Y Electric Skateboard Drive Kit

BD.Y Electric Skateboard Drive Kit


Generally, the electric skateboard assembly kit from BD.Y comes with a double drive hub motor with each motor strongly powered with 550 watts. Moreover, the motor has great climbing power with 20 % climbing power making elevated climbs easy and stable. Likewise, the wheels are made up of high elasticity material making it durable for a long time.

Here, the input voltage should be placed higher for a higher speed. Besides, you can customize the voltage and the battery making it a better and faster model. However, the climbing ability makes the ride a lot more smoother even on tough elevated roads and makes cruising fun.

In addition, the price of the electric skateboard conversion kit is relatively affordable based on the products you are getting in the kit.


Company: BD.Y

Power of motor: 550 watts each dual motors

Speed: 15 miles per hour

Wheels: 3.5 inch

Recommended battery: 6S-10S battery paired with the power board


  • Affordable and durable
  • Dual motors
  • 20 % climbing ability
  • Wear-resistant wheels


  • You need to get a battery yourself
  • Low speed

Why choose the BD.Y Electric Skateboard Drive Kit?

Including all, if you are searching for an affordable electric skateboard conversion kit, the conversion kit from BD.Y is the one for you. Furthermore, with the great climbing ability and the dual motors, the performance of the skateboard is great. Here, the speed may be low but the durability of the skateboard along with the climbing ability makes it a great choice. Also, the wheels are wear-resistant so you don’t have to worry about the wheels wearing off from friction.

8. Yoton Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit

Yoton Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit


The electric skateboard conversion kit from Yoton consists of motors, plugs, and wheels. The dual hub motor is a 550 watt powered motor. The motor supports 6S-10S batteries based on the power board. The higher the input voltage the better the performance. The speed highly depends on the input voltage.

In particular, the wheels are smooth brushless wheels made from highly elastic PU material. Likewise, you can travel as much as you like on your new electric skateboard as the wheels are wear-resistant. Moreover, your board will start smoothly and stay stable throughout the ride. The prices are affordable as well.


Company: Yoton

Power of motor: 550 Watts each

Speed: 15 miles per hour

Wheels: 3.5 inch

Recommended battery: 6S-10S battery paired with the power board


  • Strong and durable
  • A powerful dual hub motor
  • Wear-resistant and high efficiency


  • You need to get a power board

Why choose the Yoton Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit?

In short, for an affordable price, you get a whole set of brushless wheels along with dual motors and plugs. Likewise, this is a great deal as the products you get are of great quality. Especially, the wheels are made of high-quality PU material making them wear-resistant. Also, the motors are just as powerful and durable. Moreover, the end product will not diusa[point you as long as you pair this up with a great battery.

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Our Top Pick – Walmeck Conversion Kit

Besides, as for our top pick, we have the affordable and durable product from Walmeck. Here, the reason for us choosing the Walmeck electric skateboard conversion kit is the performance and the price. At this price, you cannot get other products with the same specifications.

Moreover, our second pick is the Loaded Boards Unlimited Electric Skateboard kit. In addition, the specs provided by this kit is spectacular. However, you get the same speed along with similar motor power at a much cheaper price with the Walmeck conversion kit.

Also, another reason for choosing Walmeck is the waterproof and dustproof motor along with the controller. The conversion kit also includes two end bearing support wheels. The size of the wheels is also carefully placed to make your commute comfortable.

A lot of other conversion kits do not come with a controller at this price range. But Walmeck has a great controller with a fast reaction and a smooth ride. The speed settings on the controller make it user friendly. The wheels and the fast reaction of the controller and the motor makes your ride a lot safer. So the Walmeck electric skateboard conversion kit is our top pick.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before rushing into purchasing the first conversion kit on your internet search, you should do some research into what you need. Particularly, there are various factors that determine the performance and quality of the skateboard. Since you are modifying a board that already exists, it means you can build yourself a perfect electric skateboard. Don’t let this chance go to waste. So try to think and consider the following factors before choosing your kit.

Ease of Assembly:

One of the first things you should consider before getting yourself a conversion kit for your longboard is the ease of assembly. Assembling an electric skateboard can be a difficult job. You can do it with proper help and manuals or instructions. You should always check if the product you are purchasing has an instruction manual or a video instruction for assembling. Assembling a product incorrectly can cost you a waste of your money.

Type of Motor:

With the conversion kit, the motor is one of the main elements. Without a motor, you cannot convert your electric board. It is an essential part of the conversion process. The type of motor you get on your conversion kit is just as important. The power of the motor decides how fast and how good of a performance you get with your newly enhanced electric skateboard. So be sure to get the conversion kit with a dual motor with great power and performance.


Another important component of a conversion kit is the battery. Batteries are expensive so most of the affordable conversion kits do not come with a battery included. So you should check the conversion kit’s compatibility with a wide range of batteries. You should always buy the ones with compatibility to a higher power and stronger batteries. The higher the input voltage, the higher speed, and range you get.

Remote Control :

With modern technology, remote controls are a must for the electric skateboard. However, the design and performance of the remote control for your electric skateboards are just as important.

Some remote controls have multiple speed settings while others are just extremely simple. You must check for the best performing remote controls along with the user interface. The ones with the multiple speed setting are the best ones. Apart from the interface, you must also be careful to choose the ones with fast reaction speed. Remote control will be useless if they can’t react to the commands fast enough. So be sure to check the reviews on the performance of the remote controllers for your skateboard.

Electric Speed Controller (ESC):

In short, another important part of the conversion kit you should be careful about before purchasing your electric conversion kit is the ESC also known as the electric speed controller. In particular, like the remote controller, the ESC controls the flow of power from the batteries to the motor. Hence, this important mechanism controls the speed of the board and acts as a brain of the electric board.

Wheel size :

Generally, the wheel, truck, and deck size are some of the other important things to consider before getting an electric skateboard. Moreover, riding an electric skateboard without being able to take some sharp turns and some tricks is not fun. In short, you should get an electric skateboard conversion kit with sufficient space between the wheels and the deck so you don’t get the scratchy sound on every ride. Therefore, touching the deck makes the ride much more uncomfortable and just wrong in general.

In addition, the wheels should be durable and fast to take action. Likeiwse, wheels that don’t stop when you want to stop and wear out causing slips are the worst. Also, make sure to get some decent wheels to pair up with your great motors and other systems.


Here, another important part to notice is the speed you get from the electric skateboard at the end of the day. Furthermore, the motors and batteries combined is what determines the speed of the board. However, there may be limited speed on the kit so be careful to notice the speed limit before purchasing your kit.