10 Clever Ways of Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

10 Clever Ways of Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling: What can be worse than being robbed while traveling? This is probably a traveler’s worse nightmare. Being stuck with empty pockets in the middle of a totally new place, imagine how would it feel like?

If traveling was free, you would never have to fear about losing money, being robbed, and being a merciful homeless person in a new place. But with no money, the idea of traveling cannot come out of your imagination to turn into reality.

It is necessary to be clever enough to carry your money safe while you are traveling. Carry your money elegantly. You cannot let yourself be dragged into a bad scenario where you have no money, nowhere to go, and nothing to do in an entirely different world. Keep your cash safe and handy while traveling in any corner of the world.

Think of the best ways to hide cash while traveling. You cannot allow the fear of being pickpocketed taking over your mind all the time. So, it is good to make plans on the best ways to carry your valuables while traveling.

If you want that your trip goes smoother, have a look at these clever ways to keep your money safe while you are traveling. Travel freely and wholeheartedly without having to worry about losing money or being robbed. Follow these 10 Clever Ways of Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling:

1. Avoid carrying a wallet in your back pocket

10 Clever Ways of Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

A pickpocketer can easily get your wallet out when you keep it in your back pocket. So, better than risking it, it is always a good idea to keep your wallet in your front pocket instead.

A pickpocketer doesn’t have a unique or a distinct face. Be careful while you are traveling, there will be some pickpockets targeting you when they know that you are a traveler. They will empty your wallets and your pockets, and you will not even know.

2. Do not leave your bag and the valuables unattended

A loose bag is the easiest target of a thief. While you are traveling, all your luggage, bags, and other valuables are your responsibilities. Make sure you keep them with you every time. Do not leave your bagpack even at a one-feet distance while you stand in queues for a casual lunch or snacks.

Do not leave your daypack or bags anywhere, not even for a short while. For safety, you can always loop a strap around your arm, table/chair leg, or your waist. Especially when you fall asleep in the buses, trains, or at airports, this will be helpful. Doing this ensures that your bag is safe. You have at least a part of the body sensing your bag even when you fall asleep in public.

3. Do not carry all the money in a single wallet or bagpack, split it.

You load all the cash in your wallet and it gets stolen, what will you do with no cash left? You cannot risk losing stash of cash while you are traveling.

So, to avoid this kind of worse situations, it is always better to split the money. Store your cash and credit cards in different places. Divide and split them into different pockets or in separate bags.

On your wallet, carry a less amount. Before you start a new day, load the amount that will be sufficient for a single day in your wallet. Splitting money will save you from difficult situations even if your wallet disappears from your pocket. You can use the cash that you have kept elsewhere.

4. Avoid flashing your cash in public, use a dummy wallet instead

Pulling lump of your cash in public when traveling is really a bad idea. Keep this in mind, you are giving hint to the cunning eyes watching you about how much you have in your wallet. So, you can carry a dummy wallet where you keep some amount and a few useless cards and documents. Handing this wallet to a pickpocketer is safe. You are on the safe side always. You have your money safe somewhere else.

5. Wearing a money belt is not a good idea

A money belt is where you keep your money, everyone knows that. So, how is it safe carrying all your money with everyone knowing where it exactly is. Do not travel like you are a tourist, travel like you are a local. Carry your money in a wallet or in your bag.

6. Keep backup credit cards and emergency bank details

10 Clever Ways of Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

Sometimes when you travel, ATM machines eat your cards, they get stolen, or you misplace them. In such cases, you should call the bank. So, this is necessary.




7. Don’t give to beggars

Donating money to beggars is kindness. I am not saying you not to be kind. However, donating money to people on the streets while traveling is not a good idea. Do not take out your wallet revealing it in the public. If you give money to one, you will have many following you and asking for money.

8. Exchange the local cash before

Exchange your money and carry the local money with you. Not having to exchange money is also safe. You don’t have to display money in public. Be familiar to the currency of the place that you are traveling to.

After exchanging the cash, arrange them on your purse in order. Take out the money in an organized manner when you are paying for everything.

9. Laminated photo album

This is a secret and a cunning idea of hiding your money while traveling. Place your emergency money between your photographs and laminate it with your money safely hidden between the two photographs.

10. Store your money safely

10 Clever Ways of Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling

Where to hide your money while you are traveling? Here are some of the safe places where you can hide or keep your money during travel.



Places to hide the money on your body

Travelers claim that this is one of the safest ways to keep your money while traveling. Here are some places where you can hide your money:

  • Undershirt money belt
  • Inside the hidden pockets
  • Bra cup (if you wear bras)
  • Security belt with a hidden wallet
  • Scarf with a hidden place to keep money
  • In your shoes and under your socks.

Places to hide the money in your room

While staying in a hotel, you should take care of your money. There are various secret places where you can keep your money safe. Keep your money in:

  • Inside the curtain rod
  • Inside the pillow covers and zipped cushions
  • Inside the food packets in the fridge
  • Clip the cash with tape on the bottom of a drawer

Despite all these, what if something goes wrong?

Even after following these 10 Clever Ways of Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling, sometimes catastrophe can occur. Travel woes are avertable. However, besides preventing hazards, there are chances that things go wrong.

You go somewhere with full excitement and enthusiasm for traveling. And, in the middle, your pieces of stuff go missing or you don’t feel your purse full of cash in your pocket. Could there be any other horrible moment than that?

Before traveling, you must have a contingency plan to save you if anything goes wrong. You can give a certain amount to your friends and family. They can send you the cash if in case you need it. In case you won’t need it, it’s a good thing, you’ll have your saving unspent.

It is difficult to handle difficult situations, however, you shouldn’t panic. Make sure you are safe, stay calm. Do not spoil your tour just because you lose some amount. Enjoy your trip rather than worrying about something bad happening.