Best Ladder Tree Stand

In this article, you will find the 10 best ladder tree stand reviews with a buyer’s guide.

Whether it’s a bowhunter or a wildlife photographer, everyone has had a hard time keeping tabs on the animal for a long time. It was mostly due to the inaccessibility of advanced equipment and insufficient knowledge to operate it. Many huntsmen couldn’t even spot their quarry as they struggled to get at the right viewpoint and monitor their activity.

But no more coping with the challenges or stress of losing the prey for no reason as we have got the best ladder tree stand. Hunting from a tree allows you to look at the far distance and detect the animals in the bushes more easily.

Ladder tree stands may not seem that flimsy to be transported in distant places but it’s actually lightweight and easily portable. They are designed to secure to the tree with chains or belts for safety. It keeps the ladder stable and at one fixed point without getting it rickety for a perfect shot.

The tree stand supports hunters to reach the maximum height from where they can watch over the activity of animals. The best ladder tree stand will help you get a buck with little or no difficulty.

Best Ladder Tree Stand Top – 10 Best Reviews For 2021

S.NProduct NameProduct ImageCheck Price
1Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing TreestandSummit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand
2 Millennium Treestands M100U Ultralite Tree Stand
Millennium Treestands M100U Ultralite Tree Stand
3Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel ClimberSummit Treestands Summit Viper Steel Climber
4X-Stand TreestandsX-Stand Treestands
5Summit Treestands Universal Seat, Mossy Oak CamoSummit Treestands Universal Seat, Mossy Oak Camo
6Guide Gear Deluxe Tree Stand UmbrellaGuide Gear Deluxe Tree Stand Umbrella
7BIG GAME LS4860 18' Guardian XLTBIG GAME LS4860 18' Guardian XLT
8Rivers Edge RE556, Big Foot TearTuff XL Lounger, Lever-Action Hang-On Tree StandRivers Edge RE556, Big Foot TearTuff XL Lounger, Lever-Action Hang-On Tree Stand
9Guide Gear Hang On Tree Stand
Guide Gear Hang On Tree Stand
10BIG GAME Hunter HD 1.5 TreestandBIG GAME Hunter HD 1.5 Treestand

1. Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand

Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand


Summit Treestands has been dominating the market for the past 2 decades with the highest quality stand. The brand has never failed to impress its customer with the series of products and Viper SD is no different.

The tree stand is a product of carefully selected materials along with nice cable wraps and pins. It’s easier to deal with Viper as all you gotta do is bind the cable around the tree and secure it firmly. Following the suspended foam-padded seat cushion with a backrest, hunters will have an easy time chaperoning the beasts.

To add, Viper also features a full-size fall arrest harness to prevent mishaps and protect the hunter from falling off a tree. Its platform is super comfortable and wide measuring 20” W x 26.5″ D which allows you to rest the foot.


  • Solid strong and rigid with more constancy
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Comfortable seat with footrest and stand
  • Weighs barely 20 pounds


  • Awful manual assembly
  • Poor straps and harness while some are even expired
  • No climbing cables and quality control

Why choose Summit Treestands 81120 Viper SD Climbing Treestand?

Needless to say, Summit Treestands is the most comfortable and best ladder tree stand on the market right now. It has got everything that a hunter needs while out there in the woods searching for deer and elk.

Viper comes with a fully adjustable foam sheet and quickdraw cable retention system for fast cord attachment. Its close-font aluminum plank can resist up to 300 lbs weight which means you’re free to bring your heavy equipment in the game.

2. Millennium Treestands M100U Ultralite Tree Stand

 Millennium Treestands M100U Ultralite Tree Stand


Climbing the tree will never be the same with MillenniumTreestands M100U Ultralite. Manufactured by one of the most trusted brands for a tree stand, M100 is made of hard aluminum that can resist up to 300 lbs weight.

Relative to its previous model, M100U is 20% lighter and more comfortable with a sling seat and a backrest. Moreover, its large platform gives sufficient room to hunters for better positioning and getting an accurate shot.

Safety-wise, Millennium is unrivaled as it features a safety harness and line rope for extra protection. Also, it has the hunter access to a 35-foot rope, a prusik knot, and a carabiner to easily climb the height.


  • Solid construction with amazing features
  • Super easy to set up
  • Extremely ergonomic and lightweight
  • CamLock chain receiver to set up multiple stand locations
  • Backpack straps with full-body harness are included in the package
  • Optional shooting rail


  • Footrest doesn’t mount on
  • Difficult to set in some spots
  • Construction of platform is dreadful and odd

Why choose Millennium TreestandsM100U?

Millennium Treestand is a great pick for those who’re to spend a lot of time in the wilderness for hunting. It’s tasteful and built with great precision, embedding a plank of 20-inches width and 38-inches depth.

M100U has the most tensile seat that’s capable of folding up whenever you need more space to get a clean shot. Since it’s lightweight, hunters can easily fetch the stand wherever they like without much trouble. With that, it puts us in barely any doubt on why M100U is the best ladder tree stand.

3. Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel Climber

Summit Treestands Summit Viper Steel Climber


Summit Treestands is arguably the trendiest and most versatile treestand in modern history with inimitable design and performance. It is pretty sturdy, hard-wearing, and of steel frame construction for durability.

Made by one of the elite brands, Summit Viper features a thick seat cushion of adjustable height and a safety belt. In addition, it brings a quickdraw cable retention system into the application to prepare hunters quickly for a perfect shot.

The treestand offers a lifeline to hunters with a cable and safety harness included in the package. Moreover, Summit Viper also has rapid climb stirrups to keep you suspended while hunting in the air. Taking into account the exceptional qualities of Summit, it surely deserves a place in the best ladder tree stand.


  • Holds up to 300 pounds weight
  • Adjustable foam-padded seat with steel frame
  • Best bang for the buck
  • Easy to set up and maneuver
  • Compatible with trees from 8″ to 20″ wide


  • Outsize and difficult in packing up
  • Bungee cord often blocks the way
  • The platform is slightly small relative to the weight limit

Why choose Summit Treestand?

Summit Treestand viper steel clamber is a noteworthy addition to your hunting checklist as it’s loaded with lots of good stuff. Also, the treestand is indeed one of a kind with unparalleled stand-up and sit-down options for better safety.

Despite no aluminum construction, it’s stout and has the capacity to hold at most 300 pounds weight. Besides, its warm and cushy seat, built to be fixed as per convenience provides comfort to hunters all day long.

In fact, to eliminate noise and protect the stand from rust, Summit has applied a tough brown powder coat. Also, the foot platform in the treestand is quite large for you to store all your gears and move around while trying to get a perfect shot. Besides, it’s fully assembled so hunters can use the tree stand right out of the box.

4. X-Stand Treestands

X-Stand Treestands


The star of a new line treestand, X-stand is more than good with premier quality materials and suave design. Likewise, it’s built from stainless steel to stand long and offer increased security to the users. X-stand adjustable padded seat with stealth silencers provides additional strength and durability to the gear.

Generally, it’s a single-hunter ladder treestand with lightweight construction and an ultra-modern jaw safety system. Furthermore, the tree stand is easy crawling up and comfortable operating provided added security with a full-body harness.

Furthermore, it has an extremely comfortable and spacious seat of 22-inch diameter and 16-inch depth. Besides, the stand height of the treestand is 20-inch to shooting rail which means you can easily get to the top.


  • Maximum weight capacity of up to 300 lbs
  • Instructions on the manual are easy to follow and take a little time
  • Comfortable, sturdy, and improved safety
  • The safety harness is a part of the package


  • Makes creaky and loud noise that scares off the buck
  • Requires adjustment over and over
  • Sections on the ladder are sloppy, causing the user to plunge

Why choose X-Stand Treestand?

It’s tough for any hunter to find as good a wingman as X-Stand that features all cool stuff from revolutionary jaw safety systems to self-lubricating nylon. It has an x-force magnified metal with a helix oval tube for more resistance, longevity, and grip.

To ensure that the treestand makes no noise at all, the manufacturer of X-stand has coated it with powder and a weather defender. They have also cushioned the seat well with ultra-light comfort flex mesh so that the hunter doesn’t suffer pain.

5. Summit Treestands Universal Seat, Mossy Oak Camo

Summit Treestands Universal Seat, Mossy Oak Camo


Summit Treestand is a stellar performer when it comes to putting the hunter at ease while chaperoning the buck. It’s a high-quality tree stand with four rubber-coated buckles and a double-foamed seat for more comfort.

Meanwhile, the treestand is so adaptable that even shorter hunters can bring it into compliance by cutting down the length. Its removable seat allows you to replace the foam settee and make enough space when needed.

Summit has a mossy oak camo to trick the animal and easily get them in a trap. Similarly, given its unique pattern, the tree stand fits all types of models including viper, cobra, bushmaster, and revolution Brodhead.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Super comfortable with replacement seat
  • Camouflage pattern to deceive prey and defeat it
  • The seat feels comfortable and warm


  • Hard time adjusting the straps
  • Seats are made of poor quality materials
  • Cheaply made with exterior falling off quickly

Why choose Summit Treestands Universal Seat?

The best in its class, Summit Treestands Universal Seat is incredible in almost every It is well-made and accommodating with a super cushy couch and a backrest. Since it’s a reconstructed model of the original summit, the treestand features a double-padded foam seat.

It has a rich mossy oak break-up infinity camo pattern that does a remarkable job in cloaking itself from the target. They may be a little noisy when used right after unpacking but overtime, the treestand quietens. With 12-inch width and 10-inches height seat, Summit has enough room for all-size hunters.

6. Guide Gear Deluxe Tree Stand Umbrella

Guide Gear Deluxe Tree Stand Umbrella


Another ladder tree stand that’s always up to rescue hunters from a rough day and help them win big time is Guide Gear Deluxe Tree Stand Umbrella. Also, this tree stand is unprecedented from others with a camo mesh seat and substantial frame.

As the name implies, Guide Gear Umbrella comes with a roof covering to defend hunters from rain and storm. Besides, considering its extremely light feature, you can curry the tree stand across the meadow and in the wild.

In fact, the beauty of this tree stand is that it’s incredibly adaptive and easy to set up. Likewise, it’s fabricated from solid steel and can thus withstand misuse while preventing early breakage. Furthermore, the guide also comes with a camo pattern to disguise itself and two cam buckle straps for taut attachment to the tree.


  • Easy to install and apply
  • Great quality for the money
  • Cover frame prevents rain and daylight


  • Straps rip off immediately
  • The flat top isn’t much effective to impede storms or snow
  • Absence of an arch in the roofline

Why choose Guide Gear Deluxe Tree Stand Umbrella?

With all those supreme features and high-quality materials, it’s impossible not to like Guide Gear Deluxe Tree Stand Umbrella. In addition, it has a tough layout with a solid feel that guarantees safety against nature’s elements.

The tree stand has a waterproof fabric canopy to prevent sideways rain and blistering heat. Similarly, it keeps the hunter cool and comfortable by providing shelter and stability even in heavy rain. Unlike a regular tree stand, it has a full-size stand with a camouflage design to mask its location from the enemy.

7. BIG GAME LS4860 18′ Guardian XLT

BIG GAME LS4860 18' Guardian XLT


There is no doubt BIG GAME LS4860 18′ Guardian XLT lives up to its name with the groundbreaking features and action. In addition, it is an absolute knockout with steel construction, an adjustable support bar, and a flip-back shooting rail.

In short, it’s engineered to be wider and longer in order to provide more leeway while watching the moves of animals. LS4860 18′ Guardian is also easy to access and leaving off, given the availability of a full-size footrest.

Furthermore, the tree stand has a 12.5-inch deep with a 6.5-inch wide foot platform to make the hunter feel comfortable and at ease. Overall, it also includes 38″ wide x 12″ deep flex-teak bench-style seat and two TMA-certified full-body harnesses.


  • The steel frame can hold a weight of 300 pounds
  • Stands are sturdy and stable
  • Easy to assemble and comfy to sit-in
  • Great value for money
  • Ultralight and durable


  • Extremely hard and time-consuming to assemble
  • A ratchet strap is a junk with poor quality materials
  • Misleading with defunct product
  • Seats are way too uncomfortable and tacky

Why choose BIG GAME LS4860 18′ Guardian XLT?

LS4860 is a remarkable addition to your hunting kit as it allows you to closely monitor the activities of your target and sweep the prize. It’s hard to knock the incredible features of the LS4860 18′ that come at a reasonable price.

With Big Game, you’ll get a flex tek seat contour to rest your leg until there’s no other prey to focusing around. Additionally, its shooting rail protects the hunter from falling down the stand and getting injured.

The stands 18’ tall height allows the user to closely follow the movement of the buck and bring it down. In conclusion, other goodies that come with BIG GAME LS4860 18′ is one ratchet strap and two stabilizer straps of 1’ for extra safety.

8. Rivers Edge RE556, Big Foot TearTuff XL Lounger, Lever-Action Hang-On Tree Stand

Rivers Edge RE556, Big Foot TearTuff XL Lounger, Lever-Action Hang-On Tree Stand


RE556 from Rivers Edge is amongst the most coveted treestand in the market that has every hunter scream out. Also, it’s well-constructed from steel with an inaudible strap attachment, eliminating both metal and nonmetal contact.

In sum, the tree stands comfort hunter with a TearTuff flip-up mesh seat and a padded armrest to rest their hand. Besides, it also provides them plenty of room while entering and exiting the stand through an oversized platform.

Specially, designed to offer better security to the user, the stairs of RE556 stay firm in one place throughout the playday. Overall, it offers such an amazing balance at any height that you can use the tree stand both at surface level or right on top.


  • Crossbeams under the seat for improved balance
  • Ergonomic mesh seats for comfort and better support
  • Spacious and comfortable with wide platform room
  • Safety harness for better hold


  • Slightly bulky with a weight of 26 lbs
  • Difficult to set up
  • Length of the strap may not fasten all trees

Why choose Rivers Edge RE556?

Hunters Rivers Edge RE556 is a perfect tool to carry while going on a whitetail deer hunt as it provides longer visibility to aim the target. It has a hostile lever-action that scraps the need for a second strap, providing a secured grasp.

RE556 comes with a platform size of 37”x 24” and a footrest for added comfort and reclining the legs. It allows the hunter to freely chase their target by keeping the stand steadfast and providing more security.

9. Guide Gear Hang On Tree Stand

Guide Gear Hang On Tree Stand


Hunters don’t reckon Guide Gear Hang as the most supreme treestand for nothing. In addition, it’s the most versatile treestand with lightweight, increased flexibility, and sturdiness. Since it’s not made of aluminum like most stands, Guide Gear Hang can be easily transported from one place to another.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a tough large foot platform and 2 ratchet straps for secure attachment. Despite the ultra-light design, Guide can resist up to 300 lbs weight which means most hunters can use it without any trouble.

As Guide abandons the long stairs, you can easily toss it in your backpack and get anywhere. Besides, the treestand also puts you up at any height you need while providing a cushioned seat with a big foot platform.


  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Weighs no more than 18 lbs
  • Comfortable and long-lasting


  • Straps to anchor the stand are of poor quality
  • Poor workmanship with cables connecting the platform sliding off
  • Fails to deliver enough safety complaints, user

Why choose a Guide Gear Hang On Tree stand?

Billed as one of best selling brands for treestand, Guide Gear Hang has endless impressive features including a padded seat, steel frame, and FAS safety harness. It’s durable and comes with a life of many years following solid construction.

Guide Gear Hang is comfortable sitting on, thanks to a 14″ x 8″ fold-up seat that’s wrapped with a closed-cell foam cushion. It also has a plank size of 18-inch length and 21.5-inch width that makes room for other additional gears.

10. BIG GAME Hunter HD 1.5 Treestand

BIG GAME Hunter HD 1.5 Treestand


With a minimalist design and pure black color, BIG Game Hunter HD 1.5 looks like a comfy seat for the house. But in reality, it’s a little beast who knows how to get its job done when tossed in the wild. HD 1.5 puts the hunter at the ease with the ultra-comfort flex tek seat while letting them catch a big buck.

Moreover, it has a great lineup of features such as an extra-wide platform and a padded shooting rail that can be easily lifted to get an accurate shot. HD 1.5 provides the hunter with a wide platform of 23. 5” x 29” foot for more scope to stock their other apparatus.

With relatively simple functions and maneuverability, the tree stand is quite easy to work with. Also, it is agile and can be hauled to any place, given the mere weight of 61 lbs. Despite the lightweight, HD 1.5 can bear a load of up to 350 pounds, making it the best ladder tree stand.


  • A comfortable settee with armrest
  • Full-body arrest system for better safety
  • Tough, comfortable, and fair price
  • Wide foot platform with retractable seat for great play


  • Awful customer service
  • Parts of tree stand were missing criticizes users
  • Directions for fittings are hard to figure out

Why choose BIG GAME Hunter HD 1.5 Treestand?

The BIG Game Hunter HD 1.5 Treestand has to be a man’s most reliable sidekick when going for the hunt. It’s a soft-padded tree stand with an extra-wide fold-up seat that‘s nicely wrapped.

BIG Game Hunter is fully equipped with a cool design, comfortable seat, and durability. Not only is this tree stand portable but also steady, making sure that the hunter doesn’t hit the ground while trying to aim the target.

Keeping comfort in mind, Hunter HD 1.5 offers a large steel foot plank for hunters to sketch out their legs when not involved in inactivity. It also brings the adjustable shooting rail to work for the additional security of the user.

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Things to be considered while buying a ladder tree stand

Choosing the ladder stand has never been harder than now with so many brands manufacturing a range of apparatus. You’ve to bear in mind a lot of things from safety to user-friendliness and adaptability while buying a ladder tree stand. If you don’t want to pour money down the drain, go through a lot of options, and compare their attributes. Overall, you must be aware of what you’re buying so consider following things while getting yourself the best ladder tree stand.

1. Weight Capacity

The total weight capacity of a ladder can be instrumental in deciding whether or not to buy the gear. The ladder must be tough and sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of the hunter, without the possible chances of injury.

Moreover, heavier hunters should seriously take a hard look at the ladder tree stand so that it doesn’t break down due to being overweight. You must go with the one that can simply stand the combined weight of yours and your equipment.

Most single ladders are easily portable and can hold a weight of 250 lbs whereas the double stand can go up to 350 pounds weight. Some of the prominent brands also make the ladder that can hold a

2. Height

If anything matters the most while selecting a tree stand, it’s the size and height of the ladder. In addition, the dimension of your tree stand must be long enough to get you the best vantage point. Therefore, pro hunters usually prefer a higher tree stand as it offers a nice angle to keep an eye on the buck.

But, you must know that the taller ladder generally costs more than the one with standard height. They also weigh more which can be big trouble for many deer hunters as they have to haul it throughout the way. Thus, it’s better to see what kind of trees you’re climbing on and choose the ladder accordingly.

3. Safety harness

Another thing you really wanna have a serious reflection on while selecting a ladder tree is the safety harness. Likewise, it safeguards hunters from falling down the trees and helps them balance while the ladder is inclining to the trees.

Moreover, it minimizes the risk of fatal injury and allows hunters to keep track of the wildlife freely. Hence, it suffices to say that a safety harness is an irreplaceable piece of equipment when it comes to hunting.

You definitely aren’t willing to take a risk on this one and just agree to go with your old safety harness. High-quality single or double D-ring from class 1 is deemed to be solid-strong and preventive while climbing height.

4. Comfort

Hunting involves going into the wildlands and bearing extreme conditions so you can merely expect the activity to be smooth. It’s all about keeping patience and spending many hours hanging on the tree which is distressing.

So, if you wish to win big or return home with a buck, it’s important that you have a comfortable ladder tree stand with lots of padding. It’s even better if the platform is spacious with a nice backrest which will leave you with less or no pain at all.

5. Camouflage

Camouflage can be a driving force for whether or not your day in the woods will be satisfying. Besides, tree stands that can conceal themselves between woods increase the chances of getting the buck in close proximity. Moreover, it allows the hunter to aim more precisely without letting them know about it or even give the slightest hint.

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