Leupold BX-2 alpine 10x52mm binocular

Product Overview

Leupold BX-2 alpine 10x52mm binocular provides good magnification with a relatively wide field of vision. This feature is suitable in various kinds of viewing activities with the objective lens giving the right amount of brightness.

The binocular boasts the Twilight Max Light Management System to provide crips images. The system enhances your glassing experiences even in low-light conditions.

Leupold BX-2 alpine 10x52mm binocular is an excellent binocular for exploring and hunting outdoors. They feature Pro Gear accessories, water and fog-resistant capability, magnesium alloy construction, diopter, and a central focus wheel.

It is the most versatile and mid-range binocular found at the price range of USD 250—a tremendous binocular found in the market today.

Leupold BX-2 Alpine Bioculars

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Specification of Leupold BX-2 Alpine Binoculars

Brand Name: Leupold

Product Name: Leupold BX-2 alpine 10x52mm binocular

Model: 176971

Style: 10×42

Product Color: Shadow Grey

Product Length: 5 inches

Product Weight: 24 oz

Material: Aluminum

Magnification: 10X

Objective lens: 42 mm

Linear Field of Vision: 342 ft @ 1000 yds

Angular Field of Vision: 6.5 degrees

Eye relief: 15 mm

Close Focus Distance: 13.5 ft

Exit Pupil: 4.1 mm

Interpupillary Distance: 57 to 78 mm

Price: USD 250


Roof Prism Design

Field Replaceable eyecups

Magnesium Housing

Diopter Focus

Twist-up eyecups

Twilight Max Light Management System

Water and Fog proof optics

Lifetime warranty

Features of this Product

Image Quality

Leupold BX-2 alpine 10x52mm binocular uses the Twilight Max Light Management System that makes it different from others. Leupold gears are proprietary to this advanced technology that balances the light through the visible spectrum for unparalleled brightness.

The Twilight Max light management system protects images from getting washed out when exposed to direct sunlight. It offers edge-to-edge clarity every time. So, Users should consider the image quality when choosing a binocular.

Moreover, the binoculars are perfect to use in low-light conditions as well. The exclusive technology of this binocular optimizes the color and gives it clarity from dawn till dusk. This innovative system adds up to 20 minutes of extra glassing light at daybreak and sundown.

In addition, the diopter and central focus Knob guarantees precise focus adjustments. These features help to make the subjects clear no matter how far and small they are.

Construction Quality

Leupold BX-2 alpine 10x52mm binocular is coated with rubber armor and magnesium chassis that can perform in every setting. Your glassing encounter won’t be hindered no matter how challenging the environment gets.

The magnesium makes the body lightweight but durable, which is bound to last for years. Likewise, the binocular is covered with rubberized armor coating for a sure and comfortable grip, even during rainfalls.

The BX-2 Alpine binocular features premium coated glass that is tested and designed for beating. Also, they have three-position locking eyecups to use with shades or glasses. The 15 mm eye relief combined with twist-up eyecups help keep your eyes comfy for hours.

Further, it has an oversized focus knob that turns quickly beneath the fingers for sharp focus while viewing through the lenses. The binocular has clear glass in its interior that gathers light even with their compact 42 mm objective.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The binoculars have magnesium housing that makes them lightweight yet heavy-duty. It has a compact design, so users can easily use and carry them anywhere they go.

This Leupold BX-2 alpine 10x52mm binocular won’t be affected by prolonged hours usage as they are made for your daily needs. It is a perfect pair that can handle any beating and damage.

These binoculars are built to provide the users with comfort in mind. The features let you see clear images while keeping your eyes comfortable, even when wearing glasses.

Moreover, it is constructed to let the users handle it comfortably without experiencing fatigue over long periods. The eyecup’s position can be adjusted easily in challenging environments, and it can also be replaced mid-field.

Water and Fog Proof

The Leupold BX-2 Alpine 10×42 binocular also inherits the superior water and fog proofing system. They deliver excellent performance even during heavy snow or rainfall.

Also, Fog caused due to sudden temperature won’t be a problem with these binoculars. You can bring them along to use at the highest elevation without a hitch.


The Leupold binocular comes with various Pro Gear accessories such as lens covers and cloth, Go Afield binocular case with the harness, and more. The lens covers add extra protection to the lenses and prevent them from getting scratch.

Meanwhile, the lens cloth is made from soft material to help clean your optics smoothly. Likewise, with the GO Afield case and harness, you can carry around the binos without any trouble or quickly wear them as a shoulder bag or belt bag with one hand.

The case is made from 6D (6 deniers) nylon to protect your optics no matter what.

Tripod Adaptable

The BX-2 Alpine series binocular is tripod adaptable, thus allowing a stable and better handling experience. The binoculars have a built-in ¼ -20 tripod adapter port to mount your tripod.

Lifetime Warranty

This binocular is reliable and can take any abuse thrown at it with the company having its back. Leupold is confident in their manufacturing as they have offered lifetime guarantees in their products. They warranty the binos for eternity and will replace or repair them after damage.


  • It has an exclusive light management system that delivers crisp images
  • There is a low to no chance of glaring issues.
  • It gives premium edge-to-edge clarity.
  • It provides impeccable image resolution and brightness.
  • Ideal in low-light conditions.
  • It delivers sharp images in any environment.
  • Durable and long-lasting yet light in weight
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty for damages.
  • It is protected and easy to carry around.
  • Good binoculars for the price.


  • The central focus knob requires frequent adjusting.
  • Sometimes, it isn’t easy to maintain the focus setting as well.
  • The knob moves even with little force, so it goes off focus sometimes.
  • The binocular needs to be refocused now and then.

Our Verdict

Leupold BX-2 Alpine 10×42 binocular is a fine choice if you want to see clear, vibrant, and sharp images. The lens is fully multi-coated to give a bright and clear view.

They are light in weight, rugged to handle any beating or damages, and take minimal space in your bag. The roof prism design gives out superior images, thus bringing down the cost.

Overall, they have a sleek and compact design with the best optics found at an affordable price. Also, they are adaptable to tripods putting less strain on your hand.

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