10 Best 4 person Camping Tents under $100

Best 4 person Camping Tents under $100

Camping is all about being close to nature and enjoying it with your friends.

You know it’s right when they say, traveling far pulls you closer. It helps to forge the better bond amongst you.

Just imagine camping out in the wilderness with your friends and family. But does it comes to your mind all the hassle you need to go of fitting a group of four in same old two person tent?

Well, the wait is over.

I am presenting you Best 4 person Camping Tents under $100.

These tents can ease your camping trip. And at the same time, also will sooth your pocket.

You just need to think of all the spaces inside you get.

While going camping I consider weight, durability, water resistance, the material used and sturdiness.

But not only this, I also have to consider the camping spaces which might not always be as per our choice.

Taking 2 camps of 2 people will cover more space and this might not just be in your option while in the wilderness.

That is the reason I always do the smart choice of taking single tent which can accommodate 4 people in one.

I am glad to put a review of my best picks.

Why is 4 person Camping Tent necessary?

Camping is not a trip that you would go alone or just 2 people as a date.

Camping is something you would go with your friends or family comprising generally at least of 4 people.

But if you need to take 2 tents for 4 people then it will be heavy for you. And it is impossible to stay 4 people on 2 people camping tent.

So, 4 person camping tents are very much ideal for your camping trips.

Best 4 Person Camping Tents under $100.

S.N.Name of the ProductProduct ImageCheck Price
1Sundome 4 Person TentSundome 4 Person Tent
2SEMOO Double Layer, 3-4 Person, 3-Season Lightweight Camping/Traveling Tent with Carrying BagSEMOO Double Layer, 3-4 Person, 3-Season Lightweight Camping/Traveling Tent with Carrying Bag
4Mountain Trails South Bend TentMountain Trails South Bend Tent
5Coleman 4 Person Instant TentColeman 4 Person Instant Tent
6Coleman Hooligan TentColeman Hooligan Tent
7Keumar Pop-up TentKeumar Pop-up Tent
8Topnaca 4 Person 3 Season Backpacking Tentopnaca 4 Person 3 Season Backpacking Tent
9G4Free Double-wall Two-Door Camping TentG4Free Double-wall Two-Door Camping Tent
10Ozark Trail 4 Person Instant Dome TentOzark Trail 4 Person Instant Dome Tent

1. Sundome 4 Person Tent

Sundome 4 Person Tent


Have you ever suffered from occasional rains while camping? Then suffer no more.

Sundome 4 Person Tent has it all taken care of. With its rain cover or hooded fly, that will preserve the inside of the tent and on the mean time also ensures proper ventilation.

The large rear window provides airflow for cross ventilation.

Not only this tent protects your camping fun from the rain but also from the dampness of the floor with its bathtub style rugged 1000D polyethylene floor.

It is also coated with polyester fabrics on the fly and walls that make it rugged and durable.

Very easy to set up and take down, it comes with a large door for easy entry and exit plus 2 windows and roof vents.

Some of the interesting features that I personally like about this camping tent are an Electrical Access Port, a ground vent and an interior mesh storage pocket.

You might think while accommodating 4 people inside this tent will be so jam packed with no space available. But I will provide you a perspective on the area available that is 9ft * 7 ft and with the center height 4ft. 11 in.

Who wouldn’t want all that space inside?

Well, I personally like it. And to add something of more likability, its weight is just 9.65 pounds.

When you have to hike to reach the camping site the lightweight feature will bless you.

While in the wilderness you never know what is going to happen. Another threat to camping is a gush of wind coming swiping away the whole tent. Well, the Sundome 4 person tent ensures that will not happen.

Features I like:

  • Made in USA
  • Good ventilation
  • Spacious
  • All weather
  • Carry bags included
  • Lightweight

2. SEMOO Double Layer, 3-4 Person, 3-Season Lightweight Camping/Traveling Tent with Carrying Bag

SEMOO Double Layer, 3-4 Person, 3-Season Lightweight Camping/Traveling Tent with Carrying Bag


If you are looking for a good tent at the very affordable price then look no further.

As its name suggests this tent is all seasons very light weight and absolutely suited if you want to hike and camp far in the wilderness.

Weighing just 7.26 pounds, I too am eyeing for this option for my next camping trip.

Well no, I am not rushing too early to choose this tent. Other features as well go along with my needs to be closer to nature.

The inside is very spacious with dimension of 10.5 ft in length, approx 8 ft in width and 4.25 ft in height.

While camping, have you ever faced the hassle of inserting the poles inside the tent. Well regarding that I found it very easy on this one with clips for easy setup and stability.

A high strength fiberglass frame provides stability and offers ample extreme weather protection during rainy weather.

Just imagine after setting up all things you later found out there is more suitable camping site with a very good view a bit far. In this case, you will have to dismantle everything one more time. Well, you should not worry it dissembles in minutes and can be folded into its convenient carry bag for easy storage and transport.

Another bright side of this tent is, it’s windproof, comes with rain cover, ample ventilation, and a large D-style door.

Unwanted insects and pests can so annoying while camping.

All those minor details are also closely looked after and sorted out in this camping option.

Features I like:

  • Fiberglass frame
  • Good ventilation
  • Spacious
  • All weather
  • Carry bags included
  • Lightweight

3. STAR HOME Tents


The best part about this tent is – one of the most affordable among all the options.

Star Home Tents can be the one if it is your first time buying a tent. lightweight and easy to assemble.

5.5 pounds is the total weight. Just imagine going backpacking or hiking don’t you think it will be very hard if you need to carry loads of weight with you.

Well, this tent serves its purpose and also makes you feel you are not carrying a thing.

Star Home Tents comes with its own carry bag which makes it easy to go.

Another interesting and very useful feature of this tent is ultraviolet protection.

Is it too sunny? Well, just get inside and take a rest until the intensity of the sun is not that harsh.

And while inside the tent the ample ventilation cools the interior and lets the cool breeze in while protecting you from the sun.

One of my major fears while camping is always the protection from insects lurking from the ground and of the dampness.

We would see something that is flying or coming from above but just imagine some insects tearing the floor of the tent and crawling inside.

Ahh.. my biggest fear.

But while choosing this I don’t need to worry about it. It has bathtub floor construction with taped seams.

High density and rip-stop 180T hooped polyester fly provide extreme weather protection. In any season, you can be assured of its flawless performance.

High strength fiberglass frame with pole pockets makes sure for easy setup and stability, which surely makes any camping trip a better experience.

Features I like:

  • Easy to carry
  • Durable
  • Ultraviolet proof
  • Good ventilation
  • Spacious
  • All weather
  • Carry bags included
  • Lightweight

4. Mountain Trails South Bend Tent

Mountain Trails South Bend Tent


Going in camping, have you ever faced the problem of not being able to figure out how to set the tent and even after you did, it’s taking very longer time.

Well then, we have the kind of tent absolutely suitable for you.

Mountain Trails South Bend Tent has integrated stow-n-go duffel that makes the whole process of setting, dismantling and storing a lot easier.

Another small but amazing feature is this tent comes with attached mud mat.

This feature is very good to keep out all the mud, soil that gets attached to your hiking/trekking boots.

Mountain Trails South Bend Tent has a total area of 63 feet which is enough to accommodate 4 persons very comfortably.

Large Dutch-D style door aids for quick get in and out.

Being a nature lover, I often go on hiking, trekking, and camping as well. While on camping one of the major problems I feel is, on a sunny day the inside of tent becomes very hot because of no proper ventilation.

But with South Bend Tents and its well placed large mesh roof vents and windows, you will always the cool breeze and the temperature maintained inside the tent.

The utility pocket and gear loft ensure all your personal items within easy reach.

This tent weighs just 7 pounds making it easier for transportation.

The whole frame is made up of shock corded fiberglass.

It makes the tent strong and sturdy and able to withstand even the strong winds.

Whether you hike or trek having Mountain Trail South Bend Tent with you is always good.

And the lightweight feature also makes carrying easier and on same time opens up to become one good spacious tent with the ability to accommodate 4 people.

Features I like:

  • Fiberglass frame
  • Durable
  • Good ventilation
  • Spacious
  • Large D style door, utility pocket, gear loft
  • All weather
  • Carry bags included
  • Lightweight

5. Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent

Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent


The name speaks its true utility.

Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent, as suggests the name opens up and becomes ready to be used just in 60 seconds.

Just imagine you are tired hiking out on the sun and finally reached the site in dawn and the tent is taking up almost 30 precious minutes to set up.

Well in those conditions this tent is a blessing which welcomes you to relax within just a minute.

The Coleman tent has pre-attached poles for quicker simpler setup.

Just extend and secure. That’s all you need to do.

Its WeatherTec system patented welded floor and inverted seams help keep water out from beneath and everywhere.

The Coleman tent has 8 * 7 ft footprint. It has a spacious interior that can fit a queen size airbed.

The height inside the tent is 4.17 feet.

While camping in the wilderness have you ever experienced your tent being stuck on something and torn?

Well, it is nature. We cannot expect everything to be very smooth. Can we?

But one thing you can do. Being prepared for that kind of incidents.

The Coleman 4 Person Instant Tent is made of fabric that comes in at two times the thickness of standard material, making it less likely to rip than other tents.

This tent is perfectly durable, sturdy, easy to use and absolutely rain proof.

Coleman 4 person Instant Tent ensures perfect ventilation with its massive windows and easy entry and exits through its large door.

Of all the tents I would prefer to buy this tent. As it has some of the best features available.

Features I like:

  • Made in USA
  • Taped seams
  • Durable
  • Good ventilation
  • Spacious
  • Instant setup in 1 minutes
  • All weather
  • Carry bags included
  • Lightweight

6. Coleman Hooligan Tent

Coleman Hooligan Tent


Are you looking for 4 person tent under $100? Look no further.

The Hooligan Tent in one of the best in terms of ventilation due to its all mesh body. At night it serves best for stargazing.

But it does not mean the tent is not rain proof or water resistant. A full coverage coated polyester fly envelopes the tent in a cocoon of protection from the hardest of weather.

It also has a small area in front of the tent for the storage of all important gears.

The Coleman Tent has the rugged 1000D polyethylene floor in a bathtub style (wraps up the sides) for extreme weather protection and has welded seams, even in the corners, to guard against leaks.

Full inner mesh for incredible ventilation and on the bad weather condition a full cocoon coverage. What do we need more?

The full mesh design lets you enjoy the environment while protecting from the insects and bugs of the wilderness in the mean time.

The Coleman has 9 ft * 7 ft footprint and the center height is 4 ft. 10 in. Therefore the interior is spacious even for the accommodation of 4 people.

The dome style tent has a total weight of 11.6 pounds. Material type is fiberglass.

The 1 pole design is simple and easy to set up and take down.

Small storage vestibule just outside the tent is suitable for storing your precious hiking shoes. You can store your other stuff outside with full protection from wind and rain without compromising the space inside.

If you are the first timer in camping then the Coleman Hooligan Tent is the best. Easy setup and sturdy, convenient in many ways and come up with many extra features.

The Hooligan Tent includes flashlight loop on the ceiling. Instruction is sewn to the carry bag, that will make it very hard to lose.

Features I like:

  • Taped seams
  • Durable
  • Good ventilation
  • Spacious
  • All weather
  • Carry bags included

7. Keumar Pop-up Tent

Keumar Pop-up Tent


If you don’t like all the hassles that you need to go through while setting up the tent, then I am sure The Keumar Pop-up Tent will absolutely interest you.

As the name suggests, it is very easy to set this tent up.

Just find the right spot for your camping, open the chain of the tent storage bag, through it in the air and until the time it reaches ground it will be ready to use. Voila!!!

The Keumer tent opens up in just 1 second and is also very easy to fold it with just 5 steps.

And it is also very easy to carry. Total weight of this tent is just 5 pounds. To give you perspective some of our old school laptops used to be of this weight.

The size of this tent is 8ft * 6ft. and its height is 3.25 feet.

The Keumer Pop-up Tent has 2 windows and 2 doors on each alternative sides. Windows have mesh layer for proper ventilation and to prevent you from insects.

One mesh window above is perfect for stargazing.

The tent also comes with Oxford fabric and UV coating which makes it water resistant and also acts as a sunscreen.

I remember my trekking from last time when I had to carry the tent in hand. I had to alternate with my both hands to carry the tent because carrying it for a long time makes it feel heavy.

But Keumer tent comes with shoulder straps and this particular feature makes your hands free.

If you are thinking it is so light weight that a gush of wind will blow it away. To prevent that it comes with steaks and cords to hold the tent in place.

Two storage bags on the tent sides you to store small goods as well.

Features I like:

  • Instant setup in 1 seconds
  • Durable – fiberglass poles
  • 2 doors 2 windows
  • Spacious
  • All weather
  • Carry bags included
  • Very light weight

8. Topnaca 4 Person 3 Season Backpacking Tent

opnaca 4 Person 3 Season Backpacking Tent


Topnaca Tent is one of the most sturdy and strong tents in the market.

The tent comes with high strength aluminum poles, which makes it strong and on the mean time light weight as well and also hold strong under intense pressure.

Total weight is one of the lightest i.e. 6.2 pounds only.

While unfolded it takes up the size of 7.1 ft * 7.1 ft. The height is 4.3 ft.

Topnaca comes with 2 layers system. The one inside is more open which provides ample ventilation with Nylon airy mesh.

The outer layer is more covered though curtain can be rolled up and Fixed with Buckle. The outer layer can be used as storage room for shoes and backpack.

Available with 2 large size door and 2 vestibules for enhanced ventilation and easiness to use.

The Topnaca 4 person 3 season Tent guarantees on water resistance from all sides. Tested by professionals, waterproof index is over 4000mm. the tent is also windproof and SPF proof by special UV coating and breathable nylon.

The features of the tent are very assuring when you are backpacking in nature. I feel it has got all the essential features and all the issues covered up.

One of the features I personally liked about the tent is its awning system which can take advantage of your hiking sticks no more extra equipment required.

Features I like:

  • Instant setup in 1 seconds
  • Ultra-violet protection
  • Spacious
  • 3 seasons
  • Carry bags included
  • Very light weight

9. G4Free Double-wall Two-Door Camping Tent

G4Free Double-wall Two-Door Camping Tent


My first impression about this tent is its soothing green color that perfectly blends with the surrounding nature.

And another important feature that I liked about it is its fly, which can be used either to cover the tent when the weather is bad or also just the fly can be used.

Using just the fly, it is possible to make a hangout area.

When the sun is bright you will not always need to swoop in the tent to protect yourself but instead, you can use the fly as a shade as a pergola. How cool is that?

Have you ever faced the problem of not being able to close the door from outside and whenever going out had to leave the door open?

And when coming back inside getting annoyed to notice invasion of lots of bugs and insects inside the tent. Yes, you sure do.

G4 Double-wall Two-Door Camping Tent addresses just that issue by putting the two-sided both-way zipper.

Total weight of the tent is just 7.7 pounds and the total area it covers is 6.5 ft * 6 ft with a center height of 4 ft 4 in.

The dome-shaped tent is UV resistant, water resistant and offers proper ventilation.

The floor is fully seam taped and the interior is fully scalable.

Have you ever lost smaller items such as flashlights, mobile phones inside the tent? Yes, it is annoying.

But G4 Double-wall Two-Door Camping Tent has it all covered up for you. It has storage and small hang loops to keep smaller items off the floor.

Features I like:

  • Easy setup and tear down
  • Ultra-violet protection
  • Spacious
  • All weather
  • Carry bags included
  • Light weight

10. Ozark Trail 4 Person Instant Dome Tent

Ozark Trail 4 Person Instant Dome Tent


The most basic and easy setup tent.

If you are going for a camping trip for the first time and you are given the job to choose one tent from the market. And if you know that everybody in your company will be the first timer.

Then worry no more Ozark Trail 4 Person Instant Dome Tent is the best suited for you.

Very easy to assemble that it take only 30 seconds to do it.

The poles are pre-attached to the tent, just unfold it and extend it. And you are ready to enjoy the camping.

With 10 pounds in weight, it is one of the lightweight tents with ample space for 4 people inside.

The total area is 9 ft * 7 ft where you can comfortably fit one queen airbed or up to four campers on a sleeping bag on the floor.

2 fully closable windows and 2 roof vents ensure good ventilation.

The interior with the cool breeze from outside feels perfect.

Ozark Trail 4 Person Instant Dome Tent has welded tub floor to ensure nothing coming from down underneath.

If you are thinking of going hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, trekking with your friend and family this tent is the most ideal of all.

Features I like:

  • Instant setup (30 seconds) and tear down
  • Spacious
  • All weather
  • Carry bags included
  • Light weight

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Why do we Need 4 Person Camping Tent?

Camping is not something like going to see a movie or for dinner.

You don’t generally go just one or two people. You will either go with a pack of friends or with the whole family.

One family generally means 4 people and even if you are going with your friends, well you absolutely need it. Without a doubt.

After a long hike, you will urge for that good night’s sleep. Wherever you may be you will want that comfort of being able to sleep undisturbed.

I will not repeat the same mistake of trying accommodating my whole family in one tent. I will obviously take these easy, reliable 4 person tents on my next camping trip and will advise you to do so.

How to Choose 4 Person Camping Tent?


Durability is my first consideration. It is not that you need to always opt for the cheapest. And regret it later. And since the topic is camping tent under $100. It’s not like you will get the best.

But on my review, I have provided some of the best which are very sturdy and durable and fits in the pocket.

After all, I don’t want my Tent to get damaged by just a simple bang or scratch.


If you can find good products on lower price then why would anybody buy expensive ones?

All the tents are under $100 but varying on price based on the fabric and overall build.

And it is not like you will go hiking on every next weekend. Maybe once in a month or once in six months, who knows?

You should spend a good chunk of money only if you are doing it every day but you are not.

So, you just want the product to be usable for the occasional purpose.


If you are buying a tent for the first time you will not be quite sure if you would even need 4 person tents.

But trust me I too did the same mistake at first and regretted it later just to spend some more money to buy a tent with higher accommodating capacity.

You will love the spacious interior and even the vestibule.


Well, you obviously don’t want the tent in which air does not flows in.

Especially in hot summer if the ventilation is not good it will literally feel like you are sitting inside an oven.

For good nights sleep as well temperature maintenance is required.

And you can always close the ventilation if you feel chilly.

Ease of setup

It doesn’t feel good if you have to practice at first at home to set up the tent correctly.  Does it?

The instruction should be clear and the process of the whole setup should be easier and less time-consuming.

On the review, I have also included the name of the tent which opens up just within a second.


I personally like to camp in the wilderness and close to nature, where I can not even hear the sound of honking vehicles.

And to reach to those places, well, you will obviously need to hike or trek. For this, you would especially need your tent to be as much light as possible.

Overall making

Sturdiness, water resistance, rain proof, wind proof, ability to stay put in place. Well, all these factors are important while choosing the tent.

And to ensure no compromise on all these aspects I will look at overall making of the product.

Editor’s Pick

My personal best pick is Keumer Pop-up tent.

It is very light in weight, has ample ventilation, fine finish and made out of quality fine fabric.

And of the importance is it does only take a second to setup. It is my best choice which includes all my preferences.