Most Durable Skate Shoes

Skateboarding is a dope action sport where you can show some tricks with cool skateboards. Some people like it for fun, some for transportation, some for sports. As a whole, Skating with boards is popular around the world and the younger generation is more into it. And, there is so awesomeness in doing skateboarding. The first thing required for this adventure is a will, second is a quality skateboard, third you require the most durable skate shoes.

This blog will not talk about the earlier ones but the later ones i.e. Most durable skate shoes. For any kind of skateboarder either professional or amateur, the most workable part of a body is the leg. Everything in the skateboarding world is possible only with legs. With a lot of leg work, your shoe can get ripped and tear which is a headache for many people. You bought a skate shoe one day and your shoe has ripped the very next day. In fact, that way you can get broke just buying new and new shoes every day. So go through the most durable skateboarding shoes available on the market and save your well-earned money.

If you buy a durable shoe then it can take you miles on skateboards. However, the durable ones are made with only one thing in mind; it has to last long. That doesn’t mean durable skateboarding shoes are eternal but they go up to expectations of wearers.

There are some shoes out there in outlets that can do so for you, to become your partner in crime for a long time. Also, when such shoes will turn worn-out you can look at them and say; thanks for the ride my bro, you have done well. But, finding the thicks and thins of such shoes in one place is almost impossible.

That is why we are here, we have listed 10 most durable skate shoes. Go and read them all and pick one shoe that will be your companion in every coming second of your skateboarding adventure.

10 Most Durable Skate shoes – Top 10 Review for 2020

S.N.Name of the Product Product ImageCheck Price
1DC Men's Court Graffik Skate ShoeDC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe
2Adidas Originals Men's Adiease Sneakeradidas Originals Men's Adiease Sneaker
3Etnies Men's Kingpin Skateboarding ShoeEtnies Men's Kingpin Skateboarding Shoe
4Adidas Men's Daily 2.0 Skate ShoeAdidas Men's Daily 2.0 Skate Shoe
5DC Men's E.tribeka Skate ShoeDC Men's E.tribeka Skate Shoe
6Adidas Originals Men's Seeley Running ShoeAdidas Originals Men's Seeley Running Shoe
7VANS Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate ShoesVANS Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes
8DC Men's Stag XE Skate ShoeDC Men's Stag XE Skate Shoe
9Adidas Men's Skateboarding The Busenitz SneakerAdidas Men's Skateboarding The Busenitz Sneaker
10DC Men's Pure Skate ShoeDC Men's Pure Skate Shoe

1. DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe

DC Men's Court Graffik Skate Shoe


Court Graffik is the most popular skate shoe from DC. Let’s find out why these shoes are so renowned. The upper part of this shoe is made with durable leather and lining. Because of its supreme quality Court Graffik is regarded as one of the most durable skate shoes. There are customers who have used it over 5 years for skating, it is that durable. This shoe is not only about long-lasting, but it is also equally good at providing comfort and protection while skating.

There is a foam padded tongue beside the laces and collar around the shoe opening to provide good support and ease. Its tongue is light and soft enough to provide good relief. Moreover, breathability in the sport genre shoes is a must feature. Here, DC has considered like no other while producing its shoes. So, it got ventilation holes to pass air through and out to your feet.

By the way, when it is about good texture sole DC does not disappoint at all. The outer sole of the Court Graffik Skate Shoe is a Cupsole construction and you know how good the Cupsole is; durable, firm, and flex. The grip that this outsole holds is drawn with the traditional pattern of DC i.e. Pill Pattern Tread. Overall, the Court Graffiks is worth buying if you are looking for a good priced durable skate shoe.


  • High-quality leather and textile upper
  • Foam padded collar and tongue to put on comfort and support
  • Breathable shoes
  • Firm grip providing trademark pill pattern tread from DC
  • Strong and durable Cupsole construction
  • Comfortable skating experience
  • Value for money


  • Not as flex as the vulcanized sole
  • May not give much feel of the skateboard

2. Adidas Originals Men’s Adiease Sneaker

adidas Originals Men's Adiease Sneaker


When it is about shoes, how can Adidas be left out, after all, it is the biggest name in the world of shoes. Adidas shoes are known for their design, quality, comfort, and durability. It becomes more special because of its collaboration with world-popular skateboarder, Daewon Song. There in the tongue of the shoe is embroid of skating maestro Daewon. This is a special edition skate shoe that is solely made for skateboarding lovers. When you wear a shoe like this you start to feel excited and that is what every skater wants to feel.

Made with 100% of textile and synthetic material, Adiease sneaker is one of the awesome looking shoes. The sole of this shoe is synthetic and vulcanized. The well-manufactured synthetic sole used in this shoe guarantees longer life. This shoe provides a strong grip over skateboards and you can feel it through your shoes. That is possible only with its vulcanized outsole which is durable too. It is a light and comfortable feeling wearing these sneakers from Adidas Originals. It fits like it is made only for your legs.

This low-stop shoe comes in six different colors where the black & white one is the most liked color combination. With its unique looks and catchy colors, you will look cool on it while flipping skateboards around the streets. In fact, you can wear them and go for hangouts also, it’s not that it works for skating only. Finally, the versatility, comfort, quality, and cool looks are worth every money you pay for Adi Ease sneakers.


  • Limited edition skating shoe collaboration with Daewon Song
  • Good design
  • Comfortable, quality made and easily fittable
  • Awesome color options
  • Lightweight
  • Strong grip making outsole
  • Durable sole and textile
  • Made with soft and breathable canvas


  • People with bigger feet have found it uncomfortable
  • Small in width
  • Not unisex

3. Etnies Men’s Kingpin Skateboarding Shoe

Etnies Men's Kingpin Skateboarding Shoe


Kingpin Skateboarding Shoe is from the 34 years old skateboarding footwear & apparel producer Etnies. The low top shoe with puffy tongue by Etnies is a top-selling skate shoe. With 100% of leather on its body and synthetic sole down under makes this shoe one of the most durable skate shoes. Similarly, you can really put up some skills around the streets wearing this shoe. This masterpiece takes your skateboarding skill to a whole new level.

It has a firm upper part which is aided with a better-perforated area for easy adjustments and breathability to feet. When your legs are at work the most important thing is their breathability and that is considered by the Kingpin. The lace adjustments of this shoe are even better and can be changed with the kind of your tricks. If you are lacing up for the heavy-duty skateboard tricks, you have to lace it tight and vice versa. The collar and tongue that this shoe has increased the firmness of this shoe while performing difficult tricks.

Don’t miss out on its high-quality and synthetic 400 NBS outsole which is herringbone-threaded. It provides a strong grip over your skateboards no matter what you are doing, street-runs, or the ramps. The die-cut insole and EVA midsole provide comfort to your legs when you bump for tricks and skills. In conclusion, the synthetic leather exterior that this shoe is made from looks awesome in each and every color. With so many skateboarding features in one shoe, the kingpin from Etnies is worth choosing.


  • Synthetic and strong leather exterior
  • Herringbone-treaded 400 NBS outsole
  • Adjustable laces with padding collar and tongue
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Long-lasting
  • Superior gripping outsole


  • It may not work well for other stuff than the skateboarding
  • The tongue may feel too much puffy

4. Adidas Men’s Daily 2.0 Skate Shoe

Adidas Men's Daily 2.0 Skate Shoe


This is one another popular and most durable skate shoes by the sneaker giant Adidas. Daily 2.0 Skate Shoe is manufactured with 100% of other fibers and its outer sole is rubber made. The fibers form a very good textile lining and make this shoe attractive. With rubber sole and heavyweight canvas, this shoe gives a heavy feel. The rubber outsole holds the firm grip in the skateboards to make you show some tricks. The platform of this shoe is approximately 0-3 inches.

To put on these shoes is quite comfortable as its shoe opening is around 0-3 inches. In brief, it has got a cushioned sock liner that makes your leg settle inside the shoe with comfort. Make sure you lace up so tightly when heading out for skateboarding. The better lace up the better will be shoe fit, there is lace closure in the middle of the lace section to keep your shoe tight enough for the play.

Most likely, the heavyweight canvas upper of this shoe catches the eyesight of shoe lovers. Three leather stripes on both sides, the classical symbol of Adidas increases the awesomeness of this shoe. The colors are also so nicely set in all of the six color options, you buy any of them and still feel like choosing another color.


  • Made with heavyweight canvas
  • Durable and synthetic rubber sole
  • Good platform height
  • Sock liners that make the comfortable walk
  • Great fit
  • Stylish finishing


  • Narrow for the wide feet
  • Not enough arch support

5. DC Men’s E.tribeka Skate Shoes

DC Men's E.tribeka Skate Shoe


DC Men’s E.tribeka Skate Shoe is probably the coolest shoes in this list of most durable skate shoes. Made of leather and synthetic material, E.tribeka stands itself easily when it is about skating shoes. The upper part is crafted by using leather that is nubuck, suede, and textile. There are 24 color options for this shoe and the material used on the upper layer of the shoe is different from each color. Isn’t that cool enough to wear and show some board skills to everyone? Well, pretty cool.

The shaft of this shoe is low-top and big enough to let any size of leg. Eyestays of the shoes are made from Thermoplastic rubbers which makes easy lace-up. Perforations holes are on the toe box area of the shoe to let air pass through. There is a mesh heel counter on the heel part of the shoe to make your heels cozy. It has Ortholite insoles for your feet comfy as legs can get hurt while performing skateboard tricks.

It is layered with synthetic rubber sole which has a good grip and can go long. DC has used the regular sole i.e. DC Pill pattern sole along with flex grooves in this shoe. The special shoe has a unique sole to provide awesome grip and control over the board. Likewise, you can really perform nice skateboarding using this skate shoe for a regular long time.


  • Breathable suede and textile made shoe
  • DC Pill pattern sole with grooves
  • Available in wide ranges of colors
  • High-quality insoles to provide comforts
  • Durable shoe quality as it always
  • Wearable as a streetwear shoe
  • Coolest look


  • Still a problem for wide feets
  • Customers found a difference between the actual and listed size

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6. Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Running Shoe

Adidas Originals Men's Seeley Running Shoe


There are shoes out there in the world which can easily win the hearts of customers. Adidas Seeley Running Shoe is one of such shoes which looks very simple. The outer layer of this shoe is all suede material. You know that suede doesn’t get much bothered by the harsh flips and turns. This is what makes Adidas Seeley the most durable skate shoes too.

It is a vulcanized shoe with extreme flexibility and this gives the awesome feel of the board while outing for the runs. Seely’s sole is in the herringbone pattern rubber sole with some round- cup on each of the pressure points. This type of sole perfectly works with boards. Furthermore, talking about its tongue, it’s slightly padded as the other ones. That may get some marks on feet but that is possible only if you go for long hours. Other than that, its tongue has an iconic logo of the producer; liner trefoil logo.

Moreover, the insole of this is glued one which can be easily removed if you want to do so. The boot opening area is 0-3 inches and platform height is 0-3 inches, this is pretty the same as the earlier Men’s Daily 2.0 Skate Shoe. The feel of wearing these shoes is very comfortable and fit, you won’t regret wearing them. It is a competitively durable and stylish skate shoe if you are looking for the long-serving ones. In conclusion, you can stand up in these shoes and can go anywhere, it’s that much versatile.


  • Great fit and comfort
  • Sharp look and versatile
  • Abrasion-resistant upper layer
  • A flexible shoe that provides a greater feel of the board
  • Herringbone-pattern rubber sole for better grip and control
  • Breathable and durable suede


  • Can hurt back heels
  • Turns skinny for wide feets

7. VANS Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes

VANS Sk8-Hi Unisex Casual High-Top Skate Shoes


Here comes the most classical skate shoes, the VANS SK8-Hi Skate Shoe. Yes, you read it, how can we not include this skating maestro which brought a revolution. This shoe should be in the collection of every skateboarder. Came into the market in the 70s and is still ruling it which means it top skate shoes. You probably know about this shoe but if you don’t know yet, we will break it down here.

Sk8-Hi’s upper is made of high-quality suede and canvas material which is a real reason for its durability. Suede and canvas made SK8- Hi shoe allows your legs to breathe quite regularly and easily. Perforations are also available for the extra breathability of this shoe.

This high-top shoe has padded ankle collar which makes your ankle safer than ever while performing skateboards. And its outsole is totally vulcanized which means you will have a great feel of your skateboard all the time. Outsole’s patterns that there are in this shoe do provide great grip over the board to pull it the way you like. The insole used in this shoe is removable and it is ultra cush foam which protects any impacts.

Because of all these features of Sk8-Hi, it is considered as one of the most durable skate shoes and also the most liked shoe. In conclusion, the versatility of this shoe is unmatchable, you can put these and wander around streets either on or off the skateboard. Also, this shoe can never go out of fashion, people still like it the same way.


  • Comfortable and durable design
  • High ankle protective collar
  • Durable suede and canvas made upper layer
  • Vulcanized sole with great patterns to make grip
  • Ultra cush foam for the impact protections
  • Versatility and fits great
  • Perforations for higher breathability
  • Ideal for beginners


  • Can feel too big to some people
  • Men and Women sizes are not the same

8. DC Men’s Stag XE Skate Shoe

DC Men's Stag XE Skate Shoe


This shoe is the latest addition to the DC skateboarding shoe family which was released in 2018. The Stag XE Skate shoe’s upper is made of suede, nubuck, leather which gives the shoe a catchy and durable body. The features that are in this shoe are more or less similar to other skate shoes from DC. It has a mesh collar to give ease to the heels and feet. Moreover, there are medial perforations around the toe area for better breathability.

Similarly, there in the tongue it has a padded foam for the support and comforts of your feet. And, Molded TPR eyestay is there to have better lace tying for skateboarding. The sole is the most promising part of this shoe, it is a Cupsole model which is dotted with DC’s trademark pill pattern. Cupsole is superior at supporting feet and ankles than the traditional vulcanized sole. Therefore, this feature makes this piece better and unique than others. The sole is abrasion-resistant also which means it is surely a durable shoe.

In fact, DC in itself is the world’s best skating shoe producer which has been producing quality shoes every year. In the same manner, Stag XE skate shoes have maintained the custom of DC. Lastly, this shoe came out in the market and showed everyone its quality, comfortability, sharp look, and durability.

Due to all these specifications and features, it is listed as one of the most durable skate shoes for the money.


  • Quality leather, nubuck, and suede made upper
  • Foam loaded tongue and collar for comfy
  • Perforations for superior breathability
  • Cupsole with DC’s trademark pill pattern on the sole
  • Durable and sharp design


  • The tongue may seem big to some
  • A bit expensive

9. Adidas Men’s Skateboarding The Busenitz Sneaker

Adidas Men's Skateboarding The Busenitz Sneaker


Yet another good shoe from Adidas is the Busenitz Sneaker. It is a collaboration with Dennis Busentiz, the most influential professional skaters of all time. This remarkable skate shoe has everything that a perfect skate needs to have. Let start with its upper part which is made of 100% leather and synthetic material. With such an upper part the durability of a Busenitz sneaker is no worry, it can go miles without a tear. It does have a solid rubber sole which is Cupsole construction.

However, the outsole pattern is quite unique as you will find leaf trefoil all over the sole. But with that logo based pattern, you will have nice control and feel of skateboards. The tongue of Busenitz sneaker is long enough to protect any impact on the upper side of the feet. In particular, it also has the GEOFIT collar and heel mold to provide easiness to your legs while in the work. The removable insole that this shoe has provides an ease to feet from the impacts of hard landings.

Actually, the design of Busenitz skate sneakers is influenced by the Copa Mundial football boots. The Busenitz shoe does look too awesome, it is hard to beat this shoe by looks. You will get to pick this shoe from various color combinations, each and every color are nice in their own way. This shoe is popular for its capability of producing high-speed skating. It is mostly picked by professional skaters to run the board at a good pace.


  • Durable and impact-absorbing Cupsole
  • GEOFIT collar lining for comfortable feet placing
  • Heel stabilizer to increase the stability
  • Lightweight but high speed run providing shoe
  • Recessed Eyelets for better lace protection


  • The low feel of the board
  • A bit less wear and tear-resistant

10. DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoe

DC Men's Pure Skate Shoe


A bit more stylish than the other listed DC’s, Pure Skate Shoe also comes in the list of most durable skate shoes quite easily. It is an awesome shoe to have for any kind of skaters. It has got good features because of which it made on this list of ours. Let roll into them. The upper body of this shoe is a combination of leather and nubuck and sometimes in some color models, it has a suede upper too. But be sure that this shoe uses three high-quality materials as a whole.

Now, let’s get inside the shoe, it has identical padded foam of other DC’s and collar to aid comfort and support for skaters. The inner part of the shoe is made with a mesh lining that quickly soaks all of the sweat from the feet. Also, to avoid sweat, it also has perforations dots to allow better breathability to the shoe. Likewise, the entire inner part of this shoe is comfortable enough to provide impact protection from high landings.

It has a strongly constructed wrap Cupsole which is abrasion-resistant and flexible enough for better skating adventures. The solid rubber sole of the DC Pure Skate shoe ensures the long life of this shoe. You will find the trademark pattern of DC’s here also on this shoe, the Pill Pattern tread. Hence, DC’s have used this pattern for a long time due to its good control over the board.


  • Durable leather, nubuck, and suede made upper
  • Better breathability
  • Comfortable and supportive inner body
  • Soft tongue and collar for feet relax
  • Heavy-duty rubber outsole
  • Wrap Cupsole construction
  • Easy fit


  • Customers have reported about inaccurate size

Factors affecting the durability of most durable skate shoes?

Any shoe does not become durable in itself, there are several factors that decide how long can that shoe go. Yes, how they are manufactured, what materials are used, these various factors do give the definition of durability to shoes. Let head into each of the factors that affect the life of most durable skate shoes:

Material Used

You get what you process. Therefore, the lifespan of a shoe is determined by the material used in it. There is no one particular way to make shoes live long. With so many shoemaking processes, the manufacturer has to choose quality materials that can make their shoes go long.

For example, the textile upper is better than the plastic, suede than the textile, leather than the suede. Similarly, some soles are vulcanized ones and others are capsules. To make any shoe durable, you got to choose your material wisely. Hence, the material chosen for the shoe highly affects its durability.


The design of a skate shoe does affect its lifespan. It’s not that if your shoe is made from good material then it lasts long, the design is important. Let us explain how; You have to roll out in the streets with skateboards using your shoes. There are differently designed skate shoes out there and each has a different lifetime.

A durable skate shoe does not have to look fancy or something like that, a simple look can work for a long time. The shoes that are too much focused on the looks you know they cannot perform well because they don’t have other qualities. Therefore, don’t go for the looks, it won’t help your shoe live long. A simple looking quality skate shoe will take you miles on the board.

What things to consider while buying the most durable skate shoes?


If you check any durable skate or non-skate shoes there is at least double stitching.

The single stitching is not enough to provide durability. Also, it can tear apart anytime around the first few board flips. Whereas, the double or maybe triple stitching increases the wear and tear of skate shoes and hence increases the life of the shoe. Hence, make sure your next buy has double stitching.

Upper material

Normally, the skateboard’s upper body is set up from canvas, suede, and leather. The shoe with leather upper tends to stay long on the feet than the suede and canvas. Each of the three materials has a different lifespan and wear & tear sustainability. But, we are not recommending to buy leather upper shoes. Likewise, there are cases when a canvas shoe has lasted more than leather. Therefore, you should think about each of the material and their durability and then pick one.

Impact protection

When people are concerned about durable shoes, they often miss other features of a shoe. Of all other features, impact protection is the most important thing to have in a skate shoe. You will be doing various high jumps and landing while skating. The wrong skating shoe does not provide any protection. Hence, before ordering any skate shoes, do check the impact protection features like padded foam, ultra-comfort innersole, etc.


The weight of shoes is also a thing to consider while buying the most durable skate shoes. Your next skate shoe has to be light enough to pull some tricks on the board. The heavy shoes are good but don’t let you do tricks and all easily. Too much light is also not good as it can make your leg hurt easily. Therefore, put such shoes which are good enough to play some tricks and to land safely afterwhile.


The grip plays a vital role in performing awesome skateboarding. It lets you have a better grip and control over a skateboard while sliding and flipping around the streets. An awesome grip also boosts your skateboarding speed. Hence, if you are someone who loves high-speed skateboarding and tries new tricks, do shop a shoe that has a better grip


Padding is all for comfort and support. The padded collars, tongues, and heel foam are there in shoes to let your feet work in a comfortable environment. Hence, if you want to have a peaceful skateboarding experience we suggest you buy a shoe that has better padding. But remember, padding has nothing to do with the durability of a shoe.


When people think about the durability of a skate shoe, the first thing that comes to mind is its outsole. After all, it is the part that faces the rough ground while skating. Therefore, to check the shoe’s sole is a wise thing to do while deciding a skate shoe buy. Also, the skate shoes out there in the market come mainly in two kinds; Cupsole and Vulcanized soles. A skate shoe with Cupsole is better as the Cupsole construction is more firm and durable than the Vulcanized one. On the other hand, Vulcanized are unexceptional soles providing awesome flex to the shoe. And, you have to choose from these two types of the sole while purchasing a skate shoe.

Some tips to make your skate shoes more durable

  • Buy shoes that are high-quality and durable.
  • Don’t just have one pair of shoes for skating, buy some extra pairs, and wear them randomly.
  • Repair and maintain your shoes with Shoe goo. This way you can stay long without buying new skate shoes.
  • Keep your shoes away from the dust.
  • Use various shoe essentials like a shoehorn, shoe trees as per the need.
  • Don’t use a dryer to dry your skate shoes after washing. Leave and let them dry naturally. The dryer lowers the lifespan of a shoe.
  • Always keep your shoe in the dry surroundings.
  • Use sneaker cover while walking in the rain, slippery, and mud trail.

What is our best pick from the list?

After reviewing the 10 most durable skate shoes, we have become known to every thicks and thins of all of the listed shoes. And, if someone asks us to suggest the best durable skate shoe, we will pick no other than the DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe.

That is because this shoe has every potential to become a long-lasting shoe. With its strong Cupsole construction made rubber sole, you don’t have to buy another shoe anytime soon. The upper body of this shoe is of leather material and is as strong as its sole. Moreover, this shoe has a padded collar and tongue for comforts. If you can get durability, comfortability, and performability all in one shoe, why go for others?

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