10 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tent

Your journey becomes memorable when everything goes right.

I love going on backpacking trip. If you love as well then you need to have necessary stuff to make your trip enjoyable. And in the utmost list, there falls a backpacking tent.

You will feel safe and comfortable if you have a livable environment around. The tent gives such an environment.

I have traveled a lot of places alone and have used many single person tents.

Here is my quick pick for best 1 person backpacking tent 

Let me let same your time, Following two 1 person backpacking tents are my quick pick for you.

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So here I am going to share details about the 10 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tent. Hope you will find it helpful.

Why do you need Best 1 Person Backpacking Tent?

If you have ever gone on a backpacking trip then you might know the importance of backpacking tent.

You have to live under the harsh condition when you go on a backpacking trip. Sometimes heavy rain falls and sometimes strong wind block your ways. At that time, you need a safe shelter. And here the role of backpacking tent comes into play.

It’s not a good idea to stay in open space. You might have to go through many challenges which might affect your health as well. So it’s wise decision to take a tent with you.

You will have a good sleep inside the tent. If you have good sleep then you will have a great journey.

Likewise, the tent keeps bug and insects out. So you can spend a good time without worrying about insects.

So if you a want comfortable and safe backpacking journey then you should take backpacking tent with you.

Highlights of 10 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tent

1 Person Backpacking TentHighlightsCheck on Amazon
MSR Hubba NX 1-Person TentMSR Hubba NX 1-Person Tent• Nylon mesh
• Head & Elbow room
• Large StayDry door
• Freestanding design
• Cross-ventilating rainfly
• Lightweight aluminum stakes
ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person TentALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent• Half mesh walls
• Factory sealed fly
• Mesh storage pocket
• Gear loft
• Extra-large #8 zippers on door
• Freestanding design
Winterial Single Person TentWinterial Single Person Tent• Two hoop design
• Plenty of room
• Ventilated roof mesh
• Full coverage rain fly
• Large zippered door
• S14 heavy duty stakes
Luxe Tempo Single 1 Person TentLuxe Tempo Single 1 Person Tent• SilNylon Rain Fly
• Excellent UV-resistance
• PU coated rip-stop polyester
• Freestanding design
• Two double layer doors
• Anti-abrasion nylon
Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 1 mthGLO TentBig Agnes Fly Creek UL 1 mthGLO Tent• Single door
• Reflective guylines
• Single vestibule
• Webbing on tent corners
Wenzel Starlite 1 Person TentWenzel Starlite 1 Person Tent• Removable fly
• Welded floor
• D-style door
• Fiberglass poles
• Zippered door
• Ground stakes
• Storage bag
Eureka Midori Solo 1 Person TentEureka Midori Solo 1 Person Tent• Factory sealed main fly
• Floor seams
• Shockcorded aluminum poles
• Mesh walls
• Large side entry door
• Freestanding design
• Full coverage polyester fly
Hilleberg Akto 1 Person TentHilleberg Akto 1 Person Tent• Lightweight zippers
• Adjustable fabric panels
• Fiberglass rods
• Zipper flaps
• Tunnel construction
Eureka! Solitaire TentEureka! Solitaire Tent• Durable 6.3 mm fiberglass frame
• Nylon pole sleeves
• 2 hoop
• Large mesh roof
• Full coverage fly
• Zipper in roof
• 2 storage pockets
Big Agnes- Bitter Springs TentBig Agnes- Bitter Springs Tent• Brand New
• High Quality material
• Ultralight trekking pole
• Single door
• Oversized vestibule design
• Gear loft

Review of 10 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tent in 2020

You will find many 1 person backpacking tent. So it’s obvious that you will look for the best one. Here I have reviewed 10 best 1 person backpacking tents. I hope it will make you easy to pick the best among them.

1. MSR Hubba NX 1-Person Tent

MSR Hubba NX 1-Person TentMSR Hubba NX 1-Person Tent is one of the best 1 person backpacking tents which provide comfortable accommodation in lightweight freestanding design. It is made for 3 season camping.

The tent will make you very comfortable in all conditions. No matter if you are heading toward long day trekking or backpacking. When you enter into the tent you will feel like a home.

There is non-tapered floor which provides maximum space. You will also find a large stay dry door which is very adaptable. It also has cross ventilating rainfly. You will always get fresh air through rain fly and it also protects you from the rain.

Likewise, there is comfortable head and elbow room. So that will definitely make very comfortable while you stay inside the tent. The tent also has large side entry vestibule. You can store essential backpacking gears there.

The tent will also keep you warm and dry. So you can sleep well no matter what outside weather condition is. You just have to stay inside the tent whenever a strong wind comes or heavy rain falls outside.

Similarly, you will not have any difficulty in carrying the tent since it is very light. In fact, it just weighs around 2 lb 7 oz. Likewise; the stakes are also very light.

You will not take much time to set up as well as taking down the tent. It also packs very tight. Similarly, you don’t need tent pegs for holding the tent tightly.

Overall, this 1 person backpacking is great to use. However, it would have been better if the tent has a mesh pocket inside. Nevertheless, the tent is durable and lightweight. So you can definitely try this tent in your backpacking journey.


  • Lightweight
  • Large Stay Dry Door
  • Side entry vestibule
  • Adaptable
  • Cross ventilating rainfly
  • Durable


2. ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person TentIf you are looking for comfortable 1-person backpacking tent which provides great ventilation and easy assembly, then you should buy ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent. The tent has half mesh walls which provide fresh air inside the tent.

Likewise, there is an easy one door entry. Since you will be staying alone inside the tent, it makes you very easy and comfortable with one door entry. Similarly, it has a comfortable vestibule. You can put essential backpacking gears inside the vestibule.

You don’t need to worry about bad weather condition as well. Since it has floor seam and factory sealed fly it ensures that the bad weather doesn’t have any effect on you.

The tent has aluminum stakes. So, it makes very easy to set up. Likewise, you will find mesh storage pocket where you can put some of your essential gears.

It doesn’t take much time for setting up the tent as well. The freestanding design of tent and pole clips set up the tent within very less time.

This tent provides enough room for 1 person. You can sleep in any position. Likewise, another great feature of this tent is its rain fly. It protects from rain and the wind. So, you can stay inside the tent with no fear of getting wet.

The zipper is also good and smooth. You will not face any problem opening and closing the zipper. However, you might have a complaint regarding the floor. It is pretty thin. The floor would have been better if it would have been coated with little thicker material.

Overall, this 1 person tent is great for backpacking. You can even use it for multiple backpacking trips.


  • Sets up easily
  • Great ventilation
  • Freestanding design
  • Lightweight
  • Mesh stash pockets
  • Smooth zipper


3. Winterial Single Person Tent

Winterial Single Person TentWinterial Single Person Tent is very easy and quick to set up. In fact, you can set up in just a few minutes. The tent is just perfect for backpacking. It can also be used for hiking.

You will find enough room in the tent. Simply, you will not have any issue when you stay inside it. The tent is especially very effective in summer nights. Its ventilated roof mesh provides maximum air which will give you a comfortable sleep.

The tent also has full coverage rain fly which works amazingly well in rainy as well as cold nights. It ensures that you will not get wet and have a good sleep in the rainy night.

You will also find the tent very light. It is very easy to carry and take it on your backpacking journey.

This 1 person backpacking tent has a large zippered door. So, you will not face any problem for entry and exit. The tent also has 14 heavy duty stakes. It firmly secures to ground.

The rainfly totally protects you from heavy rain. Besides being waterproof, the tent also protects you from a mosquito. It will surely give you good sleep.

The tent is made of high quality of materials. You will find mesh all over the tent which makes it breathable and also provides a visual enabling view. The tent also keeps moisture out since it has sealed rainfly.

Altogether, the tent is great for backpacking. If I have to mention its few drawbacks, I have to say the Para cord is not very strong. Likewise, there is no place for condensation to go out of the tent.


  • Quick assembly
  • Lightweight
  • Easy access
  • Protects from windy rain
  • Mosquito free


  • No place for condensation to go outside
  • Weak Para cord


4. Luxe Tempo Single 1 Person Tent

Luxe Tempo Single 1 Person TentIf you are looking for a 1 person backpacking tent which completely shed off rain and snow, then Luxe Tempo Single 1 person tent is best. It has a slippery surface. So, whenever it rain outside the slippery surface quickly shed off the tent.

Likewise, it has PU coated rip-stop polyester floor and footprint. So, there is very less chance of tearing and ripping of the tent. Similarly, the tent has SilNylon rain fly which is totally water-resistant. It also protects from harmful UV rays of the sun.

This 1 person backpacking tent is durable as well. You can use it for many years. It has excellent venting option which works amazingly well in warm weather.

In the same way, the tent has a freestanding design with compact aluminum folding poles. Likewise, there are two double layer doors. It will always keep you warm in winter. You will also feel very warm due to its extra ventilation feature.

There are two vestibules which give dry entry inside the tent. The vestibules also provide enough room for essential backpacking gears. It also provides maximum airflow inside the tent. You will also find reflective loops in the tent which highlight the tent frame even at night.

The tent is also very easy to set up. It takes around 15 minutes to set up all things for the tent. Altogether, the tent is really useful for one person backpacking trip.


  • Shed off rain and snow quickly
  • Provide enough ventilation
  • Roomy storage
  • Reflective loops
  • Protects from bugs
  • Easy to set up


  • I didn’t find any negative part on this tent. You can share here if you find any.


5. Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 1 mthGLO Tent

Big Agnes Fly Creek UL 1 mthGLO TentBig Agnes Fly Creek UL 1 mntGLO Tent is very comfortable and useful 1 person backpacking tent. It has a single door and a vestibule. There is also a storm flap on vestibule zipper. That makes this tent very useful and comfortable for backpacking.

Likewise, there is webbing on tent corner. The webbing construction of the tent helps to repel water and the sun. It makes this tent very useful even in extreme weather conditions.

The tent is super light. So it will not be very difficult to carry while going on a backpacking trip. However, the material is a bit thin. So it might get puncture when the stick points in the tent.

Altogether, the tent is very useful for backpacking journey. It has a single door which gives easy entrance and exit.

Likewise, it has vestibule storm flaps on vestibule zipper. It protects from water coming inside the tent. So you will definitely love this tent.


  • Single door
  • Protects from rain
  • Reflective guylines
  • Webbing on corners
  • Ultralight


  • Thin material


6. Wenzel Starlite 1 Person Tent

Wenzel Starlite 1 Person TentWenzel Starlite 1 Person Tent always keeps you dry even if it is raining heavily outside. The tent is crafted from polyester. It comes with removable fly and welded floor. So, that makes sure that water doesn’t come inside and get you wet.

The tent is very easy to assemble since there are grommets and pole pockets. It has shock corded fiberglass poles and stakes which give the tent a rigid structure.

It has convenient D style door. Likewise, it provides maximum airflow inside the tent through mesh walls. You will also find a window which provides extra airflow.

The tent also keeps moisture out. It works perfectly even in a minor snow storm. It is compact and fit perfectly on backpack very easily.

Even though the tent seems best, it does have few weaknesses. The pole system is not very good. The 2 front poles are a bit too long. They don’t fit perfectly in the slots.

Likewise, the tent is pretty small and has narrow space. You might get difficulty turning side while sleeping. Nevertheless, the tent works perfectly for 1 person backpacking trip. You can definitely try it once.


  • Keeps you dry
  • Easy set up
  • Durable and versatile
  • Zippered door
  • Storage bag
  • Keeps moisture out


  • Pretty small
  • Narrow space
  • Front poles are bit long


7. Eureka Midori Solo 1 Person Tent

Eureka Midori Solo 1 Person TentIf you want to stay safe from worst weather condition, then Eureka Midori Solo 1 Person Tent works perfectly for your backpacking trip. In fact, it has full coverage polyester fly which protects from harsh weather conditions. It is also UV resistant.

The tent is very easy to set up. The shock-corded aluminum poles and clips make it very fast and easy to set up. Likewise, you will get maximum airflow inside the tent. In fact, it has mesh walls which provide great ventilation.

You will also find a large side entry door in the tent. That gives you easy entrance. There is also hooded fly vent which is very adjustable. Likewise, you will get two interior pockets where you can put some of your important tuff.

The tent also has a freestanding design which gives the tent easy and fast set up. Its aluminum poles are also light and compact. It makes very easy to pack down for your backpack trip.

Similarly, the external guy points on fly protect the tent from high winds. The tent retains heat well and provides easy breathability.

If I have to take its weaknesses, I have to say the rainfly doesn’t have removable pole inside the vestibule. Similarly, you need a lot of stakes to securely firm the tent into the ground.

You might have a problem with vestibule door as well since it opens opposite of the tent door. So, it makes entrance difficult.

Nevertheless, the tent is very useful for backpacking. You must try it once and share your own review here.


  • Full coverage fly
  • Fast set up
  • Great ventilation
  • Large entry door
  • UV resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Large vestibule


  • It doesn’t have enough stakes
  • Vestibule door open opposite of the tent door


8. Hilleberg Akto 1 Person Tent

Hilleberg Akto 1 Person TentIf you looking for super lightweight 1 person backpacking tent, then you should definitely buy Hilleberg Akto 1 Person Tent. The tent offers enough space for a single person. You can use this tent for all seasons.

This 1 person backpacking tent is specially designed to be used for both short and long backpacking trips. In fact, it can be used in any weather conditions whether it is summer or winter.

Likewise, it works amazingly well in heavy storms. However, the tent is not a good choice if you are going in very harsh conditions. Since it is very light it might not stand strong against it.

The tent is designed using the lightweight zippers. Similarly, the mesh areas of the tent are backed with the adjustable fabric panels.

It also has tunnel construction. So you can easily adjust inside the tent. Your back will not break while staying inside the tent since it provides maximum space.

Likewise, the tent has single entrance along with single vestibule configuration. It allows easy entrance and provides enough storage space inside the tent. The tent is also durable and protects from outer elements.

Altogether, the tent is made of excellent quality and great for a backpacking trip. However, if you are tall then it might not be the perfect pick. You might find it small. Nevertheless, you can surely try this tent once in your backpacking journey.


  • Super light
  • Enough space for 1 person
  • Great to use in heavy storms
  • Durable
  • Easy entrance
  • Excellent quality


  • Not suitable for tall person


9. Eureka! Solitaire Tent

Eureka! Solitaire TentEureka! Solitaire Tent is one of the best 1 person backpacking tent. It gives easy and fast set up. In fact, the fiberglass frame of the tent is shock corded which gives quick set up. Likewise, it has pole pockets on side end and pins on another end which makes it super easy and fast to set up.

The tent also has ventilated large mesh room which is attached with full coverage fly. It provides maximum air flow inside the tent and protects from rain as well. You will also get a zipper in roof cloth which gives easy entry and exit.

Likewise, there are 2 storage pockets which can be used to put some essential backpacking gears. There is also one flashlight loop inside the tent.

The tent also stands strong against strong wind. In fact, the tunnel design of the tent is able to handle serious wind.

Similarly, the rainfly works amazingly well. However, the only issue you might find in this tent is about condensation that comes around tent when the tent sealed up with rain flap on.

It doesn’t take much time for setting up the tent. In fact, it takes around 2 minutes to get everything ready for the tent.

The poles of the tent are also strong. However, they seemed a little bit flimsy. Likewise, there are four stakes which hold everything down. It prevents the tent falling down even in brutal wind and pouring rain.

The tent is really easy to pack. It perfectly fit into bags. Overall, the tent is great for backpacking.


  • Fast set up
  • Large mesh roof
  • Easy entry and exit
  • 2 storage pockets
  • Packs down small
  • Perfectly fits in bag


  • Poles are flimsy


10. Big Agnes- Bitter Springs Tent

Big Agnes- Bitter Springs TentBig Agnes-Bitter Springs Tent is a brand new 1 person backpacking tent. It is made of high-quality material. You will not have any complaint regarding its material for sure.

The tent is not very heavy. In fact, the single door and mesh body feature keeps the weight of tent minimal. Although the weight seems light, you will find the tent very huge. Two people possibly sit inside the tent.

Likewise, it takes less time for setting up the tent. It also provides fast set up. You will also find enough space inside the tent.

The pockets are also placed perfectly. You will not have any problem to put your essential gears when you enter inside the tent.

The only issue you might have with this tent is regarding its rain fly. It has 15 stakes which make it too long. The length of rain fly might annoy you.

Altogether, this tent works really well for a single person backpacking trip. It will not disappoint you for sure.


  • Ultralight
  • Single door
  • Fast set up
  • Enough space
  • Pockets placed perfectly


  • Rainfly is too long


Things to consider while buying the Best 1 Person Backpacking Tent

There are several things that would be better if you keep in mind while buying the best 1 person backpacking tent. Here I have listed out several points which will help you to pick the best one.

1. Size

The first thing which must be considered when buying the best 1 person backpacking tent is its size. Since you are looking for a single person backpacking tent, the tent size should not be too big. However, it doesn’t mean that you should pick too small tent. It should provide enough space for 1 person. So, you must ensure whether the size is perfect to fit in for a single person or not.

2. Weight

It is a wise decision if you pick up the lightweight backpacking tent. Since you might be walking hundreds of miles carrying the tent, it makes much easier if the weight of the tent is light. Generally, it is found that 4 season tents are little heavier while 3 season tents are light. So, it will be better if you go with 3 season tent.

3. Freestanding or staked

You should always look if the backpacking tent has a freestanding design or need a stake. Usually, it is easy to take down the tent in soft ground. There, you don’t need a freestanding design. However, it’s little difficult to take down a tent on wood platforms and solid rock. So, you should better buy the tent considering if it is freestanding or staked

4. Vestibules

Usually, you will find vestibules outside the doors of the tent. It provides enough space for storing essential gear items. You can also use the vestibules for cooking in bad weather condition. Generally, you will find big vestibules in a tent which provide more covered space. However, it adds the weight of rain fly. If the tent has a single door then it will have only one vestibule while if there are 2 doors, then you will get two vestibules. So, the choice is yours whether you want more or less covered space.

5. Fast and Easy setup

It will be much better if the tent takes less time to set up. The more time it takes the more time it will take it down. It just wastes your time. So it is a wise decision which doesn’t have a complex set up process.

Expert’s Pick

After reviewing the 10 best 1 person backpacking tent, I found the best one is MSR Hubba NX 1-Person Tent. It has lightweight freestanding design and made for 3 seasons backpacking trip. Similarly, it has large side entry vestibules which can be used for storing essential gears. The tent is also best because of its lightweight stakes. It also stays dry and seals well. So, these entire features make MSR Hubba NX 1-Person Tent the best among 10 Best 1 Person Backpacking Tent.

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