10 Best Men’s Waterproof Hiking Pants

When we say hiking, we think of walking. Getting through those tough trails between damp forest or rocky mountain is what makes hiking the best experience. But have you thought this through? What I mean is, you need some excellent gears to go on such travels.

We have to admit that hiking needs lots of activity. There can be challenging trails and terrains.

What do we search for in the best waterproof hiking pants? Well, it must contain some primary features to consider.

The best hiking pants must make you feel comfortable as well as free.

It should be somewhat windproof and repel sunlight.

One of the most important things to look for is breathability. Best waterproof hiking pants must be well ventilated. It must have a very lovely air cooling system.

The best men’s hiking pants should be well fabricated and insulated. The stitches should be solid, and it must feel great against your skin.

You must always choose the pants according to your traveling season. While some pants are okay for all seasons, some pants are specific.

I know it is complicated to find the best hiking pants in the market right now. There are hundreds of different products. In this article, I’ll be talking about some best men’s waterproof hiking pants. I’ll also be mentioning some best budget waterproof hiking pants.

10 Best Men’s Waterproof Hiking Pants of 2019

Name Product ImageFit Material SeasonPrice
Prana stretch zion pantPrana stretch zion pant reviewStandard

Nylon and Spandex
100% Nylon

All seasons

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Convertible PantColumbia Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pant reviewStandardNylon and Polyester
All seasons
LA Police Gear Mens Urban Ops Tactical Cargo PantsLA Police Gear Mens Urban Ops Tactical Cargo Pants reviewstraight
Polyester and cotton
All seasons
White Sierra Trail 32-Inch Inseam Convertible PantBaggy on the legs
100% Nylon
All seasons
CQR Men's Tactical Lightweight waterproof hiking pantsCQR Men's Tactical Lightweight waterproof hiking pants reviewSlightly baggy Polyester and cotton
All seasons
Columbia Men's Rebel Roamer Rain PantColumbia Men's Rebel Roamer Rain Pant reviewSlightly baggy
100% Nylon
Rainy season
Singbring Outdoor Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Mountain PantsSingbring Outdoor Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Mountain Pants reviewstraight Polyester and cotton
All seasons
Tru-Spec Men's 24-7 Ascent PantTru-Spec Men's 24-7 Ascent Pant reviewSlim Polyester
All seasons
Nonwe Men's Snow Hiking Pants Warmth Windproof Water-ResistantNonwe Men's Snow Hiking Pants Warmth Windproof Water-Resistant reviewStretchy 95% polyester 5% spandex
Winter season
Outdoor Research Men's Cirque PantOutdoor Research Men's Cirque Pant reviewTrim50% Nylon, 43% Polyester and 7% SpandexWinter season

Let us go through the details.

1. Prana stretch zion pant

Prana stretch zion pant review



The prana zion pant is one of the best men’s hiking pants in the market right now. This super durable pant consists of high-quality nylon and Spandex.

It has a delicate stretchable original zion fabric and very durable water repellent coating.

There is enough room for proper ventilation and extra air circulation. This waterproof hiking pant fits perfectly in your waist. It has an adjustable waistband with cargo side pockets.

The high-quality fabric feels great, and you can walk without any trouble wearing it.

With foldable roll-up leg cuffs, you can view your footsteps and watch where you are going.

The two cargo side pockets have enough space for your primary items like your mobile phone and other accessories.

One of the main things to look for in your waterproof hiking pants is its accessibility. These pants are very light and flexible. You can make small jumps very easily with these hiking pants.

It has a nice and clever belt buckle around the waistline. This feature helps you adjust your pants in terms of your comfort zone.

These waterproof hiking pants are very durable. The use of strong and flexible fabric and water repellent coating adds to its durability.

Although these pants might not get damaged by a slight touch of rocks or other rough surfaces, it is always better to be safe than sorry. There is enough room for your hips and thighs, and you will not be getting any rashes during your hike.

This waterproof hiking pant has a sun protection rating of 50-plus UPF. It means you can wear this pant and easily hike around any terrain in any season. It will feel great, whether it be a cold rainy day or hot summertime.

These pants are perfectly washable and dry very easily. These are one of the best lightweight waterproof hiking pants available.


  • It is available in standard and convertible designs.
  • I love how there is an extra room for your sweaty areas.
  • Super durable.
  • Breathable
  • Lots of spacious pockets


  • A bit heavy.


2. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Convertible Pant review



This pant is one of the best men’s waterproof hiking pants. This convertible pant is above average in every aspect. Highly durable materials make this pant long, lasting, and reliable. You don’t need to worry about getting sweaty, as these pants have enough room for your legs, thighs, and hips.

These pants come with good quality Nylon and Polyester. These are all seasons pants, which can be worn in any hiking or camping. The way it converts to shorts is very handy as well. The zippers open up just above the knee. I personally found this feature very handy.

The side pockets are secure and have enough space for your shades or mobile phones. These mens waterproof hiking pants have a zip secured pocket as well.

Talking about versatility, this mens hiking pants surely tops the chart. I mean, this pant is as versatile as you would want it to be. It doesn’t matter whether you are hiking through a dense forest or a desert; this pant will perform great. It does not matter if it’s raining or a cold breeze is hitting your body; this waterproof hiking pants will perform well.

This pant is one of the best waterproof hiking pants for winter hiking. The airproof outer shell will fully protect you from the cold and harsh winter environment. This waterproof hiking pant is suitable for any unpredictable weather you might face during your hike.

With sun protection of UPF 50, this hiking pant is anti-abrasion. You will not feel sweaty in your legs and groins. One of the best features of these hiking pants is the availability of mesh pocket bags. This feature turned out to be very efficient for me.

In my travel, I had to go through tough areas and time. The mornings and evenings were chilly and cold, whereas the temperature rose to its peak at noon. I was able to move forward without any trouble with the help of this pant. The one zip convertible legs were very reliable. I personally would recommend these pants any day.


  • Water repellant and wind resistant
  • An elastic and adjustable waistband
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Best budget waterproof hiking pants
  • Easy one zip convertible
  • Breathable
  • Best lightweight waterproof hiking pants


  • Medium quality zippers used


3. LA Police Gear Mens Urban Ops Tactical Cargo Pants

LA Police Gear Mens Urban Ops Tactical Cargo Pants review



These pants might be unknown to many as they are not seen as hiking pants by many. I want to clear it out by saying that these are one of the best men’s hiking pants. These are tactical and handy. The pockets are wide and deep enough for your various items.

65% polyester and 35% cotton rip-stop fabric make these pants very durable. These waterproof hiking pants are resistant to light water splash and cold wind. These can be your everyday work pants as well as hiking pants.

I’ve used these pants for hiking in different areas and hills. I’ve never been disappointed by these pants. There is always an extra room for me to keep my belongings. The front slip pocket is very handy to keep your foldable knife.

These waterproof hiking pants come with high-quality brass zippers. These contain very robust closure for the waist.

These men’s hiking pants are always ready for different movements around the terrains. We know how the situations and surroundings can change during a long and tiring hike. There needs lots of movement and mobility. These pants are well-engineered for such an experience.

With extra space for your hips and crotch area, you’d feel very comfortable while moving around. These pants are immune to small scratches because of the fabrics and well-stitched joints. These standard baggy fit hiking pants are sun-protected but do not come in convertible design.

The belt loops are long and sturdy. It will not let your belt to roll while you hike. These are one of the best backpacking hiking pants. These pants are one of the best lightweight waterproof hiking pants. I cannot say, these are the cheap waterproof hiking pants. Still, these are one of those budget hiking pants for men.

These pants are available in different colors. I got one in khaki color, which was good. They reflect lights, unlike the black ones. I recommend you get in khaki color if you’re thinking of a long day hike outside some nice shades.

These will fit perfectly towards your legs. I suggest you order one size up than your true size.


  • Waterproof breathable hiking pants
  • Enough pockets for your accessories
  • Lightweight waterproof hiking pants
  • anti-abrasion
  • Articulating knees
  • Extra space for your seats and crotch


  • Does not come in convertible design
  • Does not include belt


4. White Sierra Trail 32-Inch Inseam Convertible Pant

White Sierra Trail 32-Inch Inseam Convertible Pant review



Another one of the best waterproof hiking pants include the White Sierra convertible pants. These pants come with a 100% Nylon fabric. The outer shell consists of high-quality water repellent fabric. These pants are great if you are thinking about traveling in the woods.

These waterproof hiking pants are travel friendly. Immobility is the biggest enemy and set back for your perfect hiking or backpacking. These pants are mobile. Walking around wearing these pants are as comfortable as you can get.

These pants do not make much of those swoosh swoosh sound while you walk. (It does bother some people). You will be well protected against harmful UV radiation. These pants include UPF sun protection in the fabric. This addition not only protects you (which it does well) but also adds to the durability of the pant.

These lightweight waterproof hiking pants are compatible with machine wash. These pants are easy to clean while you hike as well, and dry pretty well. Compatible for all seasons and surroundings, these pants convert easily to shorts with smooth zip.

The belt is attached and adjustable with easy access. Keeping your accessories also is very easy. There are angled side pockets, and hook secured back and thigh pockets. Just drop your cell phone or folding pocket knives.

These waterproof hiking pants are almost perfect for your next backpacking trip. They go from repelling water and sunlight to keeping those mosquitoes away. I have yet to test these pants in snow and don’t know how it will perform in such an environment. But, these pants performed great in both cold or hot weather.

I would recommend these pants for those who like to travel staying on a budget. Given its price, these are probably one of the best budget waterproof hiking pants.


  • Lightweight waterproof hiking pants
  • Comes in standard and convertible design
  • Machine wash and quick dry fabric
  • Compatible for different seasons


  • Small seat space
  • Front cargo pockets do not feel great


5. CQR Men’s Tactical Lightweight waterproof hiking pants

CQR Men's Tactical Lightweight waterproof hiking pants review



These are another one of the best lightweight waterproof hiking pants. I was not expecting much from these, but I have to admit that these pants took me by surprise. These well-stitched pants are great to walk with and are super light. The fabric will feel great against your skin. These hiking pants are manufactured with 65% polyester and 35% cotton. These come with high-quality ripstop cotton fabric.

The heavy-duty metal alloy button and zipper come with a stopper. The zipper does not get stuck on the outer fabric shell. These pants are durable. They repel water and are moist proof. These pants are dustproof as well. They wash easily and dry quickly.

The elastic waistband becomes pretty handy as well. These waterproof hiking pants come with angled pockets deep enough for your stuff. Also, there are flip covered and secured cargo pockets at the side and back. These will not trouble you while you wander around any hiking trails.

These tactical cum hiking pants come with double-layered seat pattern which is wide and comfy. Also, there is a special space to insert your knee pad. This adds to its feature and your safety, of course.

These waterproof hiking pants must be a go-to pants for any hiker. The manufactures have thought through and put lots of effort to fulfill any hiker’s requirements and keep them happy.

For me, these hiking pants could be ideal for any hiking or backpacking.

These pants not only give you full comfort in a hike but also stays stylish and give a military look. I personally found this pretty cool. These waterproof hiking pants are compatible for any season. These pants are breathable and have plenty of room for your hips and thighs.


  • Plenty of pockets
  • Breathable
  • double-layered seat
  • Special space for knee pads
  • Adjustable elastic waistband
  • Shrink and wrinkle resistant


  • Do not come in convertible design
  • Tends to be baggy for some


6. Columbia Men’s Rebel Roamer Rain Pant

Columbia Men's Rebel Roamer Rain Pant review



These are probably the best rain pants. These pants are great for hiking in the rainy season. I had a huge doubt on listing these pants here. After all, these might not be your ideal hiking pants. These pants lack pockets. Yes, you heard it right, these pants have no pockets. These pants are meant to be worn outside your regular pants. But if it is raining, these are the best pants you can buy right now.

The Rebel Romer rain pants come with a 100% Nylon outer shell. The company implements what they call “the Omni tech technology.” This term refers to an air circulation system, which invokes better breathability. It also helps keep you dry. You’ll find these rain pants very comfortable and mobile.

These pants have easy access and wide waistline. The waistline is elastic and can be adjusted with the help of a drawstring. This pant is supposed to be worn outside any of your regular pants. Because of this very reason, you must order one or two sizes up, if you want this pant to fit perfectly.

Compatible with machine and hand wash, this pant dries quickly. I found this pant to be very best in repelling water or moist. You will be completely dry inside this pant and walk easily. Although this pant does not include any pockets, accessing your other pant’s pockets is very easy. The drawstring adjustable waist has a greater advantage in this.

The leg cuff can be adjusted, as well. This lightweight waterproof hiking pant packs easily and eats up very less of your backpacking space. Just open your backpack, pull this pant out and wear it over your hiking pant. It’s that easy. Also, this pant is super durable and is immune to commonly occurring damages.

This pant is best suitable for the rainy season. It will be just a piece of extra luggage in your backpack if you’re hiking in any other season.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Waterproof and wrinkle proof
  • Easy packing
  • Lightweight hiking rain pant
  • Durable


  • No pockets included
  • Best compatible for the rainy season


7. Singbring Outdoor Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Mountain Pants

Singbring Outdoor Lightweight Waterproof Hiking Mountain Pants review



This pant is probably one of the best budget waterproof hiking pants on this list. Singbing outdoor waterproof pant comes with a soft Polyester for the outer shell. It is coated with water repellent fabric from the outside. The stitches are very strong and flexible. I personally feel this pant is a slim fit, but I could have gotten my hands on such sized one.

The zippered pockets are very handy. They are somewhat deep. They will hold your mobile phone or a pocket knife easily. There is enough space for your extra batteries and flashlights as well. This lightweight hiking pant is super easy to pack as well. It weighs around 300 grams or so. It is a perfect takeaway for great backpacking experience.

The pant feels great around your waist. I find the elastic bands very helpful and easy to access. This pant is very comfortable and mobile. You can easily move around wearing this pant. I felt very comfortable in this pant and had no difficulty in around 13 miles hike. The pant has an ankle opening, which will provide you with extra space while walking.

Although this pant has a slim fit structure, I did not get any itchiness or abrasion. This pant does not feel tighter if you want to wear any thermal trousers. The metal touch in the zipper is a nice touch to this pant. Considering its price, this is one of the best budget waterproof hiking pants as well. I used this pant in some tough trails and caves. It has held up pretty well till date. Whenever I feel like going on a hike or a backpacking trip, this pant is always on my packing list.

There’s a thing to be considered about this pant. This pant is not compatible with a high boot. It has a slightly narrow cuff. Other than that, this pant is pretty much a go-to pant for any hiking, trekking or backpacking trip.


  • comfortable and soft shell
  • Deep spacious pockets
  • Durable materials
  • anti-abrasion
  • Lightweight waterproof hiking pant


  • Not convertible
  • Not compatible for top boots


8. Tru-Spec Men’s 24-7 Ascent Pant

Tru-Spec Men's 24-7 Ascent Pant review



This pant comes with a 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton fabric. This pants cannot be labeled as waterproof hiking pants. But, this is surely water and moist resistant pant. Once my team and I had to pass through some wetlands. It was a tough trail. This pant is super durable as well. The zipper is very heavy-duty and reliable. The outer shell contains Teflon coating for moist and dust protection.

It comes with a mechanical stretch fabric. This feature makes it easy to move around and take high and long steps. It does not matter where you are hiking. This lightweight hiking pant is ideal for any terrains and trails.

Adjustable waistband helps easy access and extreme mobility. You will have enough space in this pant for your seat and thighs. This hiking pant comes with a reliable and smooth heavy-duty zipper. There are deep and wide pockets present in this pant. You will find it easy to store any accessories. Whether it be your modern mobile phone or a flashlight, this pant will hold your accessories like nothing. You will have very easy access to the cargo pockets, that lie just at the right place above your knees. You can slide your pocket knife in there.

With the help of great fabric and stitching, the manufacturers have made it sure to recognize the consumer’s requirements. This lightweight hiking pant comes with a great style and is compatible with machine washing as well. Since this pant is coated with water-resistant material, it will surely wash great and dries quickly.

There is even an extra space for you to slide in your knee pad. This adds to your safety, and you’ll be confident while walking on those rocks.

I would recommend you to have this pant if you are going on a hike anytime soon. This is because of some reliable features, durability, and an all seasons compatibility.


  • UV protection
  • Best pockets
  • Stain resistant
  • Moisture protection


  • Not convertible
  • Slightly expensive


9. Nonwe Men’s Snow Hiking Pants Warmth Windproof Water-Resistant

Nonwe Men's Snow Hiking Pants Warmth Windproof Water-Resistant review



As there was a rain pant mentioned earlier, this pant comes for a specific purpose as well. The Nonwe men’s pant is best suitable to hike in the snow. You can wear this pant if you’re thinking of hiking in snow or windy reasons. This hiking pant comes with 95% polyester and 5% spandex. This pant looks well made and well-engineered. The stitches are of top notch. And there is no compromising with the quality of items like the zippers and outer coating.

The pant has an elastic waistband. This feels easy access and comfortable. Also, this can adjust as per you require. This comfortable and stretchy pant has pockets secured by a zipper. The pockets are deep and wide enough to keep your stuff and use them frequently. I have to say, and this pant is ideal for hiking, backpacking, and camping.

The materials used are dustproof, wrinkle proof, and water-resistant. The outer shell of this waterproof hiking pant is coated with a sun-protected, UV repellent coating. All these factors and engineering add greatly to its durability, flexibility, and reliability.

This pant will keep you warm indoors and outdoors. They have well enough room for your crotch and thighs. The seat is well-positioned, and you will face no difficulty whatsoever. Hiking in snow includes lots of climbing as well. You need to take long and strong steps. This pant can well execute all these actions.

In such price, the pant you are getting is pretty well insulated. There is very less heat transfer from and to the surrounding. Still, this pant offers good ventilation. This pant has become one of the top choices for outdoor activities in winter. Besides hiking, this snow pant can also be worn while cycling and skiing. This pant certainly is not the lightest pant I’ve had. But, it surely is a cheap mens waterproof hiking pant.


  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Windproof and heat preservation


  • Not ideal for all seasons


10. Outdoor Research Men’s Cirque Pant

Outdoor Research Men's Cirque Pant review



This pant is ideal for hiking through chilly mountain regions. Combination of 50% Nylon, 43% Polyester, and 7% Spandex makes this pant very durable. The pant comes with a softshell. The materials are coated with a water-resistant coating. If you prefer hiking through some high slopes and steeps, this pant might be the one for you.

The pant comes with soft material and high end insulation. It will keep you warm while you are walking or resting. The cold and chilly surroundings might sometimes be too much to handle. The wind could make you frustrated. Staying warm and dry is the most important part of such hikes. This pant is made to resist moisture. It will keep you safe from getting wet and cold.

The insulation is great as well. Hiking through mountains need greater movement and mobility. This pant provides you with extra mobility. With the help of the well-engineered, and extra spacious knee, you will be able to move more freely. The long and high steps you need to take will feel less difficult when you have such an advantage.

The pant has side pockets, which you can use to hold your stuff. And, a zipper secures these pockets. Your mobile phone or batteries will remain dry and safe inside these pockets. I have to say; the zippers are not of the highest quality ever. They are snag resistant and do not get stuck in the fabric.

This waterproof and windproof hiking pant is compatible with machine wash as well. With a trim fit style and gusseted crotch area, you’ll find this pant quite breathable. I recommend this pant if you’re planning a hike towards mountains and windy hills.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Good insulation and heat entrapment
  • I like how it offers a bootlace hook


  • Not ideal for all seasons



Remember to follow this article the next time you plan a trip. I have tried my best to include some of the best waterproof hiking pants for men. There are some lightweight waterproof hiking pants. And there are some budget waterproof hiking pants.

You should choose the right pants for your travel. Columbia Men’s Rebel Roamer Rain Pant is designed for the rainy season. And, Nonwe Men’s Snow Hiking Pant is designed for hiking in the snow.

Most pants included on this list are compatible for all seasons. I think these are some ideal pants.

If I had to choose any one of these pants, I would go for the Prana stretch zion pant. In my opinion, the Nylon and Spandex combination is one of the bests.

Remember, one pant is not ideal for every person. All these pants are great, and I have enjoyed wearing all of them.

A single pant is not enough for a few day’s hikes. Research well, and get the right pants for you.

“Travelling is a way of life.” If you don’t travel, you’ll not learn enough.