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Bushnell PowerView 10 x 50mm Porro Prism Instafocus Binoculars

Brand: Bushnell

Product Dimension: 2.68 x 6.61 x 6.61 inches

Material: Rubber

Color: Realtree AP

Eye Relief: 10 Millimeters

Prism Glass: Bak-4

Magnification: 10x

Bushnell PowerView 10 x 50mm Porro Prism Instafocus Binoculars

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Bushnell PowerView 10 x 50mm Porro Prism Instafocus Binocular Details

Bushnell PowerView 10 x 50mm Porro Prism Instafocus Binocular is an excellent binocular with quality craftsmanship, exceptional performance, and superb materials. It’s sleek, lightweight, and far less expensive for some of the top-notch ones. This binocular is a standout with its exceptionally crisp, clear, and bright images of great precision.

It is made of high-quality materials that are proven and used substantially. Bushnell boasts multi-coated optics to prevent the light from passing through and increase the light transmission.

Another amazing feat of this binocular is its Insta-Focus system which lets the user focus on a moving target without losing aberration. It also offers them 10 x magnification with a 50mm objective lens to increase the true size of the image.

This binocular comes with high-powered magnification to extend the range of views and provide a detailed picture. The Porro Prism construction of Bushnell PowerView supports users to perform a clearly defined task and capture any distant objects, landscapes, or wild animals.

It’s optically unrivaled with a clear and bright image. The fully coated optics of Bushnell draws an incredible amount of light for vibrant pictures, even in the low light. Its folding eyecups provide relief to the eyeglasses wearers by putting the glasses right against the ocular lens and enjoying the full field of view.

Even when exposed to snow and rain, Bushnell does its best not to disappoint any users. In fact, like any top-seed, it offers a long-standing experience to deal with the hostile environment and provides them a crisp viewing.

Its unique design of Realtree AP Camo gives you an edge to hide from the wild animals and yet track all their actions. The pattern marked on Bushnell gives it a realistic, neutral, and versatile look, allowing it to blend into the hunting environment of close and far range.

Bushnell is incredible for wildlife viewing as it provides sharp images with great color contrast. Young birders and wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy using Bushnell Pro Prism Instafocus Binoculars to offer efficient reflectivity without losing the light.

They’re a bit bulkier than some other models from Bushnell, but you’ll still be able to get it in your backpack while traveling. Birders, hikers, hunters, and even general users can put these high-performing binoculars into use for excellent and sharp views.  It provides quite an experience of viewing wildlife with a clear field of view.


  • Excellent Optics with clear images
  • Highly adjustable with great focus
  • Quick and easy adjuster
  • Long eye relief design guarantees a clear field of view
  • Rubber body armor provides secured and comfortable grip
  • Lightweight and durable construction


  • Glasses are not as clear and crisper as assured
  • It takes a long time to learn the adjustment functions

Key Features

1. Greater Versatility

Bushnell PowerView 10 x 50mm Porro Prism Instafocus Binocular is a multipurpose binocular that can be used on different activities and events. Users can take them on hunting or birdwatching and even while attending music events and sports.

It encompasses a wide field of view, which helps capture larger areas from different angles by just twisting the knob. The feature helps provides high precision image even if the subject is miles away without turning the gear.

2. BK-7 Prism Glass

Bushnell PowerView 10 x 50mm Porro Prism Instafocus Binoculars are equipped with BK-7 Prism Glass for smooth transmission of light and brighter optical images. It has a generous refractive index with a well-designed optical system for higher and better image quality. BK-7 Prism Glass creates an exit pupil with blurred edges as the level of light falls and thus, becomes prone to chromatic aberration.

3. Multi-Coated Optics

Another great aspect of the Bushnell PowerView is its multi-layer coatings on the optical lens that protects the binocular against dust and humidity. It minimizes the loss of light and the light reflections on the lens, thus helping to produce vivid images with color contrast.

The designed anti-reflection coating offers high light transmittance through the entire visible light spectrum for brighter and sharper images. It’s applied all around the lens surfaces for clear views.

4. Rugged build

Bushnell PowerView 10 x 50mm Porro Prism Instafocus Binoculars are incredible in all possible ways but especially with its construction. The binocular is engineered with superior quality materials for improved performance and durability. They are waterproof, so even if submersed in water, the binoculars won’t stop functioning.

Apart from repelling water, Powerview can also resist shock with the help of its rubber body armor. With the smooth rubber coating that absorbs noise, the binoculars stay quiet and don’t alert the wild animals while in the woods. It provides a solid grip.


Bushnell PowerView 10 x 50mm Porro Prism Instafocus Binocular is a beast with its outstanding performance, adjustability, and optical clarity. It’s designed with the Porro Prism for a higher quality viewing experience. It gives better performance with better depth perception and image clarity.

The binocular is built to last with hard-wearing rubber housing that provides a tight and comfy grip. It features instafocus for quick and easy focus on a moving object that makes immediate viewing possible.

It’s quite hard to brush off the resolution range and picture quality of this binocular. Not to mention the 10x magnification that allows the user to extend the object’s size, causing it to appear larger. Bushnell’s fold-down eyecups support all its users, especially eyeglass wearers who can turn the eyecups inward to adjust the distance between binoculars and eyes.

Apart from the sharp end-to-end clarity in the image, Bushnell also provides an eye relief of 10mm for a wide field of view without vignetting. This ensures a precise and clear view even when the users are wearing eyeglasses.

It’s built with the latest Porro Prism for high-quality viewing experiences. Bushnell PowerView makes a great option for use while hunting or other wide ranges of activities, including concerts, sporting events, birdwatching, and more.

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