Celestron Nature DX 8×42 binoculars Review

Product Overview

The Celestron primarily aimed the Nature DX 8×42 binoculars at new and intermediate users to let them see superior views. The price for these binoculars falls under less than $150, but they are built using the highest quality.

The Celestron Nature DX 8×42 binoculars give an impressive bird-watching experience with sharp images and easy-to-focus adjustments. They are premium build designs to provide unrivaled quality.

It is suitable to use in all environments and activities as they excel in low-light conditions as well. The Celestron binocular features additional layer protection with easy accessibility and a clear view.

Celestron Nature DX 8 x 42 binoculars

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Specification of Celestron Nature DX 8x 42 Binoculars

Brand Name: Celestron

Model: 71332

Product Color: Army Green

Product Size: 5.3 x 4.9 x 2 inches

Product Weight: 1.75 lbs

Magnification: 8x

Objective Lens: 42mm (1.65”)

Field Of View: 388 @ 100 yds (7.4 degrees)

Lens Coating: Fully multi-coated

Prism Glass: BaK4

IPD: 56 to 74 mm

Prism Coating: Phase Coating

Close Focus Distance: 6.5 ft

Eye Relief: 18 mm

Price: USD 146.94


Water and fog proof

Tripod adaptable

Features of this Product

Main Use of Celestron Nature DX 8x 42 binoculars

The Celestron Nature DX 8×42 binoculars have 8x magnification which is highly perfect for birding and hunting applications. It is paired with a 42 mm objective lens making it the most popular configuration.

They are fantastic for hunting and birding but are surprisingly good for viewing constellations and stars as well. They are not solely astronomy binoculars; however, they give a decent view for the price.

Design and Build

The CCelestron Nature DX 8×42 binoculars is light in weight with an irresistible design. It has a perfect balance in weight due to its compact design. You can easily travel with it due to its portability.

The compact design does not make the binocular less durable, instead of providing excellent protection no matter the environment. The rubber-armor design allows easier grip along with water and dust-resistant.


This Celestron binocular uses fully multi-coated optics to protect it from mishaps. They also use the BaK4 prism with phase correcting coating to increase the contrast and resolution of the images.

The Celestron Nature DX 8x 42 Binoculars can capture the subjects in sharp definition with precise small details. The built-in lens covers are premium glass that protects it from accidental damages.

The binoculars give clear visions of small objects, making them great for beginners. It allows users to identify the traits of the small birds; however, the image gets a bit blurry if you move far from the center.


The Celestron offers a standard 8x magnification in their Nature DX series binoculars. The 8x embellishments along with a 42 mm objective lens are pretty popular among bird watchers and hunters.

You will find more compact binoculars in the market, but they give a dark image, while the size of this lens is ideal and gives a sharp and bright appearance. You also get an excellent wide field of view that lets you scan the horizon.

Image Quality

These binoculars offer good quality images even though they were designed for intermediate and beginner users. The colors look natural without the tints of artificialness that are seen in other low price products.

The color fringing caused by Chromatic variations is also minimal in this device. However, the quality will not be similar to the professional ones, but it does produce smooth, flat, and lovely images.

Eye Relief

The binoculars are essential, but they allow users to use them without changing their glasses to contact lenses. With the twist-up eyecups, you find comfort and colossal space to view the objects rather than focusing on your specs. It allows individuals to achieve full view without seeing any dark rings on the edge.


The Celestron Nature DX produces good bright images even under poor light conditions. The optical coating ensures most of the gathered potential light travels through to your eyes.

The binoculars give bright images in a good or bad light due to the larger exit pupil. It helps to provide more light to your eyes to increase the brightness than needed.

Ease of Adjustment

The focus Knob is smooth and supple but locks solidly in place once you stop the movement. The Celestron’s focus knob also helps users learn how to set their bins on the site quickly. You can easily adjust the eyecups as well that have three settings to lock it tightly in place.

Construction Quality

Celestron constructs reliable optics made from high-quality materials. They have included multi-coated optics and phase-coated BaK4 prisms together to produce well-defined and crystal clear images.

The balanced view between contrast and resolution helps to contribute to the overall quality. The optics are designed to increase the light transmission within the lenses to create high-definition images.

Likewise, the rubber coating feels a bit plasticky and has thin straps with no padding. But other than this, everything else is perfectly aligned in the binoculars. Overall, they are not poorly constructed and work flawlessly to create images with rich details.

Performance and Comfort

The performance of Celestron Nature DX 8×42 binoculars usually exceeds the expectation of users. The outstanding quality optics provide a comfortable feel and give an excellent experience to the user. The pairing of the right gears makes it provide high-quality images without faults.

Further, the binocular weighs about 22.2 ounces only, which is relatively light for a full-sized one. Due to its lightweight, you can comfortably hold it and carry it around your neck.

Fog and Waterproof

The Celestron Nature DX 8×42 binoculars are fully fogged plus waterproof and protect them from moisture and dust during regular use. The dry nitrogen gas helps prevent misting or fogging up in internal optics.


  • It is found at a significantly affordable price.
  • Light in weight and compact
  • Easy to use
  • It can be mounted on standard tripods
  • Both fog and waterproof
  • It gives good brightness and clarity


  • Thin neck strap
  • Low-quality case
  • Blurry images when zoomed into faraway targets.
  • Mediocre low-light performance

Our Verdict

Celestron offers a list of binoculars with extreme quality at reasonable prices. Among them, the Celestron Nature DX 8×42 Binoculars is a high-performing budgeted one.

The binocular has an excellent design with a long-lasting life. They are built to use in all conditions and are great companions of birders. The close focus has excellent flexibility and provides good quality images.

Overall, there is a sense of balance found in these binoculars with their compact and lightweight design. Also, the additional accessories included in the package add value to it.

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