10 Best Men’s Waterproof Hiking Pants

Seems like a normal traveling wear but in fact, best Men’s waterproof hiking pants provide you great flexibility, enhance body movement and relax your muscles.

Waterproof hiking pants keep your lower muscles away from being allergic to rain and protect from the inclement weather during the long haul.

Do not think of wearing just a normal hiking pants especially if you are hitting tropical region for a hike.

Once, I and my better half were hiking in the Costa Rica’s famous trail ‘Monteverde’ and the climate was never predictable. Hot and wet.

Accordingly, I chose waterproof hiking pants and after a couple of hours, it turned out to be my excellent choice.

I can’t explain how comfortable and breathable it was. Oh…. And equally enhance my flexibility.

During my whole hike, my lower body was free from allergies, insects and there was not even a single scar after completion.

Hiking was indeed awesome.

Really worthy and versatile wear you ought to have.

Why do you Need Best Waterproof Hiking Pants?

Have ever been in a situation when your pants get wet because of heavy rain? If you have been in that situation, then you must realize the importance of having waterproof hiking pants.

These waterproof pants don’t only make your journey easy and comfortable but also provide good breathability. It makes sure that the moisture passes out from inside the pants.

Another benefit of having waterproof hiking pants with you is that it doesn’t allow water getting leaked from anywhere. Like it is equipped with waterproof tape seam, it makes sure that water doesn’t leak from the needle holes as well.

Waterproof hiking pants are made of high-quality materials. At some point, they also protect you from strong wind. So, the main advantage of getting waterproof hiking pants is that you will not get wet even you met with sudden rainy weather condition. That will surely make your journey awesome.

Highlights of 10 Best Men’s Waterproof Hiking pants

Men's Waterproof Hiking PantsHighlights Check on Amazon
Arc'teryx Beta AR Pant - Men'sArc’teryx Beta AR Pant-Men’s● Gore Tex 3 layer construction
● Micro seam allowance
● Waterproof
● Breathable
● Durable
Outdoor Research Men's Foray PantsOutdoor Research Men’s Foray Pants● Breathable Gore-Tex
● Lightweight
● Waterproof
● Made of 100% polyester
● YKK Aqua Guard Zipper
● Double separating side zippers
Marmot PreCip Pant: Shell - MensMarmot PreCip Pant: Shell-Mens● Made of 100% nylon
● Marmot® NanoPro™ Waterproof and breathable fabric
● Ankle side zippers
● Zip front hand pocket
● Elastic waist
● Waterproof
Men's Convertible Quick Dry PantsMen's Convertible Quick Dry Pants● Waterproof
● Quick dry
● Sun protection
● Breathable fabric
● 3 year limited warranty
● 30 day return service
● Four way spandex fabric
Men's Outdoor Windproof Waterproof PantMen's Outdoor Windproof Waterproof Pant● Zippered security pockets
● Made of 100% polyester
● Exterior adjustable waistband
● Comfortable fabric
● Good quality of materials
Yoyo Mens Waterproof Windproof Hiking Camping PantsYoyo Mens Waterproof Windproof Hiking Camping Pants● Waterproof
● Sun protection
● Super light
● Quick drying
● Softshell pants
● Polar fleece lining
● No bleaching
Bienzoe Quick Dry Waterproof Hiking PantsBienzoe Quick Dry Waterproof Hiking Pants● Polyester and cotton ripstop fabric
● Side cargo pockets
● Convertible
● Large pockets
● YKK zipper
● Sun protection
● Machine washable
● No bleaching
● Quick drying
● Water resistant
Montane Mens Minimus PantsMontane Mens Minimus Pants● Waterproof
● Highly breathable
● Lightweight
● Side ankle zippers
● Velcro calf tabs
● Elastic hems
● Drawcord waist
● MONTANE stuff sack
Outdoor Research Men's Helium PantsOutdoor Research Men’s Helium Pants● Breathable
● Waterproof
● Ankle zippers
● Fully seam taped
● Made of 100% nylon
● Nice fitting
● Superlight
Singbring Men's Outdoor Waterproof Hiking PantSingbring Men's Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Pant● Water resistant
● Adjustable waist
● Zippered front pockets
● Made of polyester
● Comfortable and stylish
● Quick drying
● Sun protection

Review of 10 Best Men’s Waterproof Hiking Pants

After doing research on best waterproof hiking pants for long time, here I have listed out the 10 best men’s waterproof hiking pants. So, let’s check out the list.

1. Arc’teryx Beta AR Pant-Men’s

Arc’teryx Beta AR Pant-Men’sArc’teryx Beta AR Pant is one of the best waterproof hiking pants. These pants are not only waterproof but are also lightweight and durable. The special feature of this pant is Gore Tex 3 layer construction and Durable Water Repellent finish. That helps bead water from the fabric surface.

There are external molded zippers and side zippers in this pant. The zippers are just awesome. You can easily zip the pant. Likewise, this pant also has an adjustable pant cuff draw cord. It also has hip stash pocket and reinforced knees.

These pants are sturdy and very comfortable as well. Even if you use it in varying cold weather weathers, it will not disappoint you. The built in gaiters of this pant keeps snow and rain out.

In the same way, these pants have adjustable webbing belt and powder cuffs with elastic. This pants also give you relaxed fitting and eliminates any excess bulk part.

Likewise, these pants provide you enough room for a base layer. There is light fleece mid and synthetic filled mid layer. That makes this pant more comfortable.

You can wear this waterproof pants for skiing as well. It will make you very comfortable while skiing in the snow.

So you have known the best feature of this pant. You should definitely give it a try once.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • 3 layer construction articulated knees
  • Comfortable zippers
  • 3L fabric
  • Adjustable webbing belt
  • Enough room
  • Eliminate any excess bulk


  • Shipped only in United States


2. Outdoor Research Men’s Foray Pants

Outdoor Research Men’s Foray PantsOutdoor Research Men’s Foray Pants are made of 100% polyester. It is lightweight and gives you full protection from water. These pants are extremely breathable as well.

There is a double separating side zipper which provides you maximum ventilation. You can easily zip it on and off when weather varies.

The material of this pant is really good. You will not have any complaint regarding its quality. However, you may find the legs a little bit long.

This pant is very comfortable and gives you form fitting. It also provides you some space to spare. Likewise, the knees work really well for hiking. It also works fine while cycling. These pants also dry out very quickly.

There are no belt loops in this pant. However, you can find rings for suspenders. There is another attracting feature in this pant that is leg zips. That works really well and goes up the entire leg.

Overall, this lightweight waterproof pant is awesome for hiking. It has nice fitting and comfortable to wear. You will find this pant in different colors. The manufacturer has made you easy to select the pant of your choice. You will definitely love it. So give it a try.


  • Use of waterproof and breathable fabric membrane
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fully seam taped
  • Double separating side zippers
  • Maximum ventilation


  • No belt loops
  • Legs are little bit long


3. Marmot PreCip Pant: Shell-Mens

Marmot PreCip Pant: Shell-MensMarmot PreCip Pant: Shell is made of 100% nylon. It has used one of the best waterproof and breathable fabric; Marmot® NanoPro™. So, you don’t need to worry anything about getting wet even in rainy weather conditions.

These pants have ankle side zips and snap tabs. There is also a zip front hand pocket and back zip pocket where you can put some of your important items.

You can also wear this pant for backpacking and mountain traveling. What allures you to buy this pant is its lightweight feature. Actually, it has set the standard in terms of being one of the lightest and waterproof pants.

These pants are really comfortable. They are also rain resistant. That is just what you need while hiking in a rainy day. The breathability of the pants is also easy going.

There is not any belt in this pant. That might make you uncomfortable. However, instead of the belt, it has provided string inside the pant. You just have to tie the knot to make it secure. It is not really comfortable to walk a long distance with just a knot. Your pant might fall off while climbing the summit.

This pant is a pretty good waterproof pant. It gives you comfortable fitting. However, they might make a little noise when you wear it. Likewise, you will not find any reversible zipper in the pant. That might annoy you.

These pants are very light. Even though it is good for rainy day hiking, it is not really good for sunny day hiking. You might feel too warm and sweat come all over your body after a few walk.

All these features make this pant awesome for rainy hiking.


  • Use of waterproof and breathable fabric; Marmot® NanoPro™
  • Zip front hand and back zip pocket
  • Elastic waist
  • Lightweight
  • Nice fitting


  • There is no belt
  • No reversible zipper
  • It makes little noise


4. Men’s Convertible Quick Dry Pants

Men's Convertible Quick Dry PantsIf you are looking for waterproof and sun protection hiking pants, then you should definitely buy Men’s Convertible Quick Dry Pants. These pants also get dry very quickly because of four-way spandex fabric.

You can wear this pant for various outdoor activities. It will make you very comfortable while rock climbing, outdoor working, and jungle exploring.

These pants are also durable than other hiking pants. In fact, it repels water like oil. Even if you walk a long distance, the sweat gets dry very fast.

This hiking pant also provides you sun protection. There is no fear of getting your legs burn because of hot weather.

If you don’t like these waterproof hiking pants, you can return it in 30 days. The company provides you an easy replacement service. Likewise, it also gives you three-year limited warranty.

You will also like the quality of this pant. Similarly, the pant is available in various sizes. You can order this pant according to your size.

The zipper pockets of this pant are also awesome for all outdoor activities. This pant will, of course, meet all your expectations. Likewise, they are very comfortable to wear.

In the same way, this pant is also very light. It is well sewn and gives you nice fitting. If you are looking for quick drying hiking pants, then you should definitely buy this hiking pant. However, you might find the length of the pant little bit long. Besides that, it is perfect for hiking in rainy weather conditions.


  • Four-way spandex fabric
  • Dries out quickly
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable fabric
  • Sun protection
  • 30-day Return and replacement service


  • Length is little bit long


5. Men’s Outdoor Windproof Waterproof Pant

Men's Outdoor Windproof Waterproof PantMen’s Outdoor Windproof Waterproof Pants are perfect for outdoor adventure and sports. You can also wear this pant for camping, fishing, traveling, ice sports and skiing. It will surely make your journey awesome and memorable.

These pants are made of 100% polyester. You will not find any issue regarding its quality. It has used the best material and fabric. In fact, it has used warm, soft and comfortable fabric.

You will find many attractive features in this pant. There is a comfortable zippered security pocket where you can put some of your important accessories like cards, phones, and keys.

There is also an exterior adjustable waistband which gives you perfect fitting. You will also find enough room in this pant. Because of more spaces, it will provide you more comfort zone.

These pants are also durable. Even you wear it for a long time, it will not get damage.

If you are planning to go on a trip to the snowy place, then you should definitely buy this pant. It is perfect and makes you very comfortable on the whole journey.

You have to order this pant according to your size. It might not fit you perfectly if you don’t order the pant of your size. You might feel it a little snug.

I didn’t find any issue with this pant. If you have any complaint regarding this pant, then you can share it.


  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Zippered security pockets
  • Adjustable waistband
  • Soft, warm and comfortable fabric
  • Enough room
  • Durable material


6. Yoyo Mens Waterproof Windproof Hiking Camping Pants

Yoyo Mens Waterproof Windproof Hiking Camping PantsIf you are looking for waterproof and windproof pants, then you should definitely buy this pant. These pants are superlight and have UV protection. It is also easily breathable.

You will also find quick vents perspiration in this pant. It is soft and comfortable as well. Similarly, these pants also provide good moisture permeability.

This pant generally comes in small size. But you can order this pant according to your size. It will give you perfect fitting if you order the pant of your size.

The pockets are nice. You can put some of your necessary accessories in the pocket. The quality of material used in this pant doesn’t disappoint you as well. It is flexible and fleece lined.

There is also great quality stitching. Your pant will not be torn easily even you wear it for a long time.

The only problem you will find with these pants is that it doesn’t have a reflective strip. If you like the reflective strip in your pants, then this pant might not give you full satisfaction.

The exterior part of this pant is really nice. It doesn’t allow the water inside the pant. The water easily beaded off. Likewise, the fleece liner will always keep you warm.

You can also wear this pant while cycling. There will be a plenty of room available to move your legs.

Overall, this pant is surely one of the best waterproof hiking pants. You should definitely try it for once.


  • Fleece lining
  • Dries quickly
  • Super light
  • UV protection
  • Multiple pockets
  • No bleaching
  • Natural and warm


  • Runs bit small


7. Bienzoe Quick Dry Waterproof Hiking Pants

Bienzoe Quick Dry Waterproof Hiking PantsBienzoe Quick Dry Waterproof Hiking Pants are made of polyester and cotton rip stop fabric. These pants have also used quick dry fabric. You can easily go on a hiking with no fear of pants getting wet.

There are multiple pockets in this pant. You will find comfortable front and back pockets. Likewise, this pant also has side cargo pockets. The pockets are large and have a suitable design.

If you are looking for convertible hiking pants, then this pant is perfect for you. The legs of pant can be easily zipped off into shorts.

Likewise, the zippers of these pants are also nice and comfortable. In fact, it has used branded YKK zipper. The quality of the zipper is really good.

In the same way, these pants also provide sun protection. You can walk freely with no fear of legs getting burn. It is also easy to wash and iron these pants. You can also wash it in the machine with cold water. But, you should be careful while ironing this pant. You have to iron it at medium temperature.

These pants also give you perfect fitting. If you try it once, you will surely love it. So, why not trying this pant once?


  • Waterproof
  • Sun protection
  • Quick dry fabric
  • Breathable
  • Machine washable
  • Legs convertible into shorts
  • Suitable and large pocket design


8. Montane Mens Minimus Pants

Montane Mens Minimus Pants

If you are intending to buy extremely lightweight rain pants, then you should definitely buy Montane Men’s Minimus Pants. Besides being super light, these pants are also highly breathable. In fact, this pant is made of high breathability PERTEX shield fabric.

These pants have elastic waist and adjustable lockable drawcord. The side zipper of these pants is also nice and easily accessible. There is also Velcro calf tabs which reduce the space around the calves. Likewise, it minimizes abrasion on inner and lower part of the leg.

In the same way, there is pre-elasticated hem which gives you form fitting against footwear. It will also prevent heat loss. Similarly, there is stuff sac which is perfect for storage.

The material used in this pant is really good. They are soft and comfortable. However, these pants come in slim size. Those who are thin, these pants might be perfect for them.

The fabric is also soft. Practically, you can say that these are great pants with no weight. These pants will definitely make you comfortable while going on an outdoor journey.

Nevertheless, there is no doubt that this pant is one of the best waterproof hiking pants. You can definitely try this once.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Highly breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Side ankle zippers
  • Elastic hems
  • MONATE stuff sack
  • YKK side ipper
  • Articulated knees


  • Comes in slim fit


9. Outdoor Research Men’s Helium Pants

Outdoor Research Men’s Helium PantsOutdoor Research Men’s Helium Pants are made of 100% nylon. These pants are totally waterproof. It is also highly breathable.

This pant has comfortable ankle zippers. It also gives you great fitting. You can pack down these pants into granola size shape.

These pants are also superlight. You will have no problem on walking with these pants. It is very much compact as well.

There are some negative points in this pant. The waist is little inflexible. Likewise, the leg zippers are very small. You might feel difficulty wearing this pant over boots.

This pant is undoubtedly one of the best warm weather waterproof pants. It is very small and easy to pack. You can easily put on and take these pants off.

It is also long lasting. You will never feel too hot wearing this pant. So, you can also wear these pants in sunny day hiking.

These pants generally come in small size. It might annoy you. So, it will be better if you order the pants of your own size.

Even though, these pants have few negative points. You will not get disappointed if you buy this pant. These pants are just awesome. You should definitely give it a try.


  • Easy breathability
  • Waterproof
  • Ankle zippers
  • Great fitting
  • Superlight
  • Compact
  • Elastic at waist


  • Waist is little bit inflexible
  • Small leg zips


10. Singbring Men’s Outdoor Waterproof Hiking Pant

Singbring Men's Outdoor Waterproof Hiking PantSingbring Men’s Outdoor Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Mountain Pants are awesome water resistant outdoor pants. You can also wear it while climbing, camp, travel, and fishing.

These pants are made of polyester which makes it more comfortable. There is also an adjustable waist which provides you comfortable fitting. Likewise, there are also comfortable zippered front pockets.

This pant has a large waist. However, you might not be happy with a large waist as it is little loose. However, there is strap belt. You can use it when you feel the waist loose.

These pants are not totally waterproof. However, you can say it water resistant. It might not give you full satisfaction when heavy rain falls.

This pant has a comfortable fitting. They dry out very quickly. It also has sun protection feature with multiple pockets. The pockets are well made; however, sometimes you will see a lot of threads hanging around the pockets. You certainly don’t like that.

When you order this pant, you must be careful about the size. You must place an order according to your size. Sometimes, the pants come in too large size which might not fit you.

You will definitely love these pants because of its many attractive features. It is comfortable and super light. That’s what you need when you go for hiking. You should definitely try this once.


  • Water resistant
  • Adjustable waist
  • Zippered front pockets
  • Great fitting
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Quick drying
  • Lightweight


  • Waist part is little loose
  • Not totally waterproof



Things to Consider While Buying Best Men’s Waterproof Hiking Pants

There are few things you have to consider while buying the best waterproof hiking pants. Here, I have listed some of the points which might benefit you. Let’s have a look at it.

1. Material

What kind of material is used in waterproof hiking pants? You must know that. If you just pick any waterproof pants randomly, then it might not be as good as you have expected it to be. You should always look for the waterproof pants that are made of durable and breathable material. Use of waterproof fabrics might not be enough sometimes. So, you should better look for durable and breathable material besides waterproof fabrics.

2. Leg Zips

You might like pants that can be easily and quickly put over your boots. Leg zip helps you to get waterproof hiking pants over bulky hiking boots. You will find hiking pants with leg zips that can be long up from full to short easily. You will also find pants with ankle zips. Sometimes, ankle zips are not only enough. You must also look for leg zips to be more comfortable.

3. Fit

Generally, waterproof hiking pants will not give you perfect fitting like a pair of skinny jeans. However, these pants do make you feel comfortable if you find the pants of your own size. It is often seen that hikers put on waterproof pants over their normal hiking pants. At that time, you will need waterproof pants that fit perfectly even over your normal pants. So, you should better think about the size of pants before buying.

Expert’s Pick

After going through 10 best men’s waterproof hiking pants, I have to say my personal favorite is Arc’teryx Beta AR Pant. These pants are not only waterproof but are also highly breathable. It is super light and durable as well.  There is also micro seam allowance which reduces bulk and weight. In the same way, it has Gore Tex 3 layer construction articulated knees. That makes you feel very comfortable. You will definitely like this pant after trying once. So don’t think twice and buy Arc’teryx Beta AR Pant soon.

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