Best Skateboard For 4 Year Old

Best Skateboard For 4 Year Old: Every parent wants their little ones to grow healthy and independent. They want them to learn and explore more. An excellent way to help them achieve this is by giving them SKATEBOARDS. And it is recommendable to let them learn this skill at a younger age. And if you are looking for a skateboard for 4 years old, you are here at the right place.

Growing up, your kids need to strengthen their muscles and train their minds. This is possible when they know the value of trying, learning, and making mistakes. And Skating can be a fun way to learn these things. Moreover, it has many benefits. Skating at an early age helps children to gain balance and coordination. It will promote the development of cognitive and motor skills.

Many might say the safe age for children to start is between 5 and 10 years old. But even at the age of four, with proper supervision and safety measures, they are ready. A little younger, they will perform and enjoy much better.

You must have all seen the viral YouTube videos of Kahlei. The two-year-old Australian skating sensation who cruises in nothing but a diaper. So, you see there is no right or young age to start skateboarding.

Thus, it would be a great idea to buy skateboards for four years old. But, there are certain things you need to look for. The confusion starts when you see a lot of options in the market.

Don’t worry, with countless research and tests, we are here with the best skateboard for 4-year-old. Let’s dig in!

Best Skateboard For 4 Year Old – Top 10 Review For 2021

Name of the ProductProduct ImageCheck Amazon
CCS Logo Complete SkateboardCCS Logo Complete Skateboard
Rude Boyz Beginners SkateboardRude Boyz Beginners Skateboard
Rimable Complete 22 Inch SkateboardRimable Complete 22 Inch Skateboard
Eggbord’s Mini Longboard Cruiser SkateboardsEggbord’s Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboards
Powell Golden Dragon SkateboardPowell Golden Dragon Skateboard
Magneto Mini Cruiser SkateboardMagneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard
Maketec Complete SkateboardsMeketec Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard
Playwheels Ultimate SkateBoardsPlayWheels Ultimate Wood Cruiser Skateboard
Merkapa Complete SkateboardMerkapa-Complete-Skateboard
Titan Power Complete SkateboardTitan Power Complete Skateboard

1. CCS Logo Complete Skateboard

CCS Logo Complete Skateboard (Best Skateboard For 4 Year Old)


On top of the list of Best Skateboard For 4 Year Old is CCS Logo Complete Skateboard. It is the best board with complete packaged is the best overall skateboard for 4 years old. Produced with high quality, this board is affordable. And what more; their making is just suitable for children and beginners.

The Logo skateboard is an all-around choice. Since 1985, this trusted brand is on the list of many skateboard lovers. And this particular product is their signature product. So, you and your kids will love it for sure.

Constructed from maple wood, the board features a classic popsicle shape. This unique design has a standard wheel size of 52mm and a truck size of 139mm. The whole making is sturdy and supportive. Also, a lot of users praise its smoothness and durability. Although you need to keep certain things in mind. The wheels clock at 100a, so they will roll faster and slide more than average. This is something to look for while training your 4-year-olds.

Almost all of its decks are 32 inches in length. Whilst, you can choose the width that ranges from 7 to 8.5 inches. CCS even offers plenty of color options. And they range from eye-catching mint green and subtle natural wood.

With its true classic features and clean design, this board is great for cruising and comes fully assembled. Thus, your kids get to ride right out of the box!


  • Twin Symmetrical Shaped Deck
  • Trusted Brand Since 1985
  • High Quality Material
  • Affordable Price
  • Classic Color Options
  • Choice for Deck Width
  • Reliable Griptape
  • Great Starter Board
  • Clean Design
  • Smoothness and Durability


  • May Roll and Slide Faster Than Others
  • No Tools as Advertised in “Tools Included”

2. Rude Boyz Beginners Skateboard

 Rude Boyz Beginners Skateboard (Best Skateboard For 4 Year Old)


Rude Boys Beginners Skateboard is a perfect skateboard for 4 years old. Being a beginners’ board, it has labeling that says it’s for children between 3 to 5 years old. This complete wood skateboard is lightweight. Yet, it can hold weight up to 121lbs.

This is not a regular board. All of its specifications define it is suitable for kids that are learning to ride a skateboard. This is an important and necessary thing to keep in mind. And this is also an advantageous part for every parent.

This banana-shaped skateboard is 17 inches long and weighs only 7.5 pounds. Made of real wood, this fine board gives an easy & smooth ride. This sleek design has a 6-inch truck, 54mm wheels with Abec-7 bearings. The deck has an approximate width of 5 inches and a length of 17 inches. This mini deck is its fascinating feature which gives kids better control. This also helps in balance when maneuvering the board.

Another cool factor of this board is a variety of colors and fun designs. This is perfect for any newbie boys, girls, and even pets. The rounded kicktail design, tapered shape, and nose aids for versatile performance for young riders.

Fully assembled, the board is ready to go right out of the box. Look no forward and stick with this ultra-portable and durable Rude Boyz Beginners Skateboard!


  • Ultra-Portable And Durable Design
  • Perfect for Beginners
  • Lightweight Yet Sturdy
  • Variety of Color Options
  • Rounded Kicktail Design
  • Versatile Performance
  • 6” Deck Measures
  • Better Control and Balance for 4-years-old
  • Value for Money
  • Ready to Use


  • May Be Small for Some
  • Non-Sturdy Clinch

3. Rimable Complete 22 Inch Skateboard

Rimable Complete 22 Inch Skateboard (Best Skateboard For 4 Year Old)


If you are looking for a shortboard for beginners like 4-years-old, Rimable Complete 22 Inch Skateboard is the one. With over thirty color and pattern options, it has many good features. You will love them for your little ones.

This typical skateboard has it all. The 22”x6” shortboard comes in great dimensions for all ages. And this versatile board is great for new learners. Made with 100% fresh material, it is a head-turner. Its cool color patterns and graphics attach every young adult and teenager. Thus, when your little kid will ride on it, things will just get cooler.

Made with strong materials, it can withstand the max weight of 198lbs. The bearings are smooth and PU wheels have a whooping diameter of 60mm. The solid 3-inch aluminum trucks aid its sturdy making. Yet, it weighs four pounds, thanks to the plastic construction. Thus, it is light enough for most children to carry.

As it comes fully assembled, the board is ready to use. Its uncompromised functionality is commendable. It has a great emphasis on ultra-balance and high stability.

Rimable Skateboard is for the extreme sport yet great for young beginners. This is a stepping stone, necessary for children’s growth. Thus, with Rimable, your kids will fulfill the dream of skating.


  • 360-Degree Caster Wheels
  • Amazing Design Pattern
  • Stronger Structure
  • Affordable Price
  • Environmental Friendly
  • 100% Fresh Material Deck
  • Solid Making
  • Works Great
  • Quality Grip Tape


  • More Susceptible to Breaking
  • Might Not Support Whole Tricks

4. Eggbord’s Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboards

Eggbord’s Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboards (Best Skateboard For 4 Year Old)


Eggboard’s Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboard is a little wonder for kids. It comes in the smallest usable size of 19 inches long and 9 inches wide. A little wider in size, this mini cruiser helps kids and beginners to find the right balance.

This unique product is nothing like other skateboards. They are ultra-smooth and stable like longboards yet portable. It is sturdy and super durable too. All thanks go to its making which used a unique bamboo deck. Anyone, especially kids can ride it over cracks and bumps on the streets with ease. The large soft longboard wheels will let you balance and protect to overcome those on-road obstacles. This factor also makes it easier to learn and always carry around.

Its twelve-inch wheelbase is a little bigger than others, increasing the rider’s stability. Likewise, the supportive truck keeps your child steady with extreme durability and maneuverability. Along with these, you will even get proper grip turning. The wide deck includes black grip tape for added security.

The main material is four-ply-cold-pressed bamboo wood. This feature makes the board eco-friendly. Thus, you could purchase the whole package; good for your kids, and good for the environment! Moreover, durable bamboo doesn’t crack or chip over time. The solid trucks in aluminum metal last forever.


  • Compact Design and Sizing
  • Durable Bamboo Wood
  • Solid Trucks in Aluminum
  • Portable and Easy to Carry
  • Travel Friendly
  • Smooth Ride
  • Super Durable
  • Featured Security
  • Extra Large Wheels
  • Value for Money


  • Not Designed for Terrain
  • May Not Be Suitable for All

5. Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard

Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard


Powell Peralta is a brand that has been in the market since the late 1970s. With its experience of more than four decades, this is a good choice indeed. These boards fit every age range and skill level. It meets all the standards and requirements.

The board is about 31 inches long with a deck width of 7 inches. The length is longer than the standards making it ultra-stable for novice riders. Whilst, the skateboard deck shape is 126. The wheels are about 54mm by 37mm. These smooth PU wheels provide smooth rude and allow for fast & aggressive gliding. Don’t worry about the weight as it can stand up to 200 pounds.

The real attraction of this Powell is its All Powell-Peralta Ligament strap. This keeps the deck together and provides proper support. This is also a safety feature that prevents probable damage and injuries. Despite the straps and grip tapes, the skateboard is still lightweight.

Another feature is its head-turning design. It comes in a very cool black and red dragon design. This can attract and excite anyone to ride. Likewise, the board is durable. Due to the robust polymeric strap, your kids can try splits without hesitation.

At last, this good priced board with exceptional features is a good match for the beginners. This might be the one you’re looking for your kids to cruise for!

Due to its specifications and features, it is listed as one of the best Skateboard For 4 Year Old.


  • Robust Polymeric Strap
  • Affordable Cost
  • High Rebound Support
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Smooth PU Wheels
  • Safe from Probable Injuries
  • Robust Design
  • Ultra Stable


  • Maybe Too Fast For Beginners

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6. Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

 Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard


Another on the list of Best Skateboard For 4 Year Old is Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard. A superb investment, Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard comes next in the list. This is a real board that stays with your kids a lot longer. Thus, this is a versatile choice, perfect for beginners and kids.

This mini cruiser offers the smoothest ride of any skateboard style. It is easy to maneuver and gives more resistance to harsh terrains. The length counts for 27.5 inches and 7.5 inches of width. The minimal sizing makes it convenient to ride.

The material of this board is a six-ply Canadian Maple deck. This high-quality component with an asymmetrical double kick deck allows kids to learn fun tricks. Double kick tail design makes a great edition and helps make for cool directional surf styles. It also includes a sand grit finish on top for easier gripping for feet.

The wheels are 60mm in diameter with 5-inch hangers. This accounts for better performance as there is plenty of room for your feet. Your kids will experience big fun while riding due to this. Being a lightweight, the mini is super easy to carry and store throughout.

With no plastic parts and polyurethane wheels, this is a skateboard ready to last a lifetime. The board is ready to ride out of the box and can hold up to 275lbs.


  • High-End Maple Wood
  • Anti-rust Hardwear
  • Lasts Lifetime
  • No Plastic Parts and PU Wheels
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Bold Graphics
  • See-through Grip Tape
  • Super Portable
  • Double Kick Tails
  • High Responsive Ride


  • A Bit Expensive

7. Maketec Complete Skateboards

Meketec Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard


Next in the line is the Maketec Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard. This option is a great skateboard for 4 years old. Weighing 3.8lbs, this fully assembled is easy, safe, and ready to ride. This lightweight material can hold up to 200lbs of weight with ease.

Designed with modern technology, this board features a 6-inch wide plastic deck. The deck is bendable too. This board outperforms many skateboards due to the high performing Abec 7 Maketec bearings. Plus, it has 60mm Urethane wheels which support upright position. With the 3.25-inch trucks, it gives a power puffed ride. What’s more amazing is they come with varieties of color. You can choose the type you want and add on to the distinctive look.

You don’t have to worry about the quality as they meet CE certification. The high quality gives proper safety. Whilst, the smooth and soft casters help for the stable and rideable experience. This makes it great for cruising or rolling on any terrain.

Thus, if you are looking for the best holiday gift for your kid, this is the one. This high valued product is the best bet. Available in attractive colors and graphics, you can get it at the best affordable price.

Due to these reasons, it is listed as one of the Best Skateboard For 4 Year Old.


  • CE Certification for Safe Materials
  • Lightweight and Compact Body
  • Affordable Price
  • Extra Sturdy
  • Gives Desired Stability
  • Excellent Maneuverability
  • Soft Casters and Wheels
  • Distinctive Looks
  • Safe For Kids


  • Designs Not As Shown
  • Prone to Wearing Out

8. Playwheels Ultimate SkateBoards

PlayWheels Ultimate Wood Cruiser Skateboard


Another on the list of Best Skateboard For 4 Year Old is Playwheels UItimate Skateboards. If you look for a whole package, you will never go wrong with PlayWheels Ultimate Skateboard. This board is complete in terms of design, measurement, safety, and overall safety.

Made of 9-pliers of high-quality Maplewood, its deck is tough and stiff. The wooden deck is thick and durable with round concave edges. The 50mm x 27mm PVC-injected wheels with 608ZB bearings make for a smooth ride.

Likewise, the skateboard’s composite trucks and steel axle support higher weight and faster speed. With clear and spray the top grip, kids can keep feet in contact with the deck. This feature gives riders excellent traction while riding and flipping.

The double kicktail design is an outstanding feature. It provides greater control, allows for a wide range of tricks and easy breaking. This feature also helps to deliver superior durability and sturdiness. About graphics, your kids are bound to love it. It showcases a very familiar character and your child’s favorite superhero; Spider-Man! Go Web Go!

A lightweight item, it supports weight up to 110lbs. It is available within the range of standard sizes giving an aspiring boarder room to grow.

Let your kids explore this skateboard. They will learn balance, coordination, and other skates tricks without any doubt!


  • High-Quality Maple Wood
  • Tough and Stiff make
  • Additional Kicktail
  • Better Control Towards Brake
  • Great Grip Surface
  • Spiderman Graphics
  • Maximum Durability
  • Excellent Traction


  • Limited Weight Capacity
  • Narrow Deck Width
  • Only Suitable for Smaller Feet

9. Merkapa Complete Skateboard



Merakapa Complete Skateboard is the choice for those who love cool design. Equipped with colorful light-up wheels, this board has sleek looks. What stands out the most is its featured LED wheels. It doesn’t require any batteries or electronic charge. It simply generates power from rotatory power.

The length of this board is 22 inches while the width counts 6 inches. Even though the size seems portable, it is quite heavy. This is because of the quality materials used in its making. However, the weight isn’t too much for children to ride on.

The classic mini cruiser has a PP plastic single kickboard. The PP plastic meets all safety certifications. Moreover, it ensures that this has no toxic chemicals that will harm your child or anyone. Likewise, the deck flex is excellent. It is perfect for children of 4 years old for experiencing a great ride.

Other specifications include V-truck and 3.2” base with heavy-duty high quality aluminum. The Abec-7 bearing and large soft PU wheels (60x45mm, 78A) provides the smoothest ride. With super shock absorption and fine abrasion resistance, it has a great grip and gives more comfort.

No matter whether you’re a beginner or experienced rider, Merkapa will give you a more fun and effective way to skateboard. It fits children to adults who weigh less than 180lbs (82KG).


  • Plastic Single Kick Board
  • High Quality PP
  • 60x45mm PU Wheel 78A
  • V-truck with Heavy Duty High Quality Aluminum Base
  • Anti-Shock and Abrasion Resistant Wheels
  • Light-up Wheels
  • No Batteries or Charging Needed
  • Iconic and Attractive
  • Excellent Deck Flex


  • Wheels Often Get Loose
  • Heavy For Some

10. Titan Power Complete Skateboard

 Titan Power Complete Skateboard


Last but not least one is the Titan Power Complete Skateboard. This is a special recommendation for little girls as the board flaunts more feminine graphics. More than that, it has many good features that are great for skating at four years old.

First, the factor is its minimal dimension. The length measures 17 inches while the deck width is 5”. Made with maple wood, the girls’ skateboard features double-sided heat transfer graphics. The manufactured wood is formaldehyde-free!

Clear sand anti-slip grip on top of the deck helps proper riding and traction. Further, it features 3.5” plastic trucks and base. About other specifications, it has 608Z speed bearings and 50mm x 30mm wheels. The whole combination gives the right support your kids want.

Their PVC cushion complies with Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). Thus, meeting all the safety standards, it is safe from all aspects.

You have the option of getting this great girls’ pink skateboard in a 17-inch or 24-inch design. Each board comes with plastic trucks and bases rate to 75lbs.

Single kick-tail pink flower princess skateboard comes with fun colors on both sides. It makes a great first skateboard for any girl to learn on. It’s minimal enough for four years olds to sit on and roll around. This will continue till your little one is ready to stand and skate around!


  • Perfect First Board
  • Meets Safety Standard
  • PVC Cushion for Stability
  • Clear Sand Anti-Slip Grip
  • Feminine Graphics
  • Well Crafted
  • Pink Princess Skateboard Decal on Bottom Side
  • Full Color Princess Graphic on the Grip-side
  • Single Kick Maple Skateboard


  • Small For Some
  • Less Weight Capacity

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Our Verdict

Here, we presented 10 best Skateboard for 4 year old. They all are of excellent quality and have stunning designs. They will fascinate and support your little ones in every way.

Amongst all CCS Logo Complete Skateboard is a perfect choice from all aspects. They are amazing not only concerning the quality but also in terms of performance & comfortability. The features are classic and design is just iconic for kids.

You also can’t ignore the Rude Boys Beginners Skateboard model. It’s way too unique and beautiful. Most of all, it matches the size of your kid.

But the ultimate choice is all yours. All you have to do is compare their features with your child’s necessities and interests.

Things To Look For While Choosing Best Skateboard For 4 Year Old

The biggest challenge of all, how to get the best skateboard for 4 year old?

Don’t worry at all. If you consider the following things while buying, then you will get the best one. This guide will even help you gain further knowledge about tricks for purchasing a suitable skateboard.

1. Choose A Suitable Deck

This is the primary priority of every parent looking for a good skateboard. There are varieties of different brands to choose from. Whilst, you must look for the deck size. For young beginners like 4 years old, go with a micro or mini skateboard with 6-7 inches width. With this, also do make sure the board is ready to use or fully assembled.

2. A Reliable Truck is Everything

A reliable truck will give the proper support and maintain position while riding. This concerns coordination and balance so this factor is the next factor. But, it is hard to check for truck materials. So, you need to know the purpose you are browsing your skateboard for. Depending on it, the available options are Low Profile, Middle Profile, and High Profile. You can select trucks basing on your deck too. For deck size of 6.5” to 7.25”, the truck apple size should be 6”-7.25”. Likewise, for 7.25 to 7.5” skateboard deck size, 7.5” of the truck axle is necessary.

3. Look For Reliable Bearings

Bearings are the round metal piece that connects wheels and the metal axle of the truck. This helps to reduce friction between the wheels. This makes it a significant aspect to look for. There are two types of bearings: Ceramic and Steel. Steel bearings are durable and cost you less than ceramic. For beginners like young 4-years old, steel-works fine. Likewise, regarding Abec rating, kids can do well with an Abec 5-7.

4. Miscellaneous Factors

Other factors that will help you decide the better one are:

  • Design: Witty and Eccentric Designs are preferable.
  • Sizing: Skateboards come in a lot of sizes. Choose the ones that comfort the weight and height of your kids.
  • Endurance: Choosing good, sturdy, and durable wood or any other material is vital.
  • Skateboard Wheels: PU Wheels or Urethane Wheels
  • Reliable Grip Tape
  • Value for Money

Why should I Teach My Kids to Skate? Benefits of Skateboard For 4 Year Old

For every parent, the well being of their child is a primary concern. But, Skateboarding is an extreme sport. So, why should you teach your kids to skate? Well, the answer is its multiple benefits that help kids enhance their physical and mental health.

Perseverance and Endurance

Learning to skateboard means a beginner keeps falling off and getting up. In this course, your kids will learn to never give up. They will keep practicing until they get better. And this exercise helps kids learn perseverance and endurance.

Boost Confidence

Many experts recommend skateboarding not only for normal kids but also for special needs kids. This is all because this sport builds confidence within them. With continuous practicing, they will get better and feel good about themselves.

Physical Exercise

This sport encourages the skaters to move their entire bodies. You need to use your torso for turning, arms to keep balance, legs & feet to keep moving. It might be a bit less for beginners. Afterward, every physical movement and muscle work will give every bit of physical training you need.

Maintain Mental Growth

Well, every sport helps in uplifting the mental state of a player. Likewise, skateboarding also helps to maintain the mental growth of your kids. It is because along with skating your kids will learn to maintain balance and coordination. This is a perfect exercise for their growing mind. Also, this sport helps to relieve any type of stress they might be having.

Safety Tips To Follow For Safe Skateboarding For 4 Years Old

Skateboarding at the age of four may sound like a sensitive thing. But when you, parents, take care of all the safety requirements, it’s gonna be easy. Thus, follow the tips that you need to know about essential gear and skateboarding guidance.

  • The first thing is to get your kids a good pair of skating shoes. With their large flat bottom, it aids for better grip which is essential for beginners.
  • Second important thing is to get protective gear. Foremost is to get a helmet. Other gear can be protective knee and elbow pads. Wrist braces also can be helpful.
  • While training your kids for skating, at first, let them be comfortable with standing on a skateboard. Set the board on some grass or the carpet. Then, let them stand and jump on it. You can also make them try balancing on the from or back wheels. Just make them comfortable with it.
  • After they get comfortable, the next part is to let them put their foot forward. Some kids may use right or left foot forward or simply switch them simultaneously.
  • Another phase is Skateboard Pushing. It involves taking the board out to some pavement or concrete. This will let your kids be familiar with the surface where the board rolls.
  • It is important to get comfortable with riding around. And it takes time. Thus, be patient and give your kids their time to grab things. This sport includes a lot of falling down and getting up. Be their supportive friend, don’t let them give up. Help them to get up and board more further.