How to Patch a Down Jacket?

Down jackets are by far the essential investment for every high areas expedition. Either you want to do a short high-altitude trek or climb a peak, the first thing you should buy is a quality Down Jacket. These down jackets are very good at providing the warmth you need in the mountains. And it is never a problem to pack one of these jackets. However, the first problem you might face is buying one as there are plenty of jackets available in the market varied by price and quality. You indeed go for quality over anything.

But no matter what sort of quality you are getting, a down jacket is not safe from wear and tear. Yeah, some brands are tougher than others and guarantee to go long. But at some point in time, they are destined to get a hole or tear or snag. That is why you should know how to patch a down jacket. If you know how to do that, you can save your decent money to spend on other things.

Patching a down jacket is a more reasonable decision than buying one. All you require is, read this helping guide on “How to Patch a Down Jacket” and start giving a new life to your well-invested down jacket right away.

How to Patch a Down Jacket?

How to Patch a Down Jacket guide

Patching a down jacket is relatively straightforward than you think. You just need several things to repair your damaged Down jacket.

Here is the listing of things that you need to patch a down jacket:

  • Repair Tape like a Tenacious Tape, Dutch Tape, Adhesive.
  • A scissors
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Piece of cloth to clean the torn/hole area.

Now, you can start the process:

Step 1: Draw feathers back inside the jacket

Firstly, put the feathers back inside the jacket. The feathers get quickly out when torn from outside in most cases. Put that plume inside by pinching it from the other side. Make sure nothing is coming out from inside.

Step 2: Cut the Patch with Scissors

Next, cut the repair tape(patch) according to the torn area. The patch should cover one-inch extra overlap throughout the area. You will find several kinds of patches in the market, like tenacious tape, adhesive patch, duct tape, and more. Choose one that goes well on your jacket.

Step 3: Clean the area with a rag

Now it is time to clean the damaged area with a rag and rubbing alcohol. It will make the patch be able to get attached nicely to the jacket.

Step 4: Stamp the Patch

Lastly, place the patch on the damaged area and apply it smoothly. The area should have any wrinkles or plucks during this step. Otherwise, the patch will not look clean and friendly. The applied patch takes around 48 hours to get hold of the ground rightly. So be careful in that case. This is it, and your down jacket is back to work again!

How to keep your down jacket safe?

You cannot keep your down jacket on the first day forever. But you can surely lengthen its life. Let us tell how? Use these several tips, and you and your jacket will go long together.

Do not wash it Regularly

Down jackets are very good at absorbing the dirt that you do not have to wash the jacket after every trek. The more you wash the jacket, the weaker its outer body becomes. It is entirely okay to wash at least after ten trips.

Be Careful on the Trails

You have to be careful of the things that come up on the trail. When you are in the woods, and the bushes and sharp plant branches can come across and may tear your jacket. So watch out while on such trails. It is better not to wear a down jacket while trekking. Use it once you reach the stops or campsites.

Do not wear it in Rain

Wearing a down jacket in the rain makes the jacket lose its fluffiness and splash layer. After all, the jacket has feathers inside it.

Do not give it for Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is not the right place to wash one of these jackets. Most of the dry cleaners are not used to washing down jackets. What if they wash your expensive jacket roughly.

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At Last

If you consider good care of your down jacket every time you wear it, your jacket is sure to go ages and vice versa. The small hole and tears are easily repaired with the appliances of these patches. Until the tear is simple, the jacket can be patched with the tapes. Otherwise, you have to get a new one for yourself which is quite handy for your pocket. Therefore, watch wide openly on the trail for your jacket to avoid extensive damages. For small cuts, the patches will look after, do not worry.

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