10 Best Men’s Convertible Hiking Pants

Travelling often takes you through some rough challenges.

Sometimes, wearing fragile clothing items while traveling can create discomfort and disrupt the momentum of a hike. Whether it be a small hike to a treacherous one, every man on the road needs a strong pair of hiking pants for strength and comfort.

With today’s innovative technology and fabrics, the makers have developed hiking pants with absolute comfort and strength that can withstand much of the natural damages.

Focusing solely on comfort, performance, and durability, I am here to describe you the collection of ‘ 10 of the Best Men’s Convertible Hiking Pants ’.

I judged them based on their performance in the real-world and the feedback they have received from their buyers.

Let’s dive into it.

10 of the Best Men’s Convertible Hiking Pants in 2018/2019 that you need to know about.

Product Name Product ImageWeight Material Used Price
Prana Stretch Zion Convertible PantPrana Stretch Zion Convertible Pant review1.06 pounds 97% Nylon
3% Spandex
Columbia Silver Ridge Stretch Convertible PantColumbia Silver Ridge Stretch Convertible Pant review0.9 pounds


Mier Men’s Convertible Comfort Stretch PantMier Men’s Convertible Comfort Stretch Pant1.05 pounds 88% Nylon
12% Spandex
The North Face Paramount Trail Convertible PantThe North Face Paramount Trail Convertible Pant reviwe0.93 pounds 100% Nylon
Jesse Kidden Men’s Hiking Convertible Lightweight TrousersJesse Kidden Men’s Hiking Convertible Lightweight Trousers review0.6 pounds 100% Nylon
White Sierra Men’s Trail Convertible PantWhite Sierra Men’s Trail Convertible Pant review1 pound 100% Nylon
BC Clothing Men’s Convertible Lightweight Comfort Stretch Cargo PantsBC Clothing Men’s Convertible Lightweight Comfort Stretch Cargo Pants review0.3 pounds 73% Cotton,24% Nylon,3% Spandex
FLYGAGA Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Convertible PantFLYGAGA Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Convertible Pant review0.6 pounds 100% (Taslon Fabric) Nylon
TOOMETT Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Convertible Lightweight Cargo Work PantTOOMETT Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Convertible Lightweight Cargo Work Pant review0.7 pounds 100% Polyester
CQR Men’s Convertible Pants Zip Off Quick Dry Cargo
CQR Men’s Convertible Pants Zip Off Quick Dry Cargo Trousers review0.9 pounds64% Cotton, 30%Nylon 6% Spandex,

1. Prana Stretch Zion Convertible Pant

Prana Stretch Zion Convertible Pant review


Application: Hiking/Climbing

Gender: Male

Material: 97% Nylon / 3% Spandex

Pant Type: Convertible/Stretch


The Prana Stretch delivers the highest quality of convertible pants available out there in the market. It is a composition of 97% Nylon and 3% Spandex which results in it’s lightweight but also providing that rugged strength. It is my favorite one from this list!

The Prana Stretch Zion Convertible Pant is water repellent, and even if they dip in the water completely, they dry extremely fast! So if your next trip requires you to travel through watery lands, you’d better buy a couple of these pants and travel hassle-free.

Gladly, these pants are quite roomy and breathable. The hip area is very spacious and doesn’t tighten up even when you’re climbing through steep terrains.

Its 4-way stretch provides ultimate comfort and durability for your convenience.

Because of its fantastic build, these pants provide you warmth when the climate is cold, especially in the morning and evening. They also give you enough room to breathe when the weather peaks up during the day.

Another useful feature of this pant is that it has two cargo pockets for holding valuables. If you’re a hiker who likes to have that extra bit of room while traveling, then this bag might please you in just the right ways!

These standard fit pants also have UPF+50. It means that the fabric only allows one-fiftieth of the sun’s UV Rays above to pass through it. So, you’re always protected against those uninvited UV rays while you’re on the run.


  • Abrasion Resistant (Durable Water Repellent) / DWR Coating & dries fast.
  • Streamlined Adjustable Waistband.
  • All-Weather Finish.
  • Has UPF50+ (Protects Against Sun’s UV Rays).


  • No Zippers on the main pocket.
  • Zipper’s Quality is Average.

2. Columbia Silver Ridge Stretch Convertible Pant

Columbia Silver Ridge Stretch Convertible Pant review


Application: Hiking

Gender: Male

Material: 100% Nylon

Pant Type: Convertible/Stretch


Let’s admit it; we all prefer traveling with style. Well, no-one grabs our attention as much as the ‘Columbia Silver Ridge Stretch Convertible Pant’ when it comes to style. I think that these are the most stylish outdoor pants you can find out there.

Don’t just let the appearance distract you because the makers have built these quite strongly too!

Their build material consists of Elastane and Polyester that provides flexibility and comfort while maintaining the rigidness. These also might be the best climbing pants you can find.

Because their build is so muscular, regardless of the weather, you might face, they can keep you warm and comfortable.

These Columbia hiking pants are effortless to convert from pants to hiking shorts. Thus they save you both energy and time, ensuring you can travel with more efficiency.

They also contain a one zip-closure security pocket, side pockets and mesh pockets with a lot of hooks and loop closures. They are all built for your convenience.

With its UPF 50+ sun protection, this pant also protects you from the UV rays of the sun.

Columbia’s products rarely disappoint us. This product is another prime example of why people love this company and the products that they create never fails to impress us.

Summarizing it, The ‘Columbia Silver Ridge Stretch Convertible Pant’ is one of the best in the market. They are durable, comfortable, and efficient while also maintaining that hint of good looks.


  • Omni-shield advanced repellency.
  • UPF 50 sun protection.
  • Comfortable Stretch.
  • Zip-Closed Security Pocket.
  • Easily Convertible.


  • Smaller Pockets.
  • They do not include a belt.

3. Mier Men’s Convertible Comfort Stretch Pant

Mier Men’s Convertible Comfort Stretch Pant


Application: Hiking/Camping

Gender: Male

Material: 88% Nylon / 12% Spandex

Pant Type: Convertible/Stretch


As a traveler, you may travel through rugged mountains or through sunny river banks. Throughout your journey, you want your clothes to be able to handle it all. The Mier Men’s Convertible Comfort Stretch Pant keeps you warm regardless of the weather you’ve found yourself into.

They are pretty durable and bulky. Made up of 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex, these pants provide you with that extra flexibility and comfort while you’re on the road.

It’s pretty lightweight too, weighing only approximately 1.05 pounds, yet despite being thin, it’s Nylon and Spandex has a high quality feel to it.

Also, it’s Zip-off pant with concealed zipper legs makes it extremely easy to convert it as well adding extra feasibility.

Firstly, these pants have a 4-way stretch feature, which increases the performance and provides excellent mobility. It also has breathable technology which allows you to sweat less and keep you moving on the road.

Secondly, the dura-flex buckle and the elastic sides present in this pant helps you to adjust the waist and create customized comfortable fit according to your needs. There’s even an articulated knees feature which creates durability and helps you to step over trail debris found in your path.

Finally, the DWR coating keeps it water-resistant and even if you go in for a dip out there, it dries quite quickly. So, no worries!

Built with strength and durability, the Mier Men’s Convertible Comfort Stretch Pant is definitely one of my favorites from the list!


  • DWR Coating & Dries quickly.
  • Articulated Knees adds durability.
  • 7 Ample Pockets built for greater convenience.
  • The 4-way stretch feature adds mobility and exceptional performance.


  • Only Khaki & Grey colors are available.
  • You cannot use fabric softener while washing.

4. The North Face Paramount Trail Convertible Pant

The North Face Paramount Trail Convertible Pant reviwe


Application: Casual/Hiking

Gender: Male

Material: 100% Nylon

Pant Type: Convertible


‘The North Face.’, if you’re a frequent traveler, then you’re pretty familiar with this brand. They are pretty famous for creating backpacks, trekking gears, shoes, jackets and many more. By hearing their name, my expectations were already pretty high with this one.

And naturally, they do not disappoint. Made up of 100% Nylon, it can keep you warm even in harsh and unpleasant conditions. The lifetime guarantee that the company provides pretty much explains how durable and long-lasting this product is.

Weighing around 420g, these are extremely lightweight, and most hikers use them in short hikes, camping or day to day activities.

Like others, this pant also comes with EWR Coating which sheds away light rains. So, no worries against the little puddles and light showers you may face on your way.

It has many other features such as UPF 50+ which protects against the harmful UV rays. An elastic waistband and adjustable buckle closure upfront and some zip closed cargo pockets which help in putting little pieces of stuff together.

Many big brands fail to deliver high-quality products in today’s market, but luckily ‘The North Face’ is not of them. This pant promises to be long-lasting, durable, and efficient but also providing comfort and make you look quite good on the road. All in all, if you’re a little brand conscious and also want an excellent looking pair of durable hiking pants, then the north face’s ‘Paramount Trail Hiking Pants’ is the right way to go!


  • DWR Coating sheds light rain away.
  • Ultraviolet Protection Factor (50).
  • Elastic waistband and adjustable buckle add greater comfort.
  • Zip Closed Cargo Pockets great for holding small items.


  • A little Baggy.
  • Comes with a belt but no mesh briefs.

5. Jesse Kidden Men’s Hiking Convertible Lightweight Trousers

Jesse Kidden Men’s Hiking Convertible Lightweight Trousers review


Application: Hiking/Camping

Gender: Male

Material: 100% Nylon

Pant Type: Convertible/Casual


These trousers are your perfect companion if you’re going for mild hiking, fishing, or a walk around the block. You can use them while hiking, fishing, riding, hunting, jogging, and a majority of outdoor activities.

One of the quickest drying pants in the market; these trousers consists of quick-drying fabric material which also absorbs moisture and keeps you comfy. So, if you’re worried about how the humidity might turn out, don’t worry because these trousers can keep you fresh and breathable.

These pants also offer you the option of a detachable belt which you might want to take off while relaxing and put on to prevent the pants from loosening during hiking.

When it comes to comfort, the makers have made no exceptions.

They have the Zip-off legs feature so you can change from pants to shorts with absolute ease.

There are a total of 6 pockets among whom two are slant pockets, two are thigh pockets, and two are present in the back. They provide you enough space for your money, coins, or any valuable items you might carry.

What do we like about this pant? It’s distinctive look combined with its high-quality material and all in all, just how comfortable it feels. So, If you’re planning to go hiking, fishing, riding, or any outdoor activities around the weekend, I assure you that this ‘Jesse Kidden Men’s Hiking Convertible Lightweight Trousers’ will not dishearten you.


  • It Dries Quickly.
  • UPF protects against harmful UV Rays.
  • Suitable for any outdoor activities.
  • Water Repellent and Wear-Resisting.
  • Zip-Off System helps to change from pants to shorts easily.


  • Smaller Rear Pockets.
  • Zippers small in Size.

6. White Sierra Men’s Trail Convertible Pant

White Sierra Men’s Trail Convertible Pant review


Application: Hiking/Casual

Gender: Male

Material: 100% Nylon Woven

Pant Type: Convertible


White Sierra does know a thing or two about designing hiking pants, and this ‘White Sierra Men’s Trail Convertible Pant’ poses as a prime example for it. It is quite popular amongst hikers and one of the best selling items in the market. This pant’s high-quality materials, and it’s exceptional build are the reasons this pant makes it to our list.

The material consists of 100% Nylon, and thanks to the Teflon treated fabric, this pant can repel water, soil, and stain. With such a unique and everlasting design, it certainly has been able to win over many customers’ hearts.

The crotch gusset in this one allows the ability to move around in pure comfort without inflicting any injuries while climbing through steep slopes and landscapes.

The material is thin enough to make it breathable but also does not stick when the humidity hits higher peaks. They are a good fit and not too baggy. On the other side, this pant also has elasticated side waist with a flat front and button opening with fly front closure making it comfortable and travel-friendly.

Zipping in and out of these pants aren’t burdensome as well. There is a zip fly feature which allows you to transition from pants to shorts and vice versa quite easily.

Like many other well-loved pants in the market, this pant also has UPF 30, which protects against some unwanted UV rays.

Despite the fierce competition out there, this pant has been able to stand out and make a good impression amongst buyers. If you’re looking for the right combination of comfort and endurance, then we’d give a heads up for this one.


  • Quick Dry and Travel-Friendly.
  • UPF 30 Sun Protection.
  • Crotch Gusset provides freedom of movement.
  • Zip-off helps for a smoother transition between shorts and pants.


  • Waist button is a little fragile.

7. BC Clothing Men’s Convertible Lightweight Comfort Stretch Cargo Pants

BC Clothing Men’s Convertible Lightweight Comfort Stretch Cargo Pants review


Application: Hiking/Casual

Gender: Male

Material: 73% Cotton, 24% Nylon , 3% Spandex

Pant Type: Convertible/Stretch/Cargo


Nowadays, it is quite challenging to find cotton made hiking pants out there. The BC Clothing Men’s Convertible Lightweight Comfort Stretch Cargo Pants is the one who has continuously been standing out in the market.

It consists of 73% Cotton, 24% Nylon, and 3% Spandex, making this pant lightweight and more comfortable to carry around.

This pant also comes with Elastic Waist with adjustable belt and buckle all built for your amenity.

A fancy feature you can observe in this pant is that there is a swivel key-holder at the left hip. So, no more worrying about losing your keys, eh? Two front slant pockets and two velcro closure pockets are also present. Two large zippered pockets, one at the right hip and the other one at the right hip are also present. Quite a bit of room in this pant!

A detachable concealed zipper allows the pant to convert into shorts with the utmost ease.

The makers have designed this pant in a way to provide you as much comfort as possible so that your travel can be pleasant and enjoyable.

Long story short, this BC Clothing Men’s convertible lightweight comfort stretch cargo pants is a sweet mixture of style and comfort. Personally, I feel that this is one of the best budget hiking pants in the market. So, If a light journey is your next plan, then buying these would be the perfect deal for you.


  • Elastic Waist with adjustable buckle and belt provides you a great deal of comfort.
  • Swivel Key Holder great for handling keys.
  • A large number of pockets.


  • Not fit for rugged terrains and harsh weather conditions.

8. FLYGAGA Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Convertible Pant

FLYGAGA Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Convertible Pant review


Application: Hiking/Casual

Gender: Male

Material: 100% (Taslon Fabric)Nylon

Pant Type: Convertible/Cargo


The FLYGAGA men’s outdoor quick dry convertible pant is peculiar in its own way while compared to the rest. Not the most robust pants you can find out there yet for a casual day out, or a hike you will not find a better deal than this.

This pant consists of 100% Talson fabric which protects you against the sun’s harmful rays. Plus you also get the Omni-wick technology feature that absorbs the moisture away and helps you to keep cool throughout the day.

A wide variety of handy features comes along with these pants. You get a security zip closure pocket to put your valuables zipped in, so you do not lose them. There are also many side pockets with hooks and loops and mesh pocket bags for your luxury.

The developers have added gusset detail for more mobility along with partial elastic waist and zip-off legs, which adds even more support.

In many ways, this FLYGAGA Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Convertible Pant is a much simpler and better alternative for people who are not looking for extreme adventures and want to have a subtle trip at a reasonable budget. The appealing looks and high-quality comfort of this one are bound to catch your eye.


  • Classic fit provides you greater convenience and comfort.
  • Gusset Detail adds more flexibility.
  • It Dries Pretty Quickly.


  • Guide Hole in the button is small, which may cause wearing out problems in the long run.

9. TOOMETT Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Convertible Lightweight Cargo Work Pant

TOOMETT Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Convertible Lightweight Cargo Work Pant review


Gender: Male

Material: 100% Polyester

Pant Type: Convertible/Cargo


The TOOMETT Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Convertible Lightweight Cargo Work Pant is an excellent option for people trying to find a pant with a blend of comfort and style. Made up of 100% Polyester people often uses these pants for both casual as well as outdoor activities. I feel that these are the perfect outdoor pants for men.

They are fairly water-resistant and well built. The fit side elastics add to the comfort as well. There is even an exterior adjustable waistband that sets according to your preference.

Omni Shade UPF 40+ makes it ideal for outdoor activities without having to worry about the UV Rays.

The fit in this one is also pretty good, and the pant does not feel too baggy. At higher temperatures the bag is breathable too and talking about its ability to dry, it does dry pretty quickly. So a quick splash might not be too bad after all!

Using the zipper closure feature, you can zip the pant into inseam shorts and vice versa without any technical difficulties.

A variety of colors are available with these pants, so you can take your time and choose the one which compliments you the most.

For you short hikers out there, these pants can be your best friend if you’re going on a minor hike. Also if you’re searching for a pair of stylish yet comfortable hiking pants at an appropriate budget, this certainly must be your first choice.


  • UPF 40 protects against UV Rays.
  • Adjustable Waistband adds extra comfort.
  • You can use if for both casual and outdoor recreation use.
  • Quick Dry Fabric.


  • Pockets relatively smaller in size

10. CQR Men’s Convertible Pants Zip Off Quick Dry Cargo Trousers

CQR Men’s Convertible Pants Zip Off Quick Dry Cargo Trousers review


Application: Hiking/Casual

Gender: Male

Material: 64% Cotton , 30% Nylon , 3%Spandex

Pant Type: Convertible


You’re surely wondering what good could this product be because after all, it’s at the end of our list. Well, let me prove you wrong! If you’re looking for a good and light set of pants whether it may be a hike or a day out, this CQR Men’s Convertible Pants is undoubtedly one of the best out there.

Sure, if you’re a hiker looking for more adventurous and challenging treks, this might not be the right choice for you. But for the majority of people looking for a pair of comfortable yet sturdy hiking pants, then this product is the perfect choice at a budget this reasonable. These certainly are one of the best outdoor pants out there.

The material used in building this pant is a mixture of 64% Cotton, 30% Nylon and 3% Spandex making it one of the few Cotton based Convertible Hiking Pants in the market.

The Stretch Fabric comes with moisture sensing and two-way air circulation, helping you to stay more relaxed throughout your activities.

It also has 6 Multipurpose cargo pockets for holding various pieces of equipment and your valuable possessions.

The considerable room in the thigh area helps you to walk and climb and walk freely without having to face any restrictions.

Authentically speaking, at a reasonable budget like this, these set of pants are a steal!

Blending comfort and style is what this pant is all about. So, if you’re a light traveler and want something light with great ease and least issues, you’ve indeed found the right match.


  • 6 Multipurpose cargo pockets are present which are useful for holding possessions
  • Moisture Sensing and two-way air circulation
  • You can use them for both casual and outdoor recreation use
  • Great Fit


  • Short Length Zipper
  • Sewing Looks Average

What factors should you be considering while buying convertible hiking pants?

Hiking pants have come a long way since they had been first used. With technology today, developers have developed modern hiking pants in such a way that they provide you absolute comfort and convenience. The endurance and strength of today’s hiking bags bear are stunning.

But in the end still, we’re humans after all. Each of us has our personal preference when it comes to choosing our clothes, whether it be hiking clothes or normal ones.

Nonetheless, I am here to explain to you some of the factors the best hiking pants must have so that when you opt to buy a good set of hiking pants, you can make the right choice.


No doubt material is the principal factor to consider. The better quality material you have, the better set of pants you will have. Nylon is the most widely used material in new hiking pants, but that does not necessarily mean other materials are all bad.

Frankly, a mixture of Nylon and Spandex proves much more useful because spandex is a stretchy material and does not limit your flexibility. I would personally recommend a Nylon and Spandex mixture for higher performance and mobility.


Fitting plays a massive role while traveling. If you’re traveling with a set of pants that are too baggy or one which makes noise, these gradually drain you down after a certain amount of time. You don’t want that, do you? Nowadays a lot of companies have created hiking pants with the best fit possible so you can go and choose the one that fits you perfectly.


You don’t buy a set of pants, use them once and throw them away, do you? When you buy them you want them to be long-lasting, so you can go on as many hikes as possible wearing them. So one of the most critical steps while choosing the perfect hiking pants is too check the thickness of the pants.

The depth can give you an idea of how durable the product might be. You can even choose pants with abrasion resistance, which prevents wear and tear in the long run.

4.Water Resistance

Travelling does not always take you through lands; sometimes, you might also have to pass through shallow waters, puddles, or even light rains. The nylon material does not absorb water easily, and even if it does it dries out very quickly.

Most of the hiking pants come with DWR(Durable Water Repellent) which can shed away water and dry out quickly. So if you’re going to a place where you might encounter with waters frequently better grab a pair of water-resistant hiking pants.


Now, this is mostly dependent on personal preference and the type of location you’re traveling to. Some people choose lightweight while some people want slightly heavier ones. It also relies on the type of place you’re visiting.

If you’re traveling to rugged terrains and harder landscapes, then little heavier pants might be better since they are sturdier. For light hikes, lightweight pants are a blessing. The heavier ones are not that heavy themselves ranging from 1.0 pounds and above.


Comfort depends on many factors. Majority of the hiking pants available nowadays are all comfortable. Comfort depends on the thigh room you have inside, the adjustable elastic waistband for your waist, the softness of the material, and many others.

Comfort is a factor you can judge yourself when you examine a product. Each individual has their own preference when it comes to comfort, and you can choose yours accordingly.


Pockets are a major lifesaver. The more pockets you have the increased ability you have to carry many items. Hiking pants today come with many cargo and zipper pockets. But, pockets do not impress everyone. Some people even get bugged by the sight of too many pockets. So, it’s all about personal preference on this one.

8.Zip Off

One of the essential features to observe, especially in a convertible hiking pant is how efficient is the switching between shorts and trousers. If this is a hassle then what is the point of buying convertible pants right?

Majority of the convertible pants come with a zip-off feature which allows you to transition very smoothly. Be sure to check the zipper’s strength and the transition before buying one.

9.Gusseted Detail and Articulated Knees.

Gusseted detail basically is a diamond shape denim on the crotch area that allows more flexibility of movement. It also prevents any chance of internal injuries formation due to repeated friction as you travel up and down along steep landscapes.

Similarly, Articulated knees also add extra comfort. Articulated knees bent by assuming a person’s movement. Thus a person does not have to apply much pressure to bend, which proves very useful while climbing or hiking long routes.

10.UPF Factor

In today’s day and age, we are continuously traveling every day, and it seems almost inevitable to escape the wrath of harmful UV rays of the sun. The same thing goes for hikers as well. Majority of the hikers pants manufactured today come with UPF.UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, and it protects against the sun’s harmful UV Rays.

Different pants have different UPF Factor ranging from 30-50 or even more. If the UPF Factor is 50+, it defines that only one of only fiftieth UV Rays can pass through it. So you can choose your hiking pants depending on the weather of the place you’re traveling to.

My Pick And Recommendation

There isn’t a single pair of pants which works for everyone. Every individual has their own personal preference. Thus it is very challenging to guide people into buying any single product.

Anyhow, I would like to recommend a pant I judged for myself and found to be a class above the rest.

The best convertible pant is The Prana Stretch Zion Convertible Pant.’

It’s durable, it’s rigid, yet it is very comfortable. The material and the build is also comparatively superior to the others. The comfort is unquestionable.

It is water repellent and also one of the best waterproof hiking pants out there.

Basically speaking, it has all the features needed to be one of the best travel pants.

I would totally recommend this set of pants for your next adventure!


Legs are your companions that help you to explore new places, meet new people, and make a ton of memories. A companion like this deserves some safeguarding, right?

A perfect pair of hiking pants can help you to ensure it’s safety. The above-provided list of the best convertible hiking pants for men can help you choose the right one according to your preference so that the next trip you take can be as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.