How to Select a Backpack

Travelling is one of the most exciting things to do. But many people get scared about the fear of carrying heavy luggage from one place to another. Carrying too heavy luggage is completely fine if you on a longer trip. But, if you are on a short trip, the hassle of carrying heavy luggage is very annoying.
So, what is an ideal backpack? There are different types of backpacks available in the market. An ideal backpack for one may not be perfect for the other people. Selecting an appropriate backpack also depends upon the type of trip you will be going or for what purpose you will be buying the backpack.

So, before you buy a backpack you need to know where you will be going and for how long you will be going. Knowing all these things will help you to determine the items you will need to carry.

After knowing the things that you will be carrying, you will have an idea about what type of bag you need. You can find different sizes and shapes of backpacks in the market. You need to pick the ones which fit your items properly and can handle your body and the weight you put on.

Follow this article to know more about how to select a backpack. Below I’ll explain to you about the things that you should consider when buying a backpack.

Things to Consider when Choosing the right Backpack

Things to Consider when Choosing the right Backpack

Some of the things that you need to consider when choosing the right backpack are as follows:

Function, Padding, Durability

The first step to consider before you buy a backpack is to be sure about the kind of trip you will be going. If you are willing to do on a short hike, you can buy a smaller backpack. However, if you are going on a long trip, you need to carry a backpack that fits your basic supplies such as snacks, water, first aid kit, clothing, and some gear.

Before you buy a backpack, look after the straps of the bags. Make sure they are comfortable with proper padding. Old canvas straps are very comfortable and will cause a burden on your back. Enough padding in the straps will be very comfortable to carry. However, do not buy the ones which have bulky padding. It might end up being too hot to carry your backpack.

Carrying a strong and durable bag is very important when going on a trip. You do not want your backpack to fall apart in the middle of your trip and ruin your entire trip. Therefore, check the durability of any backpack you are considering. It is better to buy the bags which are double or triple sewed. If you are looking for a frame backpack, buy the ones which use strong metal like aluminum. Nylon is the best material to make a backpack. It resists tearing of the bags and is more durable than cotton and polyester.

Capacity and Load Support

Before you buy a backpack, make sure your backpack holds enough capacity to fit all your items. Different backpacks have different load capacity. It would be stupid to stuff all the items worth 25 pounds in a bag whose load capacity is only 15 pounds. Different staffs in a reputable camping store will help you to choose t perfect backpack for you according to the equipment you will be carrying.

Generally, larger hiking backpacks have two types of load systems. Internal frame backpack comes with a lightweight metal frame which lies inside the bag. It adjusts to the backpacker’s body. External frame backpack comes with a metal frame outside the bag. This type of bag does not adjusts to the backpacker’s body. The external frame is more customizable. You can arrange the packs according to your comfortability. The packs are addable and removable.

Different backpack straps have different types of load support. You do not want a bag that puts all the load on your shoulder. Therefore, it is better to buy a backpack that comes with a waist strap. The waist strap distributes the weight of your bag to your hips. It will help to transfer the weight of your shoulders to your torso. If you are looking for a bag with good straps, you can go for cobra shoulder straps. These styled straps are wider and more padded at the top than the bottom.

Hip Size and Torso

Hip Size and Torso

A perfect backpack is something which will fit your body size. Trekking and camping bag comes in different sizes. Choosing the wrong sized bag will make your whole trip uncomfortable. So, in order to find a perfect backpack, you need to know your torso length and hip size as well.

You can measure your hip size and torso length with the help of a measuring tape. After measuring your hips and torso, you can use these measurements when buying the backpack you are interested in.


Being able to customize your bag will be a lot easier for you. Before you purchase a backpack, look if you can customize your bag or not. You should look at the fit first. Many backpacks come with a removable hip belt. This allows you for a better fit. Most of these belts use a malleable form. Each of the straps of the backpack is customizable to make it fit for you perfectly.

Along with this, look out for the external frame if they are customizable or not. Most of the external frame backpacks are customizable. You can add or remove the packs to the frame based on what you will be doing. Different backpacks have removable sections which will give you extra space for your gear.

Weather Proof

Sometimes the weather can be unpredictable. Even if you travel in very favorable weather, the weather condition can become poor. So, choosing a weatherproof backpack is very important. It is very important to buy a waterproof backpack especially when you plan to go for trekking or camping during monsoon season.

Most backpacks come with a water-resistant interior coating. But, water-resistant does not mean proof. There is a big difference between water-resistant and waterproof backpacks. The water-resistant coating does not do any good around the zipper areas.

If you do not have a waterproof backpack, you can customize it yourself. You can try waterproofing the exterior of your bag yourself for additional coverage. You can also get a rain cover for your backpack. Rain covers are waterproof and cover your entire bag. The cover does not let water to enter the inside area of a backpack.

Benefits of having a Backpack

Benefits of having a Backpack

1. Easy to Carry

It is always easier to carry a backpack with you. If you pack your bag lightly, you can carry your bag anywhere without causing much pressure on your back. A backpack is also quite easy to carry than duffle bags. So, when you are traveling by bus, train or flight, backpacks are always convenient to carry.

2. Time- saving

When you pack in a luggage, you will have to check-in and check out your luggage in the airport. You will have to follow several formalities when you pack your items in the luggage. You may also have to wait for the luggage hours in the queue. But with the backpack, you can simply carry it on your back without any strict checkings.

3. Proper storage

A backpack comes with different compartments to organize your items. It comes with different sections to arrange your clothing items, food, inner wears, etc. So, unlike most duffle bags, you will not have to keep everything together in a backpack.


Overall, selecting a backpack depends upon the trip you will be going. Many travelers prefer to carry luggage when they go for a long trip. However, carrying a backpack is the best option when it comes to short trips.

So, look for all the things that I have mentioned before you select a backpack for yourself.