Best Video Camera For Hunting

Hunting is an adventurous sport that requires the hunter to stalk their prey and strike at the right moment. It is quite a thrill and exciting experience which can not be done all year. So, capturing the moments in the camera can let you relive it time and again. Hence, we are going to discuss the best video camera for hunting available on the market.

However, it is not only a killing game anymore. Nowadays, people use their leisure time to go on hunts with family and friends to make memories as well. Thus, choosing the best video camera for hunting lets you store and replay those memories in the future.

10 Best Video Camera For Hunting

S.NProduct NameProduct ImageCheck Price
1GradePro Infrared Detection Waterproof A3 Trail CameraGradePro Infrared Detection Waterproof A3 Trail Camera
2BlazeVideo Password Protected Game Trail CameraBlazeVideo Password Protected Game Trail Camera
3Campark Waterproof Motion Activated Night Vision Trail Camera - (2020 Upgrade)Campark Waterproof Motion Activated Night Vision Trail Camera
4Victure Trail Camera for Wildlife Monitoring Victure Trail Camera for Wildlife Monitoring
5 Kingco Wireless Alarm infrared time-lapse Trail Camera Kingco Wireless Alarm infrared time-lapse Trail Camera
6Campark Mini Trail CameraCampark Mini Trail Camera
7Toguard Game Hunting Trail Camera
Toguard Game Hunting Trail Camera
8Campark T70 Trail Game Camera - (upgrade)
Campark T70 Trail Game Camera
9 Usogood Wildlife Hunting Trail Camera
Usogood Wildlife Hunting Trail Camera
10Campark Wifi Bluetooth Trail CameraCampark Wifi Bluetooth Trail Camera

While surfing through the internet you will find many hunting cameras to select from. And it can be confusing on which to choose or which one is better. So, we have listed a few of the best video camera for hunting to make it easier for you.

To know more about the hunting cameras you can read below:

1. GradePro Infrared Detection Waterproof A3 Trail Camera

GradePro Infrared Detection Waterproof A3 Trail Camera


The GradePro A3 Trail Camera has a 20 MP lens that captures HD Videos at 1080p resolution. The dimension of this product is 4.4 x 3 x 6.1 inches weighing about 1.2 pounds. It features no glow night vision, fast motion detection, trigger speed, and waterproof cam.

To capture color images in low light they combine the Sony Stravis image sensor, extra-large aperture premium lens, elegant auto exposure, and blur reduction. It also has a clear night vision with a 100ft flash range.

Advance H.264 technology used for recording videos with sound, clear and smooth replay. The size of the compact file in this cam uses 80% less storage. And the MP4 format is compatible with any player.

It uses pre-activated technology for 0.5s super-fast recovery time, 0.1s lighting trigger speed, and 82 ft distance detection. The 2.31” high-resolution color screen comes with TV remote styled operation buttons.

It requires a regular size SD card and 8 AA batteries. Other versatile features are time-lapse, loop recording, etc. It comes with a 12-month warranty and 24-hours available customer service.


  • Clear night vision
  • Reliable design
  • Waterproof
  • Ultra-fast trigger speed


  • Limitation in video length
  • Poor battery life

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This A3 camera by GradePro is made using high-quality and reliable components. They use professional engineering to provide a better solution. Their focus is on making quality products at a reasonable price. One of the best video camera for hunting found in the markets.

This hunting camera has an ultra-clear night vision with no glow technology. It helps shoot clear videos even in pitch-black darkness. It records videos smoothly along with the audio.

The MP4 format video is suitable for any type of player. Also, downloading and sharing files is quicker than traditional cameras. The combined fast-boot and preactivated technology increase the speed of trigger and recovery time. Letting you can capture precious moments very quickly.

It also has 3 sensitivity level adjustment for any outdoor applications. The color screen and operation button makes it easy to set up and playback. This product has a 1-year replacement warranty with excellent customer service

2. BlazeVideo Password Protected Game Trail Camera

BlazeVideo Password Protected Game Trail Camera


BlazeVideo presents you with a password-protected night vision trail camera. This camera is an upgraded version that comes in Camouflage color and has a 480p video resolution.

The product dimension is 7.87 x 5.35 x 3.86 inches weighing 1.23 pounds. It features 20 MP lens, H.264 MP4 video, no glow IR motion sensor, and IP66 waterproof.

It has a large aperture lens with 105 degrees wide-angle view. This camera has 3 modes available for still images and videos. Comes with In cam and video mode. And takes both image and video with every trigger event.

The 36 LEDs are equipped with invisible infrared flash illumination technology. The upgraded IR flash ranges up to 21 m during nighttime. For waterproof design, they are using reliable, sturdy mechanics, and multi-level design.

The camera has a built-in 2.31 inches color screen with a friendly menu setting and a unique operation button. The trigger speed is less than 0.5 sec and can detect objects up to 70 ft distance. The detection angle is about 70 degrees wide.

Some of the other features are password protection, serial number function, long-lasting battery life, and warranty. The length of the video can last from 3 seconds to 5 min.


  • Simple and easy to setup
  • Great video and image quality
  • Reliable and sturdy


  • Does not come with an SD card
  • A bit expensive

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This BlazeVideo Camera captures clear images and videos with each motion detection. It makes videos at MP4 format which is easy to share in social media as well.

The no glow technology lets you capture shots in total darkness without the animal realizing about it. This camera can perform in any kind of environment like rain forests, deserts, etc. It is waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof.

The operation buttons are reasonable and easy to get started. The wide view angle won’t let you miss out on anything. With password protection, others won’t be able to open it out.

You can also enable location in the pictures to let the user identify the location. Also, they use an 8 AA battery that lasts about 6 months. They also offer a 1-year guarantee with a refund option.

3. Campark Waterproof Motion Activated Night Vision Trail Camera – (2020 Upgrade)

Campark Waterproof Motion Activated Night Vision Trail Camera


Campark Waterproof motion-activated camera comes with 16MP optical sensor size. It captures video at 1080p resolution at a wide-angle lens. It has 3 sensor that instantly triggers at a speed 0.3s with even a slight movement detected.

The 42 pcs LEDs use the upgraded 850nm infrared technology for night vision. The 120 degrees wide-angle lens lets you get a broader view. The product is easy to operate and adjust.

The product dimension is about 7.3 x 4.9 x.3.8 inches weighing about 1.1 pounds. It requires 8 AA batteries and can detect movements up to 20 m. This is a 2020 upgraded version camera.


  • Short trigger time
  • Easy instruction
  • User-friendly camera


  • No batteries and memory card included
  • No screen to view taken pictures

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This is a waterproof game hunting and scouting camera. It comes in two colors yellow and green. The camera quickly snaps shots when it detects even a slight movement.

You won’t be missing any exciting moments during the night as well. It has excellent sensitivity that detects animal movement once they are inside the radar. The high-sensitivity feature lets it detect and record every motion while consuming lower power.

The upgraded infrared lets it capture moments even in the total darkness. The images and videos are crystal clear with high-quality details during the daytime. While it shoots black and white ones at night.

The broad-angle lens lets you give you a wide view even during the rainy days. This device is suitable for hunting, home security, surveillance, wildlife monitoring, and scouting.

Campark provides 12-month quality support and 30 days of payment back after-sale services. This is one of the best sellers and best video camera for hunting in the markets nowadays.

4. Victure Trail Camera for Wildlife Monitoring

Victure Trail Camera for Wildlife Monitoring


Victure Trail Camera for Wildlife Monitoring comes with a 20-megapixel optical lens that captures full HD videos. It features advanced night vision, an upgraded IP66 waterproof case, fast trigger shoots.

The product dimension is about 8.19 x 4.96 x 2.99 inches weighing about 1.35 pounds. This is the HC300 series model.

They use the 38 low glow illuminated infrared LED technology for night vision. Amazingly fast 0.3 seconds trigger speed that can detect movements up to 22 meters with ease.

After being set, the capture series mode can take up to 3 photos. It has other functions such as time-lapse mode, timer setting, PIR interval, password protection, and time stamp.


  • Ultra-High resolution
  • Advanced night vision
  • Multi-function mode
  • Smooth setup


  • High power consumption

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This camera has a high-resolution lens that captures every detail with sound. The images and videos are colorful during the day while they are black and white during the night.

The advanced night vision is the low glow which lets you see everything clearly even in pitch darkness. You can get crystal clear vision without any disturbance. The fast trigger shooting captures every exciting moment in real-time.

You get shots of animals even that are 22 m away. The waterproof case holds up well in any season may it be rain, snow, and sun. They provide excellent professional after-sales services 24/7.

5. Kingco Wireless Alarm infrared time-lapse Trail Camera

Kingco Wireless Alarm infrared time-lapse Trail Camera


The trail camera by Kingco is available in 16LA colors. It has a 16 MP lens that captures videos at full HD mode. It features time-lapse, night vision, Ultra HD recording, IR filter, innovative sensor, and alarm.

This hunting camera has 3 sensors with 120 degrees PIR angle. It has a built-in wireless transmitter circuit that sends an alarm. The camera has a 4:3 aspect wide-angle ration option.

Equipped with an automatic IR filter and 0.2 to 0.6-second trigger speed that detects movement up to 150 m. It comes with an alarm function that is compact and portable. The product dimension is about 7.36 x 4.4 x 3.34 inches weighing 1.15 pounds.


  • Alarm function
  • Easy to setup
  • Solid build


  • No SD card and batteries included

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This trail camera by Kingco is one of the best video camera for hunting in the current markets. The innovative sensor reduces the blind area for video shooting and captures more details.

Besides, it features a high-resolution recording that captures every shot perfectly during any moment. Meanwhile, its IR filter produces a low bright flash that lets you take pictures in dark without scaring the animals.

Furthermore, it has a high trigger speed that detects movement even in far distances and captures shots in real-time. In addition, you will never miss out on the exciting moments of wild animals.

One of the special features of this camera is the alarm function. It provides early warnings and real-time prevention functions. It sends an alarming letter to the user alerting them about the moments.

This camera is suitable for outdoor hunting, wildlife monitoring, farm, and home security. It also comes with bandages to attach to gates, branches, or posts.

6. Campark Mini Trail Camera

Campark Mini Trail Camera


Campark presents to you a mini trail camera with 16 megapixels lens that captures video at 1080p resolution. It is available in yellow color with a 2” LCD color monitor.

The size of this mini camera is 70*105*40 mm weighing 15 ounces. The 120-degree wide-angle lens lets you detect moves up to 20 m distance. They are using automatic infrared technology for LEDs.

It uses IP56 technology for waterproof cases that can withstand rain and dust. It also has a super-fast trigger speed that captures every movement. The package includes a trail camera, USB cable, screws, mounting rope, and user manual.


  • Small and portable
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Advance function


  • Poor night lighting
  • Loose mounting hardware
  • No wireless technology

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This mini trail camera comes in a smaller size than other similar cameras. You can install it anywhere without worrying about it being found or noticed. Due to its small size, carrying it around is quite easy.

It uses an LCD color screen that allows the user to browse the menu and preview images and videos. The mini camera provides a clear and high-quality visual experience.

This camera captures stunning wildlife images in both day and night. This camera lets you view the vivid world of wildlife. The shooting scope gives you a wide-angle view. And the sensitive and infrared LEDs give super night vision.

The case protects the camera in any kind of weather whether it be rain, snow, or dust. The fast trigger speed detects and captures movements accurately and quickly.

The camera is great for home security, hunting, wildlife monitoring, and garden observation. They provide a 12-month warrant with 30 days of quality support and 24 hours after-sale services.

7. Toguard Game Hunting Trail Camera

Toguard Game Hunting Trail Camera


This game hunting trail camera by Toguard is battery powered and an upgraded version. The product dimension is about 3.15 x 5.12 x 2.36 inches weighing 1.25 pounds.

It has a 16-megapixel lens that captures ultra-clear photos and videos at 1080p resolution. It gives a colorful shot during the day and black and white ones in the night.

Furthermore, the camera has a fast 0.5-second trigger speed and can last up to 8 months in standby mode. Similarly, the camera is equipped with 120 degrees wide-angle lens and 42 pcs low glow infrared LEDs.

The camera can detect movement up to 22 m distance even during the nighttime. For protective cases, they use the IP56 technology which makes it sturdy. This cam is easy to install and comes with a mounting strap or plate.

It can capture video lengths from 3 secs to 10 minutes. Comes with 3 motion sensor sensitivity modes. It supports external DC as well. Easy to operate and suitable for multiple applications.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • High-quality images and videos
  • Inexpensive
  • robust


  • Consumes battery life

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This battery-powered camera by Toguard is the best video camera for hunting found at an inexpensive price. The 16 MP lets capture every detail giving clear images and HD videos.

The high-resolution function shows super vivid wildlife activities. The camera detects even a slight movement and captures shots instantly. The motion sensor detects everything without missing any movements.

The equipped wide-angle lens gives you a broader view of the areas. And the low glow LEDs make it easier to capture shots without intruding the natural habitat.

This is a user-friendly camera applicable for both indoor and outdoor. Like hunting, wildlife monitoring, property surveillance, home security, etc. they also have excellent services that are available 24 hours.

8. Campark T70 Trail Game Camera – (upgrade)

Campark T70 Trail Game Camera


The Campark upgrade T70 trail camera is available in gray color. The product dimension is about 1.97 x 1.97 x 5.12 inches with about 1.3 pounds of weight. Similarly, it features a No-glow night vision, waterproof case, fast trigger speed, and high-resolution lens.

It has a fully automated IR filter equipped with 44 pcs LEDs using infrared flash illumination technology. It can detect movements up to 65 ft distance. The IP66 waterproof case protects the camera from rain and dust damage.

The 16 MP lens takes shots at 1080 p full HD resolution. It captures a colorful one during the day and black and white in the night. It has a 0.5 sec trigger speed which is very fast.

The batteries can last up to 6 months in standby mode. Other functions include a timestamp, realtime play, hybrid mode, interval recording, timer, etc.


  • No glow vision
  • Waterproof
  • Quality images and video day and night


  • Poor customer service

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

The hunting camera by Campark captures great shots of animal behavior even in darkness. The no glow technology does not let the animals realize they are being documented.

The waterproof case is sturdy and protects the camera from any weather and environment. It can withstand tropical rainforest, snow in winter, and even desert dust.

The threaded tripod and mounting strap included in the product makes it easy to install anywhere. It captures high-quality photos and videos with vivid details even with the slightest movement.

Overall, this is the best video camera for hunting found at a great value. It has standard accessories made with solid components. The instructions are also easy to read and setup.

9. Usogood Wildlife Hunting Trail Camera

Usogood Wildlife Hunting Trail Camera


Usogood presents you with a wildlife hunting trail camera with 14 MP lens that captures videos at 1080p resolution. It is made from plastic material and available in TC20 color.

It features HD videos, No glow night vision, a built-in LCD screen, a waterproof case, a 0.2-sec trigger speed, and long battery life. Equipped with the latest CMOS sensor, it captures clear images in day and night.

The 42 pcs 940nm invisible infrared LEDs make sure no glow even in complete darkness. The camera has a built-in 2.4” LCD screen with new sturdy design buttons.

The product dimension is 8 x 4.8 x 2.8 inches along with a weight of 1.1 pounds. The camera has a 0.2s trigger speed which is pretty fast and consumes low power the standby time is about 6 months.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Details and sharp shots
  • Long battery life


  • Poor instructions

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This camera by Campark gives out colorful images and videos with sound during the day. And black and white during the night. It provides high-quality shots with vivid details.

It helps capture the best scene of the wildlife behaviors. This scouting camera begins to capture shots once the movement is detected inside its range. It instantly triggers with slight movements.

The colored LCD monitor lets preview and manually record images and videos. The plastic button design is replaced with sturdy ones for durability. Also, it protects the camera from rain and dust.

It is usable for detection, security, surveillance, and observation as well.

10. Campark Wifi Bluetooth Trail Camera

Campark Wifi Bluetooth Trail Camera


Campark brings you a trail camera with wireless technology. Besides, it has a 20 MP lens that captures at 1296P resolutions. Also, it is available in yellow color and has a motion type alert only.

In brief, it has a built-in wifi function and you can control the settings from the mobile App. It requires downloading an App on your mobile and connecting it with wifi. Once connected you can easily access photos and videos from your phone.

This T80 camera captures images and video with clear sounds. The IR flash has 36 pcs 850nm infrared LEDs with no glow vision. It detects movements up to 65 ft distance.

Moreover, the product dimension is 7.2 x 4.84 x 4.05 inches weighing about 1.36 pounds. Also, your camera and mobile should be at a distance of about 10 to 12 m.

The IP66 waterproof case is sturdy and comes with a threaded tripod and mounting strap. The product includes a timer, replay, hybrid mode, and multiple applications.


  • Easy to implement
  • Simple and high-quality product


  • Poor wifi connection

Why Do We Recommend This Product?

This product by Campark has a wifi function that requires a wifi connection and a mobile app for remote control. Once you download this app you can adjust the setting and preview images and videos from your phone.

This camera records crystal clear image and video resolution with a super clear sound. It gives detailed night vision images without missing out the exciting wildlife moments.

You can easily install this camera anywhere you prefer. It is suitable for multiple applications like home security, surveillance, and many more.

Buying Guide

Before purchasing a video camera for hunting it is necessary to consider many things. So, we have made this buying guide to help you out. To know more read below:


When buying a hunting camera it is necessary to buy the ones with high resolution for sharp videos and pictures. But you should be aware as often the high resolutions are significantly lower native resolution.

This resolution adds pixels to whatever the sensor captures. Even though it is the native resolution they capture really nice photos and videos. And also, they take less space in memory cards.

You get the option to choose between still-photo or video resolution. The maximum resolution for photos is 32 MB while 4k for video resolution. You can also find them in lower resolution.

Trigger Time

Trigger time is the amount of time elapsed for the camera to capture pictures after it first detects the motion. The camera should have a fast trigger speed. Because if the trigger speed is slow, the animal might be already out of the frame when it captures the shot.

To put it simply, trigger time refers to how fast a camera can go from sleep mode to active mode. To extend the battery life, they go in rest mode. And when motion sensors detect movement they become active.

The trigger time depends on how fast the sensor can capture the picture after motion detection. The trigger time varies from 0.1 seconds to 4 seconds depending on the model. It is necessary to select a camera with a fast trigger speed.

Recovery Time

Usually, people don’t discuss much the recovery time. But it is one of the important features when choosing a hunting camera. Recovery time refers to the amount of time a camera takes to capture a shot and store it in the memory card, before taking the next shot.

The recovery time varies from model to model. Some are able to take pictures every 30 seconds while some might take more than that. However, newer cameras are able to take shots almost instantly.

If you are looking for hunting cameras then selecting the ones with fast recovery time will be effective.

Detection Sensor

The detection Sensor refers to the area the camera covers to sense motion and trigger shots. Most cameras use body heat and motion to detect the subjects. Larger detection areas are able to cover more parts.

It has a two-factor detection range and width. The detection range is similar to the camera flash which is between 45 to 65 ft. As for detection width, it can be narrow or wide.

Narrow width covers less area, so the subject needs to be directly in front for it to capture the pictures. As for wide detection covers more areas, so they are able to capture pictures anywhere in its view field.

Choosing cameras with a wide detection angle will be much helpful for the users. As it covers more areas and takes more shots.

Flash Range

When going hunting or scouting flash range plays an important role in better quality pictures. There are three types of the flash range white, red or low-glow infrared, and black or no-glow infrared.

Recently, the infrared flash is more popular as they are less likely to scare the animals. Low-glow flashes are hardly visible to the human eyes while the no-glow flash can not be even seen by them.

The IR flash helps take black and white pictures during nighttime. They require less power so the battery lasts long. These flashes hardly reveal their location to the humans.

Memory Card vs Cellular Cam

Memory cards are one of the important features of hunting cameras. The images and videos are stored on this card. SD cards are not included in the product package. So, you have to buy them separately. Nowadays, these cards are relatively cheap in price.

Most of the models can hold cards up to 32 GB and above. So, if you need to record many images or videos you can buy a memory card with a bigger space. To view the pictures and videos you have to physically visit the camera and pull it out.

Nowadays, cellular cams are rapidly gaining popularity in the markets. You can connect your trail camera with your phones and view the pictures in them. You don’t need to walk up to the camera.

Battery Life

Most cameras nowadays require C-cell or AA batteries. The C-cell battery has high capacity and lasts longer in hot temperatures. But the battery life can go down during cold temperatures.

As for AA batteries, they are rechargeable and are unaffected during cold weather. They also help save more money. Usually, trail cameras require eight AA batteries but in some cases, they might even need twelve.

There are other additional options as well such as external battery packs, power banks, or solar panels. Some of them can also run on a plug-in DC power supply.


Many cameras come with straps, tripods, or brackets for holding the camera in trees, poles, or posts. These equipment feature a hole or channel through which a python-style locking security cable is installed. This style helps to prevent the camera from being stolen.

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Our Best Pick

In conclusion, among all the above-mentioned hunting cameras the GradePro A3 Trail Camera will be the best pick for me. By far this is the best video camera for hunting found at a very reasonable price.

Furthermore, it has super low light sensitivity that gives clear images and videos even in total darkness. In addition, you can record crystal videos in full HD resolutions with high-quality sound. Also, it also allows you to replay the video smoothly.

Furthermore, it uses much less storage than other cameras and the MP4 format is compatible with any player. Likewise, it has lightning trigger speed and fast recovery time with a wide detection angle.

Overall, this camera is very easy to set up and use. Also, the color screen allows for high-resolution playback. And it comes with 8 month standby time and a 12-month product replacement warranty.